The Heart's Traffic

The Heart's Traffic This Novel In Poems Chronicles The Life Of Xiaomei, An Immigrant Girl Haunted By The Death Of Her Best Friend Told Through A Kaleidoscopic Braid Of Stories, Letters, And Riddles, This Stunning Debut Collection Follows Xiaomei S Life As She Grows Into Her Sexuality And Searches For A Way To Deal With Her Complicated HistoriesAt Times, Meditation, Celebration, Investigation, And Elegy, This Is A Book About Personal Transformation Within The Context Of A Family Forced To Make Do A Makeshift Family And How One Might Create New Language To Name The New World

[Read] ➲ The Heart's Traffic By Ching-In Chen –
  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • The Heart's Traffic
  • Ching-In Chen
  • English
  • 10 September 2017
  • 9780980040722

10 thoughts on “The Heart's Traffic

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    This was a very complexly written first publication by Ching in Being a novice to the genre of poetry, I was only able to visually and instinctively appreciate the stylistic differences and musicality of the writing Ching In s writing awakens and stirs latent memories, childhood scents and wafts, and a collage of pictures from the protagonists journey into past, present and other world.

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    Honestly, this is a probably a lot better than my rating would suggest I was just conflicted over the typographical shenanigans, without which the poems in which they most appear would probably fail, or at least succeed a lot less It s also the kind of book that makes me wonder if I even know how to read poetry, so Idk, it s heavy on concept, light on resonance

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    This book is highly textured I benefited from hearing the author read at the Kundiman session at AWP certain selections before digging into the text itself.You have these themes coming to the U.S and the feeling of being the immigrant kid who speaks funny, a close friendship wrenched away before America, coming of age, coming into a voice that reflects both the origins and the evolution of the speaker Add to that, a mixture of Asian, classic Anglo poetic forms some poetry in letters and you really have to be focused to get all the nuances I m still studying what she is doing in the later third of the book because it s nontrivial This is a great text to read for the ambitious poets studying craft, for Asian American poets, and for anyone who has ever felt alienated welcome to the human race Enjoy

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    Ching In Chen s first book, The Heart s Traffic, constructs a re naming, a caterwaul call to arms to attend to an archipelago of hybrid identity political, sexual and always love persuaded Here the father is temporary, the mother is dead alive and girls are writing tiger legends through sestina, haibun, and the lost letters that must be reinvented if we can understand this new American body The author necessarily offers up her riddles without answers, her ultimatum of banishment and homecoming with good food and sweet intention She assures us, I am kissing a new body into flesh Sarah Gambito

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    the updates mostly say it all I just was really loving the imagery and then a word appeared that was justwrong my brain screams outNO how could you use that word yes she is right poets devour other poets but really it doesn t matter what I think I ve told people who ve asked me what I am and when I ve told them I m a poet they laughed in my face Like that s gonna stop me Hah

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    Ching In rocks

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    This book has a way of making someone want to care about something as much as the poems do.

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    Great lyricism and formal invention make this almost a novel in poem form.

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