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  • Kindle Edition
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  • The Killing League
  • Dani Amore
  • English
  • 24 August 2017

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    Well, I managed to get to 29% of the Kindle version of The Killing League until the lack of verisimilitude deflated my suspense of disbelief.I had high expectations of this book, due to the enticing blurb, but the story failed to deliver The characters were described to provide a visual image, but I got no sense of their internal emotions beyond what Ms A told me they were feeling The writing is not unskilled, and some of the descriptions were quite visceral, but when someone fires a gun in a forest and The smell of cordite hung in the air around them.That s a huge red flag that someone doesn t know what they re writing about Cordite hasn t been used firearm ammunition since second World War and the triple based gunpowder that replaced might have a acidic metallic smell that might be picked up by extremely sensitive noses, but only if someone fires boxes of ammunition in a closed space, like a small room or a badly ventilated shooting range In the open air No chance that a smell will hang around after firing one round.Of course, Ms A is probably not the only writer who mistakenly uses cordite with post WWII ammunition, but there was to The Killing League that failed to engage me.The lack of characterization was grating None of the characters was even faintly interesting Not the serial killers, who seemed derivative and unoriginal, nor the protagonists Mack and Nicole, who are both bland and superficial.The pace was sluggish because the writer felt compelled to fill whole scenes with descriptions or explanations that were not necessary for any mildly intelligent reader to figure out for themselves Dialogue was often pedestrian and interspersed with dragging descriptions Hey Boss Antony Toffol, her sous chef, called out as she started inventory on the wine selections Yeah, she said He stood with the door to the kitchen open Nicole smelled the olive oil, garlic, onion, rosemary, shallots, paprika and black pepper that were being used in various incarnations Someone dropped off a card for you, he said It was under the door when I opened up it s over on the receptionist table Okay, thanks, she said.I don t like to force myself to read There are so many books still to be read, that I couldn t justify wasting my time on this one Sorry, Ms A, but the second star is merely because the formatting and editing seemed professional The story itself didn t rate than 1 star for me.

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    This book contains portraits of ten or twelve habitual killers, from the trucker who likes to break the neck of hitchhikers to the butcher who doesn t distinguish between cow s blood and human blood when he s cutting up slabs of meat The author, Dani A, has a way with words.What is totally original about The Killing League is the premise that one Sick Dude decides to gather together this rogue s gallery of murderers in a competition See who s really king of the heap in the art of slitting throats or sticking people with syringes loaded with fast acting poison.The heroine of the book is the highly likeable and athletic Nicole Candela, a woman who was brutally attacked three years ago Without her ex FBI friend Wallace Mack, who saved her in the nick of time, it would ve been all over How these two characters fit in with the death spiral in the killing league gets to the heart of this book.The writing is streamlined the chapters short, the sentences clean, the dialogue punchy I read Death by Sarcasm by the same author a few months ago, and her short story Scales of Justice was equally hilarious Having now read The Killing League, I know I ll be back for another Dani A book before long.

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    Got it for 99 cents on .The highest serial killer per page density you will find this year.

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    This book really frustrated me I felt like author Dani A, had a potentially great idea, but then poorly executed it.A s novel, The Killing League centers around a mysterious figure named, The Commissioner, who has invited a group of serial killers to participate in a killing game that he has named The Killing League The story alternates between The Killing League s members and two characters that are the ultimate targets, Mack, former FBI Agent and Nicole, a woman who narrowly escaped after a flubbed serial killer attempt and has been trying to rebuild her life in Los Angeles There were several things that drove me nuts about this book.First the structure It s incredibly formulaic The book goes through every character and then circles back around We hear how each member of The Killing League kills their victims in each round of the game The kills are unique to the individual like the nurse who kills her victims with an injection , however none of the kills are very unique overall It s pretty straight forward and quite dull The formula then goes back to Mack and Nicole, who each get those alternating chapters, whether or not the info conveyed in the chapters adds much to the story It s filler.Thank goodness it was a short read, because the pacing is incredibly sluggish, especially the last half.The characters are flat The serial killers might as well melt into one person They are all stereotypes and lack real motives or depth Mack and Nicole were particularly uninteresting I was rooting for them to die the entire story.It s like the characters are from a comic book, with the villains and heroes existing in a black and white world The worst part of the story was the lack of conflict None of the killers seem to have a big problem with receiving a mysterious invitation from a person who knows about their kills They all show up at a hotel for a conference to receive their instructions for the league There is zero conflict Mack seems to solve crimes with ease There is never a good explanation of how betting on the KL is allowed in Vegas This story has too many convenient explanations and holes.What really bothered me the most was the missed opportunity I like the idea of a game with a group of serial killers It made me think of stories like Ten Little Indians, Clue and Rat Race, but with killers I love the competition aspect and the mysterious commissioner I wanted to get into the minds of the killers and to have the story be truly twisted and creepy I think that Nicole and Mack should have been eliminated as primary characters They shouldn t be the story The story should have been about the Killing League itself and should reduce Mack and Nicole to minor characters Although it had gruesome parts, it was definitely rated PG It s a beach read I wanted it to be full on sick and twisted, like a Saw or Hostel movie I wanted the commissioner to have a valid and compelling motive for creating the league and I wanted see of its origins I wanted the killers to struggle and get creative This story could have been so much entertaining.Please visit my blog for reviews and bookish things.

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    The job of a sports league s commissioner, while not easy, is relatively straightforward Generally speaking, they oversee the teams and competition, deal with administrative details and rules governing league play, and generally seek to ensure the health and success of their league The commissioner in author Dani A s newest book is no different Well, except that he s not in charge of the NBA, NFL or some other league you re familiar with no, he s commissioner of The Killing League.Like any other professional sports league, The Commissioner has recruited only the best of the best to participate It just so happens that all the players in The Killing League are active serial killers, and The Commissioner has devised a single elimination style tournament for them to test their skills Each person will be assigned a specific target to kill per round of play, with the targets level of difficulty increasing the deeper into the tournament the players get If you don t get your target or they get you you re eliminated.And so, players with monikers like Blue Blood, The Messiah, Florence Nightmare, and The Butcher, among others, are turned loose across the country, each determined to win the grand prize a shot at renowned FBI profiler Wallace Mack, and a woman named Nicole, who escaped from and killed the serial killer who abducted her three years ago Of course, Mack didn t get to be renowned based on his good looks, and Nicole has dedicated her life to two things since her ordeal becoming a chef and martial arts Mack quickly realizes what s going on, and the only place Nicole s better with a knife than in the kitchen is in the dojo Game on.Following a prologue flashback to Nicole s escape, author Dani A sets the stage for The Killing League by introducing the readers to each player individually in a series of quick cut chapters before bringing them all together for the big event And though having multiple killers in a single book could have been distracting or caused reader overload if handled wrong, A gives each of them enough of a distinct flair, and killing spree, to justify their presence in the story.Speaking of killing, while you may think in a culture that gives us films like Saw and Hostel it d be difficult to come up with inventive new ways for serial killers to get the job done, the immensely talented or disturbed, same same in this case Dani A has a creative cross section of murder and mayhem cued up in The Killing League, including one particularly nasty episode that actually made me cringe Considering some of the things I read, that s saying something Well done, Dani Having previously demonstrated that she could adeptly write both comedic crime fiction Death by Sarcasm and a serious P.I novel Dead Wood , with The Killing League A takes the traditional serial killer genre, adds a healthy dose of thriller, and shows yet again why she s one of the brightest rising stars in crime fiction Screw fantasy football and baseball leagues, The Killing League is the one you want to be playing ok, reading.

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    the book was written so you don t know who the main killer was It keeps you guessing trying to figure it ou.tI liked all except the end seems like there should have been to it Worth reading though since it was a mystery all the way through.

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    A treat for those who like blood and gore Interesting premise with a killer masterminding a killing competition for other killers and as usual you hope the hero and heroine ,Mack and Nicole survive in the end Threaded through the story is the romance of the two Enthralling ,with nary a dull moment your interest is held to the very end Good bloody read

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    Two stars for the plot there was an excellent idea at the base of this, but the writing really dragged, with unnecessary descriptions bland dialogue None of the characters had any depth they all felt like 2D models being pushed around a board There were subplots that went nowhere after being introduced Overall a frustrating waste of a potentially exciting idea.

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    The Killing League a review by Rosemary KennyA fast paced thriller with many twists and turns, The Killing League is the the prolific Dani A Dan Ames first novel in the Wallace Mack Serial Killer Thriller Killer series and it s a really well written page turner that you ll find unputdownable from the very start The mysterious Commissioner sends out written invitations to serial killers each with their own trademark execution style to target legal and literary VIPs and others deemed to be a threat to the criminal fraternity or worthy of execution Their next targets in what has been dubbed The Killing League, are our hero, ex FBI Mentalist , Wallace Mack and his friend Nicole Candela, the traumatised but recovering serial killer Jeffrey Kostner s almost victim, whom Mack helped escape her maniacal captor three years earlier.We are never told who the Commissioner is, why his Killing League has been constructed, or how why he knows so many serial killers existence and personal details, to be able to contact them in such a blatantly risky manner, but perhaps book 2 The Murder Store will enlighten further Why not try all three books in the series and decide for yourself

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    Disturbing, yet fascinatingThe concept of this book is frightening The characters participating in the contest were easy to picture and realistic, but, thankfully, so were the good guys The idea of one mastermind serial killer setting up a contest for himself and other serial killers with the one that got away as a grand prize is brilliant I m anxious to read the next book in the series Sort of Spoiler Alert For the animal lovers, the dog is okay I couldn t have finished the book if he wasn t Sal was one of my favorite characters.

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