The Highland Bride's Choice

The Highland Bride's ChoiceOriginally reviewed for Historical Romance Lover blogElyne Campbell is doing her duty by marrying the man her brother has picked for her, the laird of the Grant family She doesn t believe in romantic love and is willing to do what she must for the family.When trying to help a needy guest, she comes across Tavish Grant Thinking that this is her soon to be betrothed, she is pleasantly surprised by him She soon learns that Tavish is the cousin of her betrothed Unfortunately, she finds herself thinking muchTavish than her own soon to be husband.While out riding one morning, she spots Tavish riding out much further than he should due to the English being in the area She follows him to warn him to be careful and to stay closer to the keep Tavish is out in search of an abandoned keep that heard about He insists that Elyne goes back and says he will go back with her.She doesn t want him to miss his exploring, so she decides to go with him While there they spot a large army of English soldiers and have to find a way to warn Elyne s family while they stay safe themselves As they spend time together, Elyne is drawnandto Tavish even though she knows he is forbidden Will their attraction for each other win out or will Elyne end up marrying Tavish s cousin This was a very quick read less than an hour Even though the story only takes place over a couple of days, you still feel the build up of the romance Elyne and Tavish worked very well together to thwart the English and you could see that would be the way that there life would be I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the trilogy Thanks go to NetGalley and Sourcebook for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I have to start paying attention With ebooks, it is easy not to notice it is a novella.I guess this story is fine for what is a very short book Even so, it all seemed too tongue in cheek to me Several of the events seemed ludicrous The characters were shallow and even some like Grigor were just stupid.Don t waste money on it.No mature themes. First In An Exciting New Trilogy Of Short Stories Set In Medieval Scotland, Bridging Amanda Forester S Medieval And Regency Series Three Campbell Sisters Find True Love With The Ancestors Of The Three Heroes Featured In The Author S Hot New Regency RomancesIn This First Installment, The Clan Has Gathered For May Day Festivities, And Laird Campbell Is Trying To Arrange Marriages For His Younger Sisters Practical Elyne Campbell Is Pleased To Marry Whomever Her Brother Has Chosen For Her Unfortunately, She Is Attracted To Tavish Grant, The Cousin Of Her Intended, Than The Prospective Groom Himself When She Is Caught Outside The Castle Gates During A Siege And Is Forced To Spend Time Hiding With Grant, The Attraction Grows Beyond All Hope Of Practicality Divertida, pero corta, me hubiera gustado que fuera un libro m s largo daba para m s, me gusto la interacci n de los personajes y me saco una sonrisa en cada capitulo Downloaded this as a freebie but it didn t invite me to download the other book s It was too messy for my liking I even skimmed through parts of it and thought yeah, yeah Estuvo bonito y bastante entretenido para ser tan cortito Short, enjoyable read 3 This was a sweet novella As the term suggests, it was short and yet to the point Laird Campbell is trying to marry off his sisters one by one, and the first one to go is Elyne Campbell, the practical sister She s happy to do her duty and marry the man her brother chooses for her, and yet when the groom s party arrives, she realizes she sattracted to her intended s cousin, Tavish Grant, than the groom himself Somewhere along the story, the two get stranded in an abandoned cottage, and that seems to be the cherry on top in their complicated situation Despite this story being short, I easily bought into the romance of the hero and the heroine Perhaps the setting of the cottage and the fact that they couldn t leave the place for a while and had to spend the night with each other has affected my judgment, but with limited on page time, a confined space and a short time, the author still managed to convince me of their feelings Elyne and Tavish were both likable characters, I especially liked Tavish taking life a little on the lighter side He was funny, and even though Elyne was instantly smitten, it seemed to me like it took him a tiny bitto realize she was a woman, and not his cousin s intended I liked that Since this was a novella, and a somewhat introduction to the author s Regency series, there wasn t much plot to go on with, except for the period s required battle between the English and the Highlanders A fact, I admit, the lack of plot that is that didn t bother me in the least, with the funny dialogue and the easy banter between the characters.A sweet romance that s a nice start to a series of novellas about three sisters I m now curious as to how the remaining sisters will do, and how their descendants will fare in their Regency stories. Sweet, light, and lovely Highland Bride s Choice was a wonderful historical romance novella It was an absolutely lovely read.Elyne was a good heroine For the most part, I found her likable She was loyal and determined to do her duty to her clan My issue with her, though, was that she played victim to a situation of her own making No one forced her to get engaged to the laird Her brother even told her that he would break the engagement if she didn t want it But, she decided to sign the papers Then, she complained about her engagement, basically from the moment she finished signing her name and especially when she fell in love with Tavish It was a little irritating But, regardless, I liked her.Tavish was a total sweetheart He was just adorable He was lighthearted, sweet, and just wonderful I adored him I thought he was perfect.The romance was mostly sweet I thought Elyne and Tavish were lovely together There was a hint of spice, but that wasn t the focus of their relationship I really liked this couple.The plot was fast paced I was kept interested the entire way through I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.Highland Bride s Choice was a wonderful historical romance novella I really enjoyed reading this lovely book Lovers of romance, if you want a quick, light, sweet read, then this is a book you ll want to check out I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Ok so the only reason why I read 2 novellas was cos I had only read 1 book 1 book and it was already Sunday One big in 6 days made me shaky, lol.This one was a fast one where the brother sends for bridegrooms and Elyne is all, fine, I can marry, who needs love anyway Haha, oh you girl, yes she meets her intended and he is so meh, but dang his cousin is fine.The love happens fast, they do not have many days on them to fall in love so it s fast and sudden And then they live happily ever after.Short and nice

Amanda Forester holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a Masters degree in theology As a psychologist, she has worked as a clinical researcher and a university instructor what they call you when they don t want to give you tenure None of which has anything to do with writing romance novels After trying for many years to stop the internal storylines floating around her head, she finally gave u

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