The Head Game: Baseball Seen from the Pitcher's Mound

The Head Game: Baseball Seen from the Pitcher's MoundLess a discussion about the art of pitching and like a history of pitchers as told through Roger Kahn s chats with former players and coaches, the book had some nice stories about the characters in baseball over the years but I came away feeling like there was not nearly as much substance as I wanted. Roger Kahn writes great baseball I know most of the pitchers stories use in the book.but he puts them in great context and adds great detail and context He used his access to some of the greats to interview them about great pitching For my money, the Don Drysdale section was worth the price of the book Kahn knows baseball well enough not to get too involved in who was the greatest, although he does give his list of the greatest at the end of the book but he highlights the intelligence of the greatest pitchers He focuses on those pitchers who adapted and who changed the game.Brillantly written its Roger Kahn and a beautifully thought out premise As I said, I knew the stories but now I understand how the game was changed. Beyond The Techniques And Training, Baseball Begins With One Player Facing Another And The Psychological Battle That They Wage The Head Game In His Critically Acclaimed And Bestselling New Book, Roger Kahn Presents The Story Of This Supreme War Of Wits And The People Who Changed The Course Of Baseball By Playing, What He Calls, Chess At Miles An Hour In The Head Game, Kahn Investigates Not Only Grips, Tactics, And Physics, But Also The Intelligence, Maturity, And Competitive Fire That Has Inspired Some Of The Greatest Hurlers In HistoryBy Covering Renowned Pitchers And Pitching Minds From Christy Mathewson, Cy Young, Don Drysdale, Bob Gibson, And Bruce Sutter To Today S Reigning Pitching Coach, Leo Mazzone Roger Kahn Sheds New Light On Baseball S Most Pivotal Contest A Delightful And Edifying Tour Of America S Favorite Pastime Seen Through The Pitcher S Eyes, The Head Game Is As Lively And Familiar And Old Shoe As The Game Itself, Even Today Los Angeles Times From the title of the book and the dust jacket, I expected The Head Game to be little in the vein of something like George Will s Men At Work I wanted something a little technical, perhaps looking at how a pitcher in a similar situation say, a 2 2 count might employ different strategies against different batters, that sort of thing While there is some of that in here, this is book is or less one half biographical anthology and one half Roger Kahn s memoir of the great pitchers he has met For that, it is not at all a bad book the chapters on the pitching coaching careers of Johnny Sain and Leo Mazzone were a treat But most baseball fans will be aware of at least the biographical outlines of most of the pitchers portrayed here Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, Warrren Spahn, Sandy Koufax, and others It s worth the read, but maybe not a permanent place on your non virtual bookshelf. Kahn is obviously one of the greatest and most prolific baseball writers of all time This is well structured, but rambles at times and repeats itself at other times His chapters on Koufax and Gibson are a little too short for me considering the topic and their undeniable abilities in that arena Also, I can t understand why there s very little mention of Nolan Ryan, the most intimidating pitcher of my lifetime. This is my favorite book of all time.I am a nostalgic person who loves baseball The Head Game combines both of these when describing the art of pitching throughout the history of baseball.More importantly, after reading this book as a young lad and blossoming pitcher my outlook and analysis of the game of baseball and my approach to pitching changed drastically Baseball instantly became a sport with infinite depth I no longer watched and played games based on each inning Instead I became focused on each pitch Each pitch as an at bat, each at bat as a contest between batter and pitcher.If you don t really know baseball you will be bored to tears with this book However for others, those who have played or those who are knowledgeable fans, this is a great read. I was hoping to learn about pitching from this book than I did Most of the book dwells on pitchers active in the last 19th century and the first decade of the 20s There s far about Christy Mathewson than I had any interest in knowing There s a bit about the pitchers active in the 1950s 70s, and lots of name dropping by the author as Branch Rickey said to me Not a terrible book, just not anything to get excited about. Interesting from an historical perspective an account of different types of pitches invented over time I was looking for insight and perhaps quotes, really getting inside the minds of the most brilliant pitchers since the game began I learned a thing or two but found it to be rather dry I ve read quite a few books on baseball, but there is still much I don t know George Will s Men At Work provides much of an insider s look even if it is dated now. After an introductory chapter on the physics of pitching and how the different pitches work much of which is based on the work of Robert Adair, author of The Physics of Baseball , Kahn proceeds to a history of pitching, spotlighting various pitchers along the way, from Old Hoss Radbourn, who won 60 games in 1884, to Bruce Sutter, the master of the splitter, and pitching guru Leo Mazzone at the time the Braves pitching coach Along the way, he offers interesting analyses of various aspects of pitching the development of different pitches, the dimensions of the playing field and of the pitchers mound, headhunting and hitters fear of getting, coaching and keeping fit exploding the myth of the pitcher not being much of an athlete It s a good and absorbing book, as you would expect from the author of the baseball classic The Boys of Summer And besides, you ve got to like a guy who offers his own list of the greatest pitchers of all time and ends with Jerry Solovey of Lake Mohegan, NY, because lists are subjective Solovey could almost always get me out. Roger Kahn is one of the greatest baseball writers of all timehe started out covering the Yankees and Dodgers and Giants in New York in the golden age of the early 50 s he used to hang out with Maris and Mantle, covered the end of the Ruth years and the full Jackie Robinson story Kahn s baseball books are interesting not only because of his insight into the game, but also the anecdotes he provides about all of these fascinating characters in this book, Kahn looks at the art and science of pitching he covers great pitchers from the late 1800 s through today, including Christy Matthewson, Warren Spahn, Bob Gibson, Don Drysdale, Greg Maddux, etc mostly this book focuses on how these great pitchers approached getting into the heads of the hitters, how pitching is as much a psychological effort as a physical onethus The Head Game i found it very entertaining, but it is probably only suitable for big time baseball fans if you can actually find a 1 0 extra innings game fun to watch, then you will like this book.

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