The Last MacKlenna

The Last MacKlenna A Multi Layered International Romance That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat A Cat And Mouse Game Between Two Corporate Jet Setters That Will Take You From Scotland, To Kentucky, To California And Back AgainMeredith Montgomery, The Owner Of A Napa, California Winery, Is Facing Not Only Another Holiday Alone But Devastating News Seeking A Distraction, She Flies To Scotland To Search Genealogy Records For A Brochure Advertising Her Winery S Th Anniversary Gala While In Edinburgh, She Meets Elliott Fraser, A Highlander, Who Is President Of MacKlenna Farm, A World Renowned Thoroughbred Breeding Operation In Lexington, KentuckyA Dinner Invitation Turns Into A Christmas Day Outing At Elliott S Four Hundred Year Old Family Castle In The Scottish Highlands Following The Most Perfect Day In Meredith S Life, Elliott Rushes Back To Kentucky To Deal With A Crisis On His FarmNot Wanting To Return To Her Office In California And The Medical News Awaiting Her, Meredith Stops In Kentucky For A Visit Disaster Strikes Both Elliott And His Farm, Pulling Meredith Into A Web Of Mystery And Murder At A Time When She S Facing Trouble Of Her OwnCan These Two Wealthy And Powerful People Find Their Way Through The Chaos And Take A Chance On Their Volatile Love, Or Will The Obstacles They Face Be Too Much To Overcome

Katherine grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and attended college in New Jersey, where she earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice After attending the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Training, she returned to Central Kentucky and worked as a real estate and tax paralegal Katherine is a marathoner and lives in Lexington, Kentucky where she writes full time.

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  • 19 April 2017

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    This is my fourth read of this book It still feel exactly the same way as I felt the first time I read it Bliss This book is a page turner that will grab you from the beginning It will elicit emotions such as fear and anger and you will probably shed some tears happy ones at the end I still find it refreshing to find the two main, albeit flawed characters pivotal in future books are two people past their first blush Both characters, beautifully written, are complicated, driven, vital, passionate and interesting people I was fascinated by their two high powered, yet different worlds one a world famous Napa Valley vineyard, one the head of a world class Kentucky racehorse breeding farm While this book is not a time travel story, as are the other Brooch books, these two characters play a significant part in the entire series and their story needed to be told Both characters are facing tremendous challenges in their personal and professional lives when they meet and are not really looking for commitment It was a joy to watch how things developed, on all fronts.I recommend reading The Ruby Brooch before this book for the set up There is a backstory that occurs before this book that will make the references to other characters and incidents make sense to what is happening in this book The Ruby Brooch is a great, time travel book and the beginning of one of my favorite series Since is my fourth time reading this series, I feel like I m visiting my old friends I just love it All the books are fabulous I cannot recommend them enough Yes, bliss

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    In The Last MacKlenna by Katherine Lowry Logan, the second in her Ruby Brooch series, the focus is on Meredith Montgomery, a breast cancer surviving widow who runs a winery in Napa Valley Over Christmas she goes on a Christmas time research trip to Scotland to find out about her family s genealogy, where she meets Elliot Fraser, a rich horse breeder.Despite her lack of bodily confidence due to her scars, the two of them have some sparks flying between them However, fate intervenes when one of Elliot s prize winning horses dies and might have been murdered, demanding his immediate attention elsewhere and leaving Meredith in doubt about his feelings and her own.The romance between the characters is done really well, understated and realistic, thanks to some greatly set up and developed main characters None of them is drawn either as a drama queen or too flaccid both characteristics are pet hates of mine in the genre and the author has done a great job at keeping the story line believable and fresh.Meredith at the time of her trip has yet another health scare She finds another lump in her breast just before she sets out on the trip, which brings a serious note to the romance This, too, is handled in an understated and delicate manner, which lends the book depth and makes the story all the touching.The book has also a lot of very memorable and colourful characters around Elliot, such as his sister in law Lou, the owner of the BB where our lovers meet This makes the story much entertaining than you would expect a book with such a serious theme to be and I guess it will prove very compelling reading for anyone who has experience with the big C.The plot has many surprises and turns which I will not mention There is a minor paranormal element in the story and a link to the past.The slow build up of the characters and the story was excellent but it picks up in timeto keep us engaged in the story This is very well written.Logan balances the various elements of the story really well and also handles the serious issues without letting them take over the story completely.Given the character depth, some excellently placed symbolism and the seriousness of the issues I wonder if this should really be passed as romance writing and not as literary novel.

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    Following my review of The Ruby Brooch, I was delighted to be offered an Advance Review Copy of The Last MacKlenna, a romance that picks up the story of Elliot Fraser, CEO of MacKlenna Farm, and introduces Meredith Montgomery, owner of a vineyard in California.Once , I was enthralled, but for very different reasons This is a mature romance that fearlessly explores cancer, psychological damage, and loss It is a story that sensitively lays bare our fears as we look to the future beyond the pinnacle of a career and examines our response to the hard knocks life can throw our way.I use our deliberately as Katherine Lowry Logan delves into a health issue that many will have encountered in one way or another Cancer is an emotive subject, often inspiring a heroic response in those it touches, and always forcing its victims to face their deepest fears In this respect, the Last MacKlenna is a truly touching story that will resonate with many, even though the hero and heroine live in a privileged world where their coterie can compare the size of their respective corporate jets.Both Elliot Fraser and Meredith Montgomery are financially independent, hardworking, and successful They re also at a time in their lives where they desperately need to put their priorities into perspective And despite the benefit of past experience and the painful moments they have already endured, they are just as vulnerable as any inexperienced twenty year old when it comes to the emotions of the heart even so, because they are scared of getting hurt, or of being disappointed, or worse, of being the one that disappoints.What I loved most about this story was the gradual piling on of tension as fresh traumas emerge from the wreck of a romance built far too quickly on the shifting sands of mutual attraction and blatant lust I couldn t rid the lump in my throat as I watched a car crash of hopes and dreams falling to Elliot and Meredith s self doubt and fears as they encounter a mountain of obstacles blocking their path to true love Sometimes, life has to kick really hard to force an adjustment in thinking This story kicks hard A wonderful, heart stirring read, The Last MacKlenna can be read as a standalone novel, but I especially enjoyed the glimpses back to the family mystery unravelled in The Ruby Brooch It was very satisfying to discover the other side to Cullen and Kit s legacy.Overall, a solid five stars.

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    This is an amazing novel I read it in two day and loved every single page, every single line, and every single word The plot was so intense that I couldn t find a point where I could just put the book down and walk away I was absolutely captivated Everything about this book is perfect Katherine Logan is one of my favorite authors I didn t think she could write something so magic so grasping that would get even close to her first novel The Ruby Brooch which by the way was fantastic However The Last Macklenna did exactly that It captured my heart and my thoughts in many ways Elliott is the man that women dream of and woo over when they set eyes on him Meredith is the epitome of a strong, energetic, smart and loving woman They are utterly perfect for each other What is so fascinating is that both are fighting internal wars that if not for the strength of their individuality and the love for each other, all those issues would have brought them to their knees I don t want to give the story away, but I know that I could write a novella just praising Katherine Logan as an author The Last Macklenna Is captivating, fascinating, charming, enchanting and I could go on and on Great job Katherine Love it Love it Love it

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    This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster, and not due to the relationship between the lead characters, but due to the underlying problems Meredith battles with Right at the start, I had the feeling somebody punched me in the stomach, and Meredith s problem accompanies us throughout the novel I d wager that it is a problem every woman can relate to somehow, and awareness and fear of it grow with age It is the reason why Meredith acts as she does, and it is understandable I found the characters believable, and my impression was, that the author had first hand knowledge, or researched the subject really well I m not usually emotional when it comes to fiction, but here, I found myself nearly in tears and really, really scared for Meredith s future I m not sure somebody who hasn t read the Ruby Brooch will understand what it is with the ghosts, and why Kit isn t present, but then I think you can understand and enjoy the book without this knowledge, as it doesn t play an important role The focus is on Meredith, and rightly so.Teri Schnaubelt again did a wonderful job at narrating the story I love her accents, and the different voices she has for the different characters I think, listening to the story instead of reading it was again a great decision, because Teri s narration gives it even depth If you expect a time travel or even a historical romance, you ll need to read listen to the first volume this one is set in our time, with only a few hints at other time levels Still, it is well worth the read listen, even if nobody does any time traveling here.

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    The characters were well developed I enjoyed the story line The ending is what prevented me from giving it 5 stars I felt like it was rushed A lot of time was spent on whether they thought the farm would go into bankruptcy and determining who killed the horse and then it was never really explained what happened If they caught it was doing it shouldn t the bankruptcy been cleared up Also, I don t know why it says Elliott is the last MacKlenna when Meredith is a direct descendant of Kit as well That didn t seem to add up quite right at the end there either to me I also thought maybe there would be a little discussion when Meredith found out that Kit that Elliott was referring to was actually her great, great, great, grandmother might have been another great I really enjoyed the story, like I said it s just the ending that suddenly seemed to have wrapped up without quite clearing some items back out in the detail that they were referred to within the novel.

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    I had just finished the prequel to this book The Ruby Brooch and loved the time travel twist as it covered one of my favorite eras This book is not dependent upon that book however, The Last MacKlenna is mostly a romance with some fun and mystery thrown in along with a good sense of the impact breast cancer can have in a woman s life It also involves travel and a jet setting world view of jaunting from Scotland to Napa Valley to Lexington, Kentucky There is no time travel but there is murder and ghosts and love and humor and sex and cancer and a little bit of wine making and horse racing It was a fun read although I still love the Ruby Brooch .

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    I love this series This one doesn t quite fit smoothly with The Ruby Brooch or The Sapphire Brooch, but I still love it.

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    I chose to read this book to follow up from The Ruby Brooch as I had enjoyed the author s writing and wanted to see what might happen next with the characters I had already enjoyed meeting I was not disappointed, and even though this is not a time travel book it is a bridge from The Ruby Brooch to The Sapphire Brooch, which I am currently reading and I can now say, is a must read to truly enjoy this series I am hooked I especially loved the character development of Elliot Fraser, who I felt sorry for in Ruby, to the rather scandalous scoundrel he had become in this novel, to what he has grown to in Sapphire I am in love with this series I think you will love it too.

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