The Last Wilderness

The Last Wilderness Is This Journey S End Or Just The Beginning Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, And Ujurak Have Finally Reached The Last Great Wilderness, The Legendary Bear Paradise They Ve Been Searching For But While His Companions Think They Ve Come To The End Of Their Long Journey, Ujurak Feels A Deep Unrest Is This Truly Where They Re Meant To Be In The Last Great Wilderness, One By One The Bears Begin To Remember Their True Natures Toklo Feels The Urge To Hunt Caribou And Mark His Territory As A Brown Bear Should, And Kallik Feels The Pull Of The Ice Within Her It S Only Lusa, Happy Just To Be In The Wild, Who Fears The Day When Her Friends Will Leave Her To Follow Their Own Paths As The Bears Adjust To This New Life, Disaster Strikes The Friends Are Forced To Venture Into The World Of The Flat Faces To Save The Life Of One Of Their Own Once There, The End Of Their Journey Seems Farther Away Than Ever, As A New Path Spreads Out Before Them

Kate Cary,

❮Ebook❯ ➨ The Last Wilderness Author Erin Hunter –
  • Hardcover
  • 265 pages
  • The Last Wilderness
  • Erin Hunter
  • English
  • 27 February 2017
  • 9780061986819

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    Toklo, Kallik, Lusa and their shape shifter friend Ujurak have finally reach the Last Great Wilderness Some of them go on their own and some stay Until they come together to be strong again But when disaster strikes they are forced to leave risking one of their own The flat faces forcing them to go so they don t get capture Is this journey coming to the end or is it just the beginning People should read this if you like adventures books Adventure s books are full of actions and problems to solve I like it because I like how they go on an adventures Recommended for young readers because it s about bears having a goal to reach a certain place to live peaceful.

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    The Last Wilderness Seekers 4 by Erin HunterFantasy288 pagesToklo, Kallik, Lusa and Ujurak have finally made it to the Last Great Wilderness, but has their journey ended..or just begun Ujurak thinks that this is not the last part of their journey Is it I think this book is a good sequel to Smoke Mountain and overall a good book for a few reasons One is the bonding between Lusa and Toklo They really care for each other and it adds to the story a lot Another reason is Toklo becomes of a leader and gains a lot of respect from the group He shows what it means to be a true leader Ujurak also grows a lot through the book Whan the group suggests he changes into a bird to fly away from danger, he is resisant and thinks it will mke him look like a coward Overall this is a good book and sequel.

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    All in all this was a pretty good book, although I though the ending could have been warped up a little different It seemed like it was lacking the important details and had to much unnecessary details Though I might have to reread the ending because I was reading at school wale we were watching some dumb movie.In this book you will see what the four bear friends will decide to do will they continue there journey or will this be the end Will Kallik go to the ice that has been calling her for so long Will Tolko finally get to mark his own territory And will Lusa return to the trees were she can climb the trees But, wait what will Ujurak do now that he is all alone Well, the only way you will find out is if you read this book.

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    This series is an interesting read fun for a different point of view on how humans don t treat the world as well as we probably should It s funny to look at it all from the perspective of a bear because they don t know about our world I ve warmed up to the series but it s still doesn t make the top of the list I m interested enough to want to know what happens next, but not enough that I d pay full price for the next books and thankful enough that I got the first 5 of this series off the bargain bookshelf for less that 3 each in hard cover I think I need to put this series down for a bit and read something else before I continue the journey.

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    I like Warriors a lot better than Seekers Not that I have anything against bears, it s just that I think in Warriors the characters are developed much better, and the plot is clear I honestly didn t really know what they were trying to do in this series until I read this book I heard that there s going to be a second six book series for Seekers It s kind of funny how Erin Hunter s series keep getting extendednot that I mind, for Warriors, at least This Seekers book was a bit weird, especially in a few parts with Ujurak.

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    The book became WAY WAY WAY to preachy about the evils of oil dwelling This is a children s book, not an adult book We own the next book, so I will read it, but I will not be buying any books in this series I felt that the authors spent too much time on their own views The point could have been given in a condensed manner Just my opinion.

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    Wow, the books in this series seem to be getting worse as they go This one was very dull and I had a hard time even getting through it It was very boring and I found myself not caring at all.

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    Took it on holiday with me I loved the previous three this one not so much, it s a little bit dry and is maybe a builder for what is to come Still love the characters and will be reading the last two

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    Change in the direction, from the Bears perspective that is, as they discover that they need to Seek a way to save the wild Kind of saw that coming Curious to see how this challenge gets met as it is a daunting task.

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    This book is amazingI chose this rating because it is a very good book series Erin Hunter spent so much time and effort to make this book series and did an amazing job doing so.

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