The Kings Pleasure

The Kings Pleasure In The Kingdom Of Himeros, Abigail Is Despised For Her Gypsy Heritage Pushed To The Fringes Of Society, She S Forced To Break The Law In Order To Help Feed Her Family When A Castle Guard Catches Her Stealing Bread, He Intends To Cut Off Her Hand For The OffenseNiall Has Just Taken The Throne And Is Determined To Prove He Isn T A Monster Like His Father Awakened By The Cries Of A Gypsy, He Spares Her From The Guard S Blade And Takes Her As His Slave Instead When He Learns She Doesn T Understand The Kingdom S Carnal Ways, He Becomes Determined To Strip Her Of All Inhibitions Until Her Every Desire Is In Service To The King S Pleasure Word Count Around , Warnings This Book Contains Master Slave, Group Sexual Activity, Mild Sadomasochism, Oral And Anal Play, Exhibitionism, And Voyeurism

Kitty Thomas began publishing in early 2010 and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance erotic subgenre.For free excerpts, follow her at Book and Main

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  • 08 February 2019

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    When I first started reading romance as a wee little lass, my favorite authors to read were Beatrice Small and Victoria Holt They wrote the naughtiest slave girl being sexually mastered by the sheik or desert ruler tales I ve read Well, Small was on the erotic side, while Holt was a lot subtle When I saw Kitty Thomas had written her own spin on the sex slave girl being owned by a king of some alternate land where the general population is very open with their sexuality, much like the disturbing movie cult classic, Caligula, I decided to give The King s Pleasure a read Kitty is known for writing dark and disturbing erotic but The King s Pleasure seemed on the lighter side for me, even though Kitty does make a mention that The King s Pleasure is one of the dirtiest stories she d written.The King s Pleasure is a 34 page short story set in the kingdom of Himeros Abigail is a poor half gypsy who sneaks into the newly crowned king s castle to steal bread for her starving family Abigail is caught by the king s guard and is about to have her hand cut off when Niall, the king is woken up He finds this punishment to be too cruel and since he is a compassionate ruler than his father was, he stops the punishment Since Niall hasn t created his own harem of women to satisfy him sexually as is expected, he ll keep Abigail as his own one woman harem Abigail is frightened because she was never taught to pleasure men like most of the gypsy women of Himeros have been She doesn t understand why the king would be interested in a half breed gypsy girl like her But when Niall treats her kindly and makes certain her family is well taken care of, she sacrifices herself and welcomes his tutelage in the arts of sex, lovemaking and other sexual desires and positions.Since Himeros is very open and accepting of sex, and in public Niall has many festivals where men and women enjoy each other Niall doesn t keep Abigail sequestered away in his bedroom for his own pleasure, but is very open in acting on his desire for her He allows his trusted officials and friends to enjoy Abigail while he watches, but only he has the ultimate say and ownership over Abigail.Abigail is now open with her sexuality thanks to Niall, even with his sharing Half way through I was enjoying this sexy tale, although I would have liked scenes of bedroom play between the king and his innocent thinking slave girl But then during a Roman orgy type sex party, something described stopped me in my tracks and icked me out As a reader, I m very open to most sexual acts described in erotic romance I can handle BDSM, multiple partners, instruments stuck in places in a person s body that has no right being inserted, but when bestiality is added into the mix, that s where I say, no thank you.The King s Pleasure has a mention of doggy love, and not the type where man s best friend plays fetch or even snuggles up to his her owner It seems here, that man s best friend is a woman s best friend thanks to what a dog s tongue can do for a woman in a not so pleasant and shocking way that really doesn t fit, but just adds to the sensationalism of the story.Why not decide for yourself if I m overacting by this excerpt Abby looked on in horror at the depravity that had been kicked to a new level Over at one table, two men held a woman s thighs open while they coaxed a dog to lick between her legs She screamed, No, please, stop, but it was clearly an act, because she was giggling and pressing her mound harder against the dog s tongue, already approaching her orgasm Then the men started pouring wine over her breasts and sucking it off, teasing her with threats of even worse things they had in store for her later Are you all right, Abigail Niall asked as he came closer and wrapped his arms around her.Despite not wanting to coddle her, he was concerned by how she d take some of the extreme behaviors Aren t you going to stop that She pointed at the woman with the men and dog Why No one is in any danger The dog isn t being forced No one is being hurt It s just so gross He shrugged, long past too jaded to care about the introduction of animals to the evening s festivities It was her first formal orgy she d adjust eventually A few of the foreign guests on their first trip to Himeros would surely go back to report on what barbaric demons they all were, even though it was only one small trio engaging in the activity People loved to blow things out of proportion I realize there s an audience for everything, even humans who have sex with animals in fiction, but I m not that open or that understanding as a reader I see no such reason for Kitty to add this description, even one mentioned in passing It s one thing for humans to engage in shocking and disturbing the sex acts because it s consensual Even if an animal like a dog, horse, or sheep may seem to be enjoying themselves based on what the author s describes such as in The King s Pleasure, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth After reading that section, I found I couldn t continue, so I ended up DNFing The King s Pleasure and looked for something innocent in the hopes to bleach my eyes by what I read Such a shame, because I do feel Kitty has a skill as a writer of erotica, but perhaps it s best if she leaves the bestiality out of her work.If there was no bestiality, I would have given this a C The King s Pleasure was just too short and at times seemed rushed with the action and interaction with Niall and Abigail Also I felt the price of 2.99 was too high for a 34 page story Better to be priced at.99 cents.

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    A decent BDSM read but I found certain things irritated me personally I jumped to the conclusion it was set in a medieval castle with King Niall, son and ruler who had taken over from his despot father, that although he had to show ruling and strength he initially shows a compassionate and sensual but dominant side to him Normally despised gypsies in this kingdom, that so reflects the like in many countries today has a mixed breed gypsy in Abigail I liked the touch on racial acceptance shown by Niall, especially as he was brought up by his gypsy hating father I also thought the attraction and sexual start to their relationship fine Some may not like his ownership of Abigail and lending out as favour to his henchmen and others will, and here is my dub con ticket as I m not sure she would have done so voluntarily if not for part love and part fear of her King as his concubine I didn t like the hotch potch of medieval castle with dungeons and modern bathrooms and electrical light in their rooms yet torches in sconces in corridors I like either historical or contemporary but not one that can t make up its mind which.Worse was his reaction and treatment of Abigail and incarceration into the dungeon and beatings all based on a bit of spiteful gossip, this just shows he has no trust in her and there s no sound relationship here I would have thought such a Dom king above such pathetic seeds of doubt, as in courts gossip and spite historically has always been rife but it grows to a monster that almost has him destroy whom he professed previously to love He went right down in my estimation and didn t deserve his concubine s submission nor love.So three stars from me, sorry had expected too much I think.

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    Well that was pretty dark did not expect it to go there then it did.Would have liked a bit from this story, but it definitely was raunchy, dirty and taboo.

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    Abigail has just been spared, upon mercy of the King Caught stealing bread from within the palace walls, punishment should be swift and merciless, an eye for an eye Abigail s punishment should be especially severe, since she is part gypsy But King Niall has intervened, desperate to show his people he s not the tyrant his father was But Niall has big plans for Abigail Because he s not sparing her life for nothing he intends to make her his slave the first and quite possibly only woman in his harem With Abigail by his side, Niall intends to mend the discrimination against gypsies and set the kingdom of Himeros on a new, peaceful, course The King s Pleasure is the new novella from literary erotica author, Kitty Thomas.The novella is set in an alternate world that is at once like ours, but with a skewed history There is limited technology, a feudal system and very different outlooks on sexuality In the kingdom of Himeros to be one of the King s slaves is a great honour Women are groomed for the harem from birth But the new king, Niall, is uneasy with the customs of the harem The women are robotic and calculating, they play at love and lust like a masterful game of chess, and Niall can t help but feel like the pawn than the king And then he meets Abigail, in the most unusual of circumstances True, when Niall first discovers Abigail, stealing from the palace kitchen, he is quick to spare a beggar girl an unnecessarily cruel punishment But when Niall discovers that she is also part gypsy, an idea forms in his head When she looked up, her long, raven locks fell away from her face The king almost took a step back in reaction to the brilliant green of her eyes and the trembling in her full lips Tears tracked down her face, and he was already lost The Himeros elite expect Niall to treat Abigail and the other gypsies the same way as his father, the former King, did But although Niall is an expert warrior, he has no wish for such unnecessary cruelty in his kingdom Through Abigail he has found a way to mend the wrongs of the past, and set his kingdom on a peaceful path But Niall gets than he bargained for when he starts to feel for Abigail as than a political ploy As with all of Kitty Thomas s erotica novellas, The King s Pleasure is a world unto itself and a succulent little slice of story There s so much packed into this little novella politics, love, romance and a beautifully erotic tale between a king and his slave whose love turns a kingdom on its head Beautiful, as always, I can t wait for Thomas s next novella, The Last Girl , coming early in 2012.

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    Wow Another spectacular showing from Kitty Thomas she truly is a master at weaving a wicked story that leaves you pondering the lives of her characters long after you have read the final page.THE KINGS PLEASURE is a fantastically sexy and erotic tale of a young and beautiful gypsy thief named Abigail who is caught stealing as punishment, she is forced to serve her time as the new King s slave The young king is determined to rule his kingdom differently than the previous king, his father, in what could possibly be likened to a reign of terror King Niall hatches a plan that is sure to change the future of his country while making an example of the beautiful young thief As the story is told, her position as the King s slave doesn t appear to be much of a hardship in fact, as his first chosen slave, her position is a very prestigious position for any woman to be in, much less a poor gypsy girl The first chosen slave is much like the position of Queens in other countries making her the envy of all the formally trained women who have been groomed to satisfy the king in all his desires As the first chosen, Abigail has a number of obstacles to face, but to compound matters even , she is despised because of her gypsy heritage then, throw in the fact that she must be schooled by the King in the ways of the flesh and her role as a slave and you have a delicious recipe for a racy read If you are a fan of Kitty Thomas, you will not be disappointed with this story Leave it to Ms Thomas to blur the lines of fantasy and reality in a sensational combination of BDSM elements and a solid story resulting in a great read ______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic eBook Exchange

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    3 STARS The King s Pleasure was my first read from Kitty Thomas and this is the re read I didn t know what I expect earlier Abigail is a half gypsy woman who hated by the kingdom because part of her ancestry She was found stole food and about the get punishment The King, Niall intrigued by her He saved her and made her to the only because her gypsy ancestry As the King, Niall command her to be his slave harem Indirectly, it was about total submission between Master slave relationship So far, it was consensual I liked Niall at first but then he turns into an asshole For a short amount of time, they re barely know each other and finally questioned her trust He disposed her for beaten and fucked by his guard WTF Abigail trust Niall for everything, but what she got in return I couldn t believe it Abigail such an forgivable person It was well written Beautiful and poetic words, though.Overall, an okay read for only 30 pages with rushed HEA ending.

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    Originally reviewed at AsianCocoa s Secret GardenThe King s Pleasure is the third novella in Kitty Thomas erotic fairy tale collection This novella was my favorite one out of all of them It pushed every one of my dark, erotic, kinky buttons.I know I m in for a sexy treat when opening up a Kitty novel I almost always love her heroes and this story was no exception Niall was a dominant dangerous hero with a soft spot for his slave Abby was a strong heroine who would endure anything to prove her love and loyalty to her master Living her whole life on the fringes of the kingdom, Abby is ignorant of the hedonistic culture of the King s court After deciding to take Abby as his slave, Niall begins to teach her the carnal ways of the Himeros society She gets indoctrinated into the sexually open culture of the kingdom rather quickly as guests start arriving to court and preparations are made for the weekend feasts and festival And, oh my What a wicked, sexy festival Once night falls, children and citizens not wanting to participate in the evening s orgies leave and the debauchery begins The author joked that she must have been on horny drugs when she wrote the scene and I think she was It s a very intense erotic scene with lots of dirty explicit activities going on.Shortly after the festival the story takes a dark turn when seeds of doubt are planted in Niall s mind regarding Abby s intentions The latter half of the novella is a bit alarming and tortuous and my heart went out to Abby I was so caught up in the emotional whirlwind that I worried about how the story would end This was another amazing story from the beautifully erotic imagination of Kitty Thomas The King s Pleasure is highly recommended for every erotica fan who likes their stories a little dark and their boundaries pushed.

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    Edited 06 02 2012 This novella is now available in an anthology titled Submissive Fairy Tales The anthology includes The Auction, The King s Pleasure, and Awakening If you are interested in at least two of these stories, it s a better deal to purchase Submissive Fairy Tales Rating 2.0 stars Grade C minus Disclaimer I am not a professional reviewer, nor was I solicited for this review My ebook was purchased at I read and comprehended the entire text of this book at least 1 time prior to reviewing. Spoiler Warning My reviews generally contain spoilers I do my best to label them Please read at your own risk.SUMMARY REVIEW This is a very short dark erotic fairy tale that weaves in plot elements of Esther biblical tale, and Arabian Nights sprinkled with a little Hunchback of Notre Dame The writing is pretty shabby IMHO, kind of rambling and irrelevant in places When a story is this short, every word and plot point counts The first 30 pages or so are almost exclusively unrelenting exposition told in walls of text backstory Little of it led to significant character development or moved the story forward The erotic scenes are very fantastical and decadent, featuring BDSM elements and very brief mention of bestiality I found the writing stilted and ill timed, definitely not at the same standard as The Auction.

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    Kitty Thomas amazes me time and time again Her work always goes beyond simple kink to something deeper and profound, which is why I keep reading since I m not huge on reading a lot of work in the kink vein THE KING S PLEASURE proved once that Thomas craft is a masterful blend of using the novella form as her brilliant base, a few cups of kink, which give the story flavor instead of defining it, and a dash of fairy tale to round out the entire experience Read THE KING S PLEASURE with your head in the right place because it defines parts of being human that are rarely touched with such honesty, clarity, and damn fine storytelling.

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    This novella is about a young woman whose life is saved by the king and finds herself enjoying her position as his sexual submissive The emotional movement is minimal, and she is fairly submissive from the start The story touches on a variety of types of sexual activity, but does not have long, detailed sex scenes The king is not a nice person, so it is hard to get a feel for him, despite his frequent moments of softness towards Abigail.

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