The Keeper of the Isis Light (Isis, #1)

The Keeper of the Isis Light (Isis, #1) It Was Her Tenth Birthday On Isis By Earth Years, She Would Be Sixteen But Olwen Pendennis Had Never Been To Earth She Had Been Born On Isis And Since Her Parents Death, She Had Lived There Alone, Manning The Isis Light A Lighthouse In Space Designed To Aid Ships, And To Bring Settlers From Earth And Now, On The Day Of Her Tenth Year, The Settlers Are Coming At Last Olwen Is Ready To Welcome Them, But Are They Ready For Her She Was Once Human, Like Them But The Harsh Climate Of The Alien Planet Has Changed Her, Transformed Her Into Something Else Something The Settlers Could Never Be Prepared For

Monica Hughes was a very popular writer for young people, and has won numerous prizes Her books have been published in the United States, Poland, Spain, Japan, France, Scandinavia, England, and Germany She has twice received the Canada Council Prize for Children s Literature, and was runner up for the Guardian Award.She is the author of Keeper of the Isis Light, an American Library Association B

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  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • The Keeper of the Isis Light (Isis, #1)
  • Monica Hughes
  • English
  • 19 October 2019
  • 9780689833908

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    This was my favorite book as a kid It held up well the perfectly timed build up of the plot, the vivid and beautiful descriptions of a high desert world, and the believability of the main character were all as riveting as they seemed when I was ten Though the book deals with Serious Issues, as young adult books do, it doesn t offer any simple solutions, and the resolution, though quietly satisfying, isn t quite the happy ending you d expect It offers a moral lesson I enjoyed as much this time as the first sometimes people suck, and it s best to just go live in a cave.

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    After her parents died in a freak storm, Olwen has grown up alone on the alien world of Isis She spends her days roaming the planet she considers her own The only person she speaks to is the Guardian of Isis But at last, colonists are coming to Isis This book feels very dated The style of writing, the gender norms, the tech, all felt very golden age scifi Additionally, the OMG PLOT TWISTs are excrutiatingly obvious Once they re out of the way, the story improves Overall, I did quite like this story Although Olwen is almost excessively feminine in some ways, she is also incredibly physically courageous fans of Cashore s Graceling will appreciate her and self sufficient And most of all, I love the basic message of this book that being yourself and free is worth than romance or even companionship.

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    First book I read reviewed in 2019 A short but memorable read Pretty good if you like older, somewhat predictable juvenile YA sci fi tales First published c 1980, THE KEEPER OF THE ISIS LIGHT is the first book in a trilogy, but it stands alone pay heed, modern cliffhanger authors First line It was a day like any other day on Isis, and yet, when it was over, nothing would ever be the same again.Note As at least one other GR reviewer has noted, this is one of those books where whoever approved the back cover blurb and GR book description should be tarred feathered it gives too much away TRUTH IN COVER ART 15% low but it s oh so pretty view spoiler some of the other covers are slightly accurate others are just as fanciful as the above one hide spoiler

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    Goldfield not permitted The excellent cover that was on the edition I borrowed is not avl here too bad Very good SF, especially given that it s directed at young teens tweens, a decidedly under served group I kinda sorta saw where things were going, but it still surprised me in many ways Thought provoking and charming I will continue to struggle to find by the author.

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    I read this long before I joined Goodreads, along with a LOT of other science fiction Someday, I will add of the ones that I know I read I won t be able to write full reviews though, as I have only vague recollections of most of them I know that I liked this one, though.

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    Fandt den antikvarisk denne bog har jeg l nt utallige gange som barn, og var vild med den Overraskende nok, holder den ret godt Dialogen er kluntet, men landskabsbeskrivelserne er levende, og historien interessant.

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    Olwen Pendennis p 41 16 has lived her whole life alone on the planet Isis with Guardian after a radiation storm killed her parents Gareth and Liz p 203 To her than a robot a thousand times friend much much wiser p 150, he could not protect the baby human body from such a harsh climate view spoiler He adapted her to golden scaled lizard skin and extra lidded eyes hide spoiler

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    I first read this in 7th grade and was truly fascinated by the story of the girl Olwen living alone on a planet with her robot keeper Everything is turned upside down when she is 16 and colonists arrive from Earth The story covers themes of loneliness, prejudice and what makes someone human I found myself fiercely loyal to Olwen while not truly knowing her at all or did I Rereading The Keeper of the Isis Light 20 years later I was similarly intrigued by the story This book has a few unforgettable reveals, so I enjoyed revisiting each moment with an informed eye The story largely stood the test of time for me However, I was surprised by the quick love Olwen and Mark develop for each other The adult in me protested, These kids don t know each other at all Yet I remember enough to recall that the 12 year old version of me didn t question their love when I read this book as a kid Interesting I guess, though that may have to do with my own self reflection than the actual book.Bottom line, this is an original story that can be read in one sitting This makes it accessible, though perhaps pages could have elevated it to classic status.

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    DO NOT READ THE BOOK SUMMARY ON THE DUST COVER It essentially tells you the plot and the unsaid parts That is, unless you do not want to read the very short 136 pages I really enjoyed that Monica Hughes does not lay out every detail for you That method is so very different than books written now, which seemingly feel the need to mention everything repeatedly, however unnecessary Leave something to our imagination already The main character, Olwen is likable, though naive What I ended up loving the most was the planet, Isis There was something about Olwen s description of it that made me love it as much as her.

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    It s always fairly jolting to me when I discover this rad new book from whatever various blog I m reading and go to mark it as to read, only to discover I already did at some point in the past Case in point this book.

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