The Isis Pedlar (Isis, #3)

The Isis Pedlar (Isis, #3) I really loved the first book in this Trilogy I don t think it needed 3 books Sometimes it s better to just imagine for yourself what might have happened to a main character as the years went on I did find the end outcome interesting but only because I read the first 2 books. Michael Joseph Flynn Has Devious Plans To Cheat And Corrupt The Inhabitants Of The Planet Isis, And He Appears To Be On The Verge Of Success Few Among The Planet S Simple Agricultural Community Can Resist His Magic Firestone, His Strangely Delicious Ambrosia, And The Forever Machine Only Flynn S Daughter, Moira, Can Unmask This Smooth Talking Pedlar But Can Moira Avert Disaster In Time This time there was no dust cover to spoil the plot I was skeptical after reading a summary on Goodreads, but pleasantly surprised by the finale of the Isis trilogy Isis has aged another 15 20 years, but nothing has changed The usual cast of characters is there as are the old beliefs and simplistic society I liked that some story lines wrapped up and there wasn t an epilogue The only irking thing was the instant relationship between David and Moira, otherwise an enjoyable conclusion. In the last installment of the Isis trilogy, Isis is rocked by the mysterious presence of a stranger Michael Flynn and his daughter, Moira, are on the run from Michael s latest failed caper When they accidentally arrive at Isis on their battered old ship, Michael smells an opportunity to fleece what he thinks will be a bunch of na ve, simpleton farmers It is up to Moira to stand up to him and rescue Isis from his exploitation Along the way, she gets the help of Jody our hero from book 2 and his nephew, David Michael London has since died, and now his weak willed son is president David and Moira must rescue the colony, both from Michael and itself I didn t like this story quite as much Perhaps it was the absence of Olwen Most likely it was my aversion to Michael and his complete lack of moral compass As much as I applaud loyalty, I was annoyed by Moira standing by her father Seriously, if someone were willing to literally sacrifice me for their own greed, not learn a lesson from it and THEN expect me to still love them and tag along They would be dead to me Period It made Moira look like a pushover I also disliked the lack of spine in most of the Isis colonists.Still, a good adventure, and an awesome trilogy Very thought provoking. Took forever to read, kept falling asleep Not as enjoyable as the first two. Rebellion comes to Isis in the form of a pedlar or flimflam man, shaking up the deeply cowed colonists. I adored The Keeper of the Isis Light The Guardian of Isis was not my favourite, but I can at least appreciate that it continued the tragic themes set up in book 1 I was frustrated by the fate of Isis because Hughes created a world I cared about The Isis Pedlar doesn t garner that same respect While the first two books are short, and possibly rushed, The Isis Pedlar is roughly 25% shorter still Without getting into everything I didn t like about the book, I can summarize my thoughts by saying The Isis Pedlar reads like a bad episode of Star Trek some zany character shows up to mess with the regular cast, but all is made right in 44 minutes which is roughly how long this book takes to read, give or take This islike fan fiction than the conclusion to a trilogy. The third volume of the Isis trilogy unlike the first two, which I kept and have recently re read, I didn t enjoy this one and passed it on to a charity shop some years back It doesn t feature the main characters of the first two stories, though I think young Jody is in it, older, but it deals with how some of the wrongs of the colony are finally eased I think the reason I wasn t keen was the theme of the villain from outside who intrudes to con the colonists, instead of having them somehow come out from the deluded attitudes seen in the second book It would ve been better if Hughes had instead written another book set between the first 2 volumes, which dealt with how Mark Taylor took over the colony and showed the struggle between him and the older Jody that would have made for a tense and dramatic story that came out of the original set of characters.

Monica Hughes was a very popular writer for young people, and has won numerous prizes Her books have been published in the United States, Poland, Spain, Japan, France, Scandinavia, England, and Germany She has twice received the Canada Council Prize for Children s Literature, and was runner up for the Guardian Award.She is the author of Keeper of the Isis Light, an American Library Association B

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