The House of Sixty Fathers

The House of Sixty Fathers Tien Pao And Piglet He Names Glory Of The Republic After Baby Sister Beauty Of The Republic Drift Free In Storm Downriver Back To Japanese Territory Following Tiny Mountain Trails Back To Parents, He Meets American Aviator Guerillas Sneak Them Free Based On Real Story Of Boy Adopted By Squadron Of Sixty Flyers In Bunkhouse

Meindert De Jong was an award winning author of children s books He was born in the village of Wierum, of the province of Friesland, in the Netherlands.De Jong immigrated to the United States with his family in 1914 He attended Dutch Calvinist secondary schools and Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and entered the University of Chicago, but left without graduating.He held various jobs d

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  • Hardcover
  • 189 pages
  • The House of Sixty Fathers
  • Meindert DeJong
  • English
  • 19 September 2017
  • 9780064402002

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    Here s one I ve picked up for my little guy s library We can t resist a book with a shiny medal on the cover I like to read kid books between my grownup books because they are easier to focus on during my book hangovers You know, when a particular book is so thought provoking that your mind is foggy with it s images and characters that it s rather hard to begin another book Okay, well now that I ve read it I will declare it to be one of my new all time favorites I can t believe I haven t even heard of this little gem I cried like a baby at the end Just blubbered What a treat I highly recommend this to anyone I rarely give five stars and this one deserves it Don t worry about the slow start, the momentum picks up a quarter of the way through and rushes like a river toward the end.

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    I finished this book with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes Why Because, while this book is tough and raw to read for realistically portraying its subject, it s beautifully written and acutely heartwarming.The New York Times reviewed the book as, Not only a tense adventure story but also a moving picture of one small boy s tenacious courage I give that assessment a hearty amen The action of this book is quite gripping, but it was the pull to root for Tien Pao, this little Chinese boy, and his little piglet against all odds that was the heartthrob of the story.Tien Pao and his family have just escaped from their Japanese attacked village that the Japanese and have escaped in their tampan, a boat, upriver to the city of Hengyang, now the 2nd largest city in China When the tampan is accidentally unmoored and washed downriver with Tien Pao and the piglet he names Glory of the Republic, his endurance is tested On the long journey back to Hengyang, he risks his own life to save an injured American airman lieutenant, helping the Chinese fight the Japanese, as well as encountering the Chinese resistance, who act as guerrillas by night and farmers by day.When he finally arrives in the city it is only as the Japanese do, and Tien Pao bravely tries to find his family in the chaos And that is how his sixty fathers find him, on a rock overlooking the road out of Hengyang asleep and curled up with his piglet.I loved seeing the interaction between the boy and the American airmen, who adopted Tien Pao out of gratefulness for how he saved their lieutenant s life Finding out that the book is based off a true story only endeared this book and those scenes to me .This is my third Meindert Dejong book and certainly not my last I ve found him to be an author capable of masterfully writing to capture my heart and move me to tears, even in his simplest novels I look forward to reading by this author.

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    A few years ago when reading The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, I learned about the extreme animosity Chinese people hold for the Japenese.This 1957 Newbery Honor book reinforced what I learned This is a tale of the Japenese invasion of China As they systematically descerated the land, murdering the poor peasants, bullets shot throughout the air, finding helpless targets, and in the aftermath, red fire raged through the huts, burning livestock and people within.This is a tale of Tien Pao, a brave little boy whose family fled their village in the only remaining sampan Rowing day and night to move further internally, they finally found a place to moor their sampan Exhausted and hungry, Tien Pao s mother carried his baby sister on her back and she and his father sought work.Leaving Tien Pao alone during the day with only the family pig for company Lonely, he watched as a group of water buffalo played dangerously close to the sampan Unaware that one of them loosened the rope that bound the sampan to the shore, Tien Pao drifted alone as the current took him right back into the mountainous territory where the Japanese were now invading.In his journey, he miraculously rescuing an American soldier When they were found by Chinese resistance fighters, the soldier was sheltered and then returned to his troop Keeping Tien Pao with them, they felt it a mission to try to return him to his parents As the fighting increased, they were not able to do so.Once again, alone and frightened, Tien Pao was rescued This time by American soldiers who whisked him to their barracks As 65 men became his father, he was grateful, but still, knowing despite all odds, he vowed to find his parents.Throughout his journey, his trusted friend the pig, now called Beauty of the Republic , accompanied him in his sheer determination to be reunited with his biological parents.Highly recommended.

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    Oy, talk about an adventure story Takes place in China during WWII, so, educational but also ever so exciting A reissue would def appeal to modern children Sendak s art is wonderful, but not as highly personal as his work for the books he writes himself, straightforward and apt, imo Inspired by DeJong s own experience in China.Looking forward to the reread Oct 2018 with the Children s Books group Newbery club..My comment there Talk about a horror story There s nothing of the supernatural in this but rather it s all too real And apparently the real life situation that inspired this doesn t even have the happy ish ending that the book has.I wonder how it got published I certainly don t know how it could now.A fairly quick read that will haunt a reader for a long time Unfortunately, there are not many pages spent on the title setting But I can t imagine any other title fitting, can you

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    This is of the types of books I read as a second, third and fourth grader in a communist country I happen to like such books are the two books that come to mind Now, this particular story has a sequence of low probability events so you have to be smart when reading it to differentiate the truth from the fiction, from what is likely and what is very unlikely to happen So a lesson in that too The book does contain a few scenes which can make you discuss war in detail The book has also tons of holes which is not a bad thing but a thought provoking opportunity Such a 1 why is the kid left at the boat alone when evidently he can be taken to the field 2 what happens to the old man 3 how does the guerrila guy know that the old woman s house has exploded with her inside 4 what happens to the young woman in the second shelter and many many , and of course don t forget to talk about the title of the book because I don t think this is the appropriate title for this book It is not even catchy Fathers are notable people while all these sixty men are just the same, they blend into one, and they are not even the ones carring for the boy the doctor and one seargent and one pilot are All things to question But as I said I did enjoy reading the book, mostly because of my background and the memories the story brought back from my childhood and especially my grandmother who was in love with such books.

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    Yaya I wish that there were five stars, but nobody else wanted five stars I find it was cool when Tien Pao floated away by the bulls in the water and he didn t notice that one of them undid the twig So then, how did they float away They floated away when the pig was running and Tien Pao was screaming and running at the same time I found it scary when the man didn t try to get him when it was raining with the umbrella It was funny when the two mans found him and it was funny when they took him to the house of sixty fathers And, yeah, that s it., Chloe I learned a bit about history, before I read the book, I thought that sixty fathers was just a random number But then, daddy told me that it was because there were sixty american soldiers fighting in china against the japanese at the end of the second world war I found it sad when they were escaping from a city and one of the trains burnt down Tien Pao managed to keep his pig the whole time There were Chinese guerrillas that helped him I don t mean monkey gorillas, I mean soldier guerrillas.

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    I pre read this book as part of my children s homeschool Sonlight Core F curriculum This book was probably one of the most heart wrenching reads I have ever read Yet it also brought tears of joy and so much happiness into my heart I am so thankful for having read this book It really shows the determination of children, the kindness of strangers, and the unending love of family.

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    This book was not what I was expecting, pretty intense at parts and emotional to read to the kids but we all thought it was a great book and loved the ending

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    Ugh Had to read this book for school Just so boring Goes on and on and on about simple details.

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    Oh, this book the ending So heart wrenching and so well told.Definitely makes for good discussions with your kids.My 13 year old likes this book as much as I do.

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