The Healing

The Healing Gayl Jones S Special Gift Is To Shape Experience And Make It Seem Unshaped John Alfred Avant, The New RepublicGayl Jones S First Novel, Corregidora, Won Her Recognition As A Writer Whose Work Was Gripping, Subtle, And Sure It Was Praised, Along With Her Second Novel, Eva S Man, By Writers And Critics From All Over The Nation John Updike, Maya Angelou, John Edgar Wideman, And James Baldwin, To Name A Few The Publication Of The Healing, Her First Novel In Over Twenty Years, Is A Literary EventHarlan Jane Eagleton Is A Faith Healer, Traveling By Bus To Small Towns, Converting Skeptics, Restoring Minds And Bodies But Before That She Was A Minor Rock Star S Manager, And Before That A Beautician She S Had A Fling With Her Rock Star S Ex Husband And An Afro German Horse Dealer Along The Way She S Somehow Lost Her Own Husband, A Medical Anthropologist Now Traveling With A Medicine Woman In Africa Harlan Tells Her Story From The End Backwards, Drawing Us Constantly Deeper Into Her World And The Mystery At The Heart Of Her Tale The Story Of Her First Healing The Healing Is A Lyrical And At Times Humorous Exploration Of The Struggle To Let Go Of Pain, Anger, And Even Love Slipping Seamlessly Back Through Harlan S Memories In A Language Rich With The Textured Cadences Of The Black Southerner, Gayl Jones Weaves Her Story To Its Dramatic And Unexpected Beginning

Gayl Jones born November 23, 1949 is an African American writer from Lexington, Kentucky Her most famous works are Corregidora, Eva s Man, and The Healing.Jones is a 1971 graduate of Connecticut College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English While attending the college she also earned the Frances Steloff Award for Fiction She then began a graduate program in creative writi

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  • The Healing
  • Gayl Jones
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  • 21 September 2019
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    After reading Gayl Jones s first two novels, Corregidora and Eva s Man, I found myself defaulting to a habit of comparing her work to that of Toni Morrison There are surely certain stylistic parallels as well as similarly conspicuous themes that the two writers explore brilliantly.However, it s time for me to put aside the comparison because The Healing is nothing short of extraordinary, and her work in this novel speaks for itself in endlessly inventive and luminous ways My entire reading experience was punctuated with the question of How mainly, how was Jones able to create an entertaining story out of utterly outlandish and disparate narrative threads The plot set up in the first 40 pages Harlan Jane Eagleton, a former manager of a D list rock singer named Joan Savage, has left the music business to travel the world conducting faith healings is merely a frame for a much larger story woven into a picaresque that takes its structural cues from Jazz compositions and black, porch side storytelling The novel is astounding in its scope Jones riffs on subjects like anthropology, music, philosophy, feminism, black beauty shops, intelligence agencies, racism, sex and sexuality, film, art, gastronomy, scientific theory, literary criticism, and horse racing to create a pseudo brief history or encyclopedia of the Black American experience and all its possibilities.Jones makes no linguistic concessions or compromises, writing the whole novel in an invented, yet wholly convincing, black dialect How Jones made this novel work is ultimately not a concern when I consider how rich and deeply felt my joy was in discovering all of its unpredictable delights

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    I know a lot of people won t like Miss Jones Her style, like Proulx, is unique She writes as her character thinks stream of consciousness.And this particular narrator may not be all that interesting to some She is a black woman faith healer and not all that fancy of one That is, she is gifted, but she sees it as less of a gift and of a professional skill There aren t a lot of theatrics to her healing, it s on the level of the daily you dig Maybe this tells you about me than the book but I feel comforted by this book, I like listening to the narrator speak I like the rural setting, I am deep into the force of faith healing.I think this book is quietly powerful and it is one of my all time favorites.

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    Not an easy book to read, but worth the effort At first the rambling stream of consciousness style takes a little getting used to But soon enough the pace and rhythm of the style feel natural and tend to make the story better Many scattered gems of wisdom are found in the twists and turns of the narrative Then there s the twist that the story is told backward in time, so the reader has many unanswered questions that are answered in fits and starts, and only finally illuminated at the very end.

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    A favorite of mine If you like non traditional, female heroines by an author who wields language with wit and a sharp ear enjoy

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    she s a delicious writer.

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    Wasn t really a fan of this, but I respect the craft.

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    A dense book I need to reread this one.

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    Stream of consciousness rambling is not my cup of tea.

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    this one ain t just an American book but the heroine travels not just among different classes but among people of different nationalities and political persuasions it suggests improvisational techniques and has sort of a modified frame and an open ended resolution that s why she calls it picaresque Page 248

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    I need to do a speed re reading of this very odd and challenging book since I m writing a paper on it for an essay collection I don t know how I suckered myself into writing this paper when I really don t have much to say about the book

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