The Lost Abbey

The Lost Abbey This Is The Original Story Behind The Graphic Novel Muirwood The Lost Abbey A Novella Written By The Author Of The Muirwood Universe Maia, The Daughter Of The King Of Comoros, Has Been Banished, Her Rank And Station Taken Away Although Magic Is Forbidden Of Women In Her World, Maia Secretly Learnedand Now Her Desperate Father Has Sent Her On A Dangerous Quest To Save Their Kingdom Protected By A Hired Killer, Maia Voyages To Another Realm The Cursed Shores Of Dahomey, Where An Ancient Blight Has Destroyed All The Inhabitants Maia Believes She Can Restore The Deadly Lands By Using Her Magic Medallion, But If She S Discovered Wielding Her Clandestine Power, She Will Most Certainly Be Hunted Down And Killed Jeff s blog

[Reading] ➺ The Lost Abbey Author Jeff Wheeler –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 38 pages
  • The Lost Abbey
  • Jeff Wheeler
  • English
  • 06 June 2019

10 thoughts on “The Lost Abbey

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    Excellent prequel for the next series of Muirwood novels This story features Maia a disinherited Princess who has a kystrel and is in touch with the medium Only now as foreseen by Lia it is an offence punishable by death The story is a short one but it is a real page turned as we watch our heroine battle threw the forest to find the lost abbey First attacked by spiders,snakes and ticks, then by a fear liath I look forward to reading the next book

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    The extra chapterShort and to the point, it fills some gaps from The Covenant Not nearly enough though, still leaving questions unanswered and a bit at odds with future chapters Nice tidbit of backstory, nonetheless.

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    Summer 2018, Comics Prose Given I read both versions of this story last night, back to back, within an hour, I m going to rate them together and double up their reviews I stopped reading the Banished of Muirwood when it became clear you really did need to read the prequel first, and so I was about two chapters into the first book of this series when I stopped The comics version of this prequel involves far less novel terminology used in the trilogy before this whole sequel trilogy collections , but it has far art Such as that it forsakes naming things the way we re used to them being such as the creature being a Fear Liath, but never narrated or called one on the comic page and yet it, also, made a better use of art in emotional moments such as Maia giving up her life The prose part had so many sweeping descriptions that did justice to the surroundings the bones of the abbey where the ocean, the cavern in completion The prose part was, thought, also, lacking a number of the conversations that took place in the comics and the entire lead in section wtih Maia s father, the city scene with the boy, etc, are all missing entirely from the prose.

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    InformativeIt is nice to have of Mama s story I read the Kingfountain series first then the Muirwood books about Lia I have read the Banished of Muurwood and started the Harbinger series They are now all intertwined I have such mixed feelings about Me is mostly because of her use of the kysteral I m hoping my feelings about her change for the better as I read of her story.

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    GoodVery short with a bit insight to Maia and her struggles as well as how her relationship with the kishion developed Hope there are intriguing books like this one to come

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    This short novella is good, but not quite up to the level of the actual books by Jeff Wheeler A lot of that comes from the short story format that doesn t allow for as much depth or development Still very interesting and fairly easy to read.

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    A fast novella to read.For readers of the original series this is an interesting read To know than the protagonist can be frustrating particularly when you have to read the next series to see how long it will take for the truth to come out.

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    Love itI have read the other books and I like them all The stories are so refreshing and exciting I don t want to put them down Fun to read so you must read them all, thanks Jeff for being such a good author.

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    This was ok, I wouldn t call it a book, ad it s so small A chapter at the end or beginning of a book would have been better.I didn t feel that this gave much information It s nowhere as good as the rest of the books.

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    Wow Binge worthy The series pulled me in and kept me wanting Amazing how the words lifted the pictures of each scene I could see I could visualize each scene come alive Amazing adventures and story as the characters were alive in the pages Movie worthy

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