The Legend of the Firewalker

The Legend of the Firewalker A Black Hooded Figure Suddenly Appeared Behind Her She Gasped And Her Brown Eyes Grew Wide Nathan Watched Helplessly As A Small Trickle Of Blood Fell From Her Mouth Other Hooded Figures Appeared Their Silver Swords Clutched Upright Against Their Chests Nathan Held Tight To Her Lifeless Body While Trying To Fight Back The Tears That Swelled In His Eyes No, He Cried No Nineteen Year Old Nathan Urye Is Supposed To Be Having A Relaxing Summer As A Camp Counselor But Ever Since He Started Having Nightmares About A Beautiful Girl Being Hunted By Flesh Clawing Monsters, His Life Has Been Anything But Normal Soon, Nathan Discovers That The Sleepy College Town Of Cahokia Falls Is Far From Ordinary When Two Unexplained Deaths Rock The Town And Campus Who Or What Is Behind The Murders Does It Have Anything To Do With The Newly Discovered Cave Symbol And What About The Spine Chilling Campfire Stories About Ancient Tribal Beliefs And Mystical Legends For Nathan Urye, Things Just Keep Getting Creepier And Creepier, And Now It Appears That Everyone At Camp Is In Danger

Steve Bevil is the author of the YA urban fantasy paranormal book series The Legend of the Firewalker Steve is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has a Master s degree in Communication He enjoys writing young adult urban fantasy, and cross genre paranormal stories.

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  • Paperback
  • 378 pages
  • The Legend of the Firewalker
  • Steve Bevil
  • English
  • 12 December 2017
  • 9781492285182

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    I think I read a different book than everyone else who has commented because I couldn t even finish this one and I NEVER put a book down, no matter how bad it is, but I just could not bring myself to read one page.This book is in serious need of an editor I m usually quite patient with editing issues I easily overlook misspelled words or other punctuation misuse But after he used edition instead of addition and because his use of quotes had the main character continually talking out loud to himself, I just couldn t overlook it any I had zero interest in the characters as well Nathan is whiny and wishy washy, which are not good characteristics for the main character and I couldn t even bring myself to buy into the other characters enough to pay them much attention The set up for the story took an inordinately long time given the fact that we don t really learn anything about the heart of the story until than a 1 3 of the way through I imagine it was the author s aim to use the first 1 3 as time to world build and character build, except that he so misused that time and page space that even when the story started to pick up speed, I already didn t care I was so excited to read this book and I am SO disappointed.

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    I read this book over the summer as a beta reader and I really enjoyed it Nathan is a very likeable character and his sarcastic personality fits in well with his group of friends I really like the supernatural world Steve has created and you can tell there was a lot of pre thought and planning going on before writing this story.The thing that I remembered the most about the book was Steve s writing I found it very cinematic and had no problem visualizing in my mind what things looked like through the eyes of Nathan and the supporting characters I often found myself lost in the witty dialogue between Nathan and his friends and was often caught in suspense with the action scenes I get bored easily with books and I was surprised that it kept my attention The only draw back that I had was by the time I hit chapter 21, I wanted The plot was resolved but I guess I wanted the action to continue I felt the same thing after reading book 4 in the Harry Potter series The dark and powerful forces as quoted from the book was cleverly presented as well as the other creatures created, and I guess I wasn t done with the ride by the time the story ended However, it is clear by the end there will be a second book I plan to pick up a paperback just so I can have a copy with the cover I read the book when it was just a manuscript and totally love it

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    The first chapter drew me in and I was hooked I was so concerned about Leah and what the heck was happening to her I wasn t a fan of the protagonist of the story at first Nathan because he is so sarcastic and it has been done a lot in YA books However, as I kept reading Nathan is actually quite funny and says things that I was thinking about certain characters and situations I love Nathan now and it sounds like he s a hottie along with one of the other supporting characters, Stephen Malick The dynamic between Nathan and his group of friends is great I love that they were on this small college campus surrounded by this forest preserve and eerie caves behind the cliffs It was a perfect backdrop for all the paranormal and creepy things happening The campfire stories were creepy, the towns Native American legends were great, the spooky Grimm Cemetery, the shadow guards with their swords, the crazy lady in white, the Legend of the Fallen OnesI loved it all The story was so intriguing and action filled that the last 5 chapters of the book, I finished all 5 in one sitting.Overall the author is a good storyteller, great at character building, and a cinematic writer I can t wait for the 2nd book.

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    The legend OF The FireWalker is an amazing book,I believe that the story line was well developed,there were alot of great scenes in the chapters, the descriptions in the story gave me good imaginations while reading it, Nathan is one of my favorite characters he always got something going on and full of surprises This book is full of twist and turns and clues that lead me on to want to know When you look at the cover of this book, it is everything you can imagine of what kind of story you are about to read this book is an combination of action adventure supernatural paranormal mystery I notice that this book has series, 1 so looking forward to book series 2

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    This story was great I usually read YA paranormal romance, but I really liked this story Even though some of the female characters in the story liked to shop and do typical girl things, and what not, they are not weak and I liked that Lafonda is my favorite and I like that she wants to get right in there with the boys The writing style was good and my favorite parts of the book were when Nathan, Lafonda, Malick, Jonathan, Angela, and Alan would just hangout, talk, and tease each other If you like YA paranormal stuff, I recommend it.

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal I am not one to put a book down unfinished, but I seriously thought about it Instead, I whipped through it hoping it would get better It didn t I read a lot of YA, but this was for somebody 12 or 13 The juvenile banter, the necrocritters, seemed suited to middle grades than college students.

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    If I could give this negative stars I would OMG

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal.What can I say I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I had to stay up late last night bc I simply had to know what happened Legend of the Firewalkers captured my attention from page 1 All the characters are very interesting but my favorites are Nathan who just discovered he has powers and seeing how he developed those powers and the confidence in himself was great Malick who at the beginning made me mad but during book how he tries to help Nathan and has powers of his own and by getting over his macho complex grew up a lot and became a great friend to Nathan Lafonda she just cracked me up but I really did like how she cared about Nathan And Jonathan I was getting very frustrated by his disappearing but I knew he was a good guy and as soon as I read what he could do, I was hooked.I don t want to give anything away because this was truly a mesmerizing and suspenseful book and I think readers should find out for themselves by reading it And I would like to mention that I can t wait for book 2

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    The The Legend of the Firewalker is a paranormal book written ad self published by Steve Bevil The plot is centered around a group of teenagers some of whom will discover and use special powers to fight dark and powerful forces Given the plethora of YA paranormal books being published in the last few years, I did not find this outline particularly original.The thing that I did not like was the writing style There is a huge amount of dialogues which break to pieces the plot and the overall feeling is that you are reading a movie script instead of a book Also, the main characters are stereotyped and trapped into dull squabbles I noticed that some readers enjoy this style, I do not Another issue with the book is the lack of any rhythm The story gets a foothold only in the second half of the book and reading so many dialogues before catching any action was unnerving.Finally, I agree with other reviewers who pointed out that the book might have been edited better before publishing While I am not against self publishing, the advantage of having a good editor to back up a writer could make the difference.In conclusion, I am so frustrated because I have won a copy of this book with the giweaway promoted by such a nice person as Steve Bevil but the book does not live up to the hype.

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    It took me so long to finish this book that, until I turned the last page, I wasn t even sure I d finish it in the first place.The story is okay, nothing fancy and nothing too weird either Some of the characters there is just too many pointless characters in this, what the hell were nice to read I enjoyed Malick, Johnathan, Lafonda, even Nathan sometimes but like. what s the point of Alan or Steve Or Jonas Or even Leah which technically should be the driving force of the book but disappears for 99% of the time after the first chapter The problem I had with The Legend of the Firewalker really is only this one 80% of the book is completely pointless Let me repeat that completely pointless All of those conversations about camp and the campus and the banquet and the fires and their grandparents and their clothes and Leah being okay again Yeah, nevermind, you don t actually need any of those The explanation of what you need and want to know aka plot is only given to you about three chapters to the end And then, they don t actually do anything with it either.I won t read the second one, probably, but nice try.

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