The Living Reminder: Service and Prayer in Memory of Jesus Christ

The Living Reminder: Service and Prayer in Memory of Jesus Christ The Living Reminder Was Like A Visit From A Friend I Needed To Speak With The Surprise For Me Was How Much I Needed To Hear Him Say Familiar Things National Catholic Reporter The Living Reminder Is A Gift From Henry JM Nouwen Along With CS Lewis And Thomas Merton , One Of The Th Century S Most Beloved And Important Spiritual Writers Subtitled Service And Prayer In The Memory Of Jesus Christ, Nouwen S Book Presents Simple Yet Powerfully Profound Expressions Of The Joys Of Religious Service, Prompting The Publication New Review Of Books And Religion To Note That We Read Nouwen To Discover New Possibilities In Our Own Faith

The Wounded Healer,

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  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • The Living Reminder: Service and Prayer in Memory of Jesus Christ
  • Henri J.M. Nouwen
  • English
  • 16 July 2019
  • 9780866839150

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    Excellent Would recommend to teachers as well as pastors and missionaries.

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    This book is an incredible journey into the biblical understanding of memory Profound insights for both ministers as they serve as Rememberers and for us all.

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    Once again a timely find at a used book store.I heard the name Henry Nowen from many of the Christian, women leaders I follow online I ve wanted to check out his writings for a while I wasn t disappointed.I m simply going to leave quotes here for my future self others to reference Service is prayer and prayer is service much of what the Bible demands can be comprised in one word, Remember to forget our sins may be an even greater sin than to commit them Why Because what is forgotten cannot be healed and that which cannot be healed easily becomes the cause of greater evil much of their sense of self derives less from what happened than from how they remember what happened, how they have placed the past events into their own personal history emotions are deeply influenced by the way we have integrated past events in to our way of being in the world By refusing to face our painful memories we miss the opportunity to change our hearts and grow mature in repentance When Jesus says, It is not that healthy who need the doctor, but the sick, mark 2 17 , he affirms that only those who face their wounded condition can be available for healing and so enter into a new way of living if ministers are reminders, their first task is to offer the space in which the wounded memories of the past can be reached and brought back into the light without fear The great vocation of the minister is to continuously make connections between the human story and the divine story by connecting the human story with the story of the suffering servant, we rescue our history from its fatalistic chain and allow our time to be converted from chronos into Kairos, from a series of randomly organized incidents and accidents into a constant opportunity to explore gods work in our lives all of ministry rests on the conviction that nothing, absolutely nothing, in our lives is outside the realm of God s judgment and mercy The challenge of ministry is to help people in very concrete situations people with illnesses or in grief, people with physical or mental handicaps, people suffering from poverty and oppression, people caught in the complex networks of secular or religious institutions to see and experience their story as part of gods ongoing redemptive work in the world These insights and experiences heal precisely because they restore the broken connection between the world and God and create a new unity in which memories that formally seemed only destructive are now reclaimed as part of a redemptive event in order to be a living reminder of the Lord, we must walk in his presence as Abraham did To walk in the presence of the Lord means to move forward in life in such a way that all our desires, thoughts, and actions are constantly guided by him when we no longer walk in the presence of the Lord, we cannot be living reminders of his divine presence in our lives We then quickly become strangers in an alien land who have forgotten where we come from and where we are going And we are no longer the way to the experience of God, but rather in the way of the experience of God it is this unconditional and unreserved love for God that leads to the care for our neighbor, not as an activity which distracts us from God or competes with our attention to God, but as an expression of our love for God who reveals Himself to us as the God of all people just as the memory of past wounds can prevent us from repeating the evil that wounded us, so also the memory of love can nurture us in our day to day struggles when everything is dark, when we are surrounded by despairing voices, when we do not see any exits, then we can find salvation in a remembered love, alove which is not simply a wistful recollection of a by gone past but a living force which sustains us in the present although this ministry of presence is undoubtedly very meaningful, it always needs to be balanced by a ministry of absence it is essential for patients and parishioners to experience that it is good for them, not only that we come but also that we leave In this way the memory of our visit can become as important, if not important, than the visit itself we have to learn to leave so that the spirit can come we ministers may have become so available that there is too much presence and too little absence, too much staying with people and too Little leaving them, too much of us and too little of God and his spirit. I would like to make a plea for prayer as a creative way of being unavailable wasting time for God is an act of ministry, because it reminds us and our people that God is free to touch anyone regardless of our well meant efforts we all have had the experience that in times of distress, failure, and depression it is the good memories which give us new confidence and hope When the night is dark and everything seems black and fearful, we can hope for a bright new day because we have seen a bright day before Our hope is built on our memories We do not always realize that among the best things we can give each other our good memories kind words, signs of affection, gestures of sympathy, peaceful silences, and joyful celebrations At the time they all may have seemed obvious, simple, and without any consequences, but as memories they can save us in the midst of confusion, fear, and darkness The meditation on God s word is indispensable if we want to be reminders of God and not of ourselves, if we want to radiate hope not despair, joy and not sadness, life and not death.

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    Very inspirational book on the subject of how to maintain spiritual vitality and energy while serving in ministry.

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    Reading the Living Reminder feels like spending a day with a mentor Henri Nouwen draws from literature, his pastoral experiences and the Bible to remind ministers of what we do best administering grace to dying and lonely people Nouwen starts out reminding us of the importance of our past That which is unacknowledged controls us What is forgotten cannot be healed and that which can not be healed easily becomes the cause of greater evil The minister s job is to bring the pain of the past out into the open and expose it to the gospel that the injuries can be healed In the second chapter Nouwen discusses the importance of becoming a memory Our memories of our friends dictate who our friends are to us How we remember the holiday or vacation determines how we view the people we were with A minister should take care to be absent occasionally, for regular prayer, so that a memory of him as a reminder of grace can be formed Finally, he calls ministers to remind people of the past in such a way that calls them to a better future The great reformers reminded us of our heritage to call us to a better today Luther called us back to the better theology Wesley called us back to better practices Theresa called us back to better service Etc Ministers need to know how to use stories to call their people back to their better selves I loved this book and I think you will too.

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    This is a very short book on the importance of spending time in prayer for Christians in full time ministry The author argues that 1 Full time ministry entails reminding people that God heals our past, sustains our present, and guides our future 2 In order to remind people of these things, it s crucial for full time ministers to spend time in prayer, because a Our spiritual life will be stronger when we spend time praying b Seeing ministers spending so much time praying will encourage believers and remind them how prayer can also sustain them c Prayer is not just a tool that helps make ministry effective, but an important part of ministry itself I really like how the author s argument that individuals are basically shaped by our memories We are what we remember He describes our faith as our memory of Christ s healing, sustenance, and guidance Seen from this lens, religious practices studying the Bible, listening to sermons encouragementetc are basically attempts that aim at reminding believers of these past memories And that is why Moses and the prophets continues to remind Israelites of their salvation from Egypt and the importance of following God s law I thought this was interesting.

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    Another wonderful little book on ministry by Nouwen He seeks to incorporate knowledge from behavioral sciences while maintaining a spiritual focus something that we might take for granted in a writer today, but I think it was groundbreaking then.He encourages the minister to heal past wounds through offering an accepting presence he encourages the minister to sustain people through prayer absence and he encourages ministers to inspire with hope through meditating on the word, sharing it s stories, and embodying them.

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    Nouwen explores the uniqueness of a minister as compared to a mental health provider He outlines the life of Christ as pastor, priest and prophet Many times we want to play deaf, dumb and blind instead of returning to our people, faithful to our vocation and growing in humility and love Good book for the soul of a chaplain

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    What a wonderful short reflection from Nouwen I read this book in one sitting It was assinged in Spring 2019 for my pre CPE course at Yale Divinity School I wish every student had to read this at the beginning of seminary This short book would make a nice gift for someone new to ministry.

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    I believe that this is a must in our vocation.

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