Doc Savage 6: The Lost Oasis

Doc Savage 6: The Lost OasisThe Lost Oasis begins with Doc, who had been away at his Fortress of Solitude, investigating a 1 million reward promised to anyone who can find him Someone else is after the people hunting for Doc, however, murdering two men with a strange flying creature that very nearly does Doc in, and kidnapping the lovely young woman seeking his aid Doc follows the perpetrators and he and his gang stow away on a mysterious ghost zeppelin that takes them to a remote part of Africa where they must outwit evil criminal masterminds, dodge gigantic, poisonous vampire bats, and stay out of the clutches of huge, carnivorous plants while they free the slaves the villains have working the diamond mines of the oasis.As far as Doc Savage adventures go, this one fell a little flat, as if the author was on Valium when he wrote it All the elements are there, but the spark of excitement was missing This is just proof of how important location is in an adventure yarn, as too much time was spent with Doc and the gang hiding in the zeppelin, which just wasn t very exciting. I like Doc Savage when he s alone Cause when he is surrounded by people, he s nothing short of a pompous asshole Also, sign language isn t called deaf mute language, and Arabs aren t cinnamon skinned camel people, 1930s author Gross. This was one of the best in the series so far The pace was brisk and both Doc and his companions have plenty of opportunity to shine There s some good use of gadgetry, including a form of night vision technology There were exotic locations and threatening wildlife, which is exactly what I look for in pulp adventure. A hijacked zeppelin, a lost diamond mine, and deadly carnivorous vampire bats, what s not to like A classic Doc Savage story Always fun and inspiring to read a good Doc Savage novel Doc is a model of pure stoicism A I m a sucker for a good Zeppelin Nice action filled romp with Doc and his crew. Another good Doc adventure that I read back in the 70s. That was a close oneDoc Savage almost got itI won t say what happens Love those books. The first Doc Savage story appeared in 1933 and the series ran in pulp and later digest format into 1949 Bantam reprinted the entire series in paperback with wonderful, iconic covers starting in the 1960 s Doc was arguably the first great modern superhero with a rich background, continuity, and mythos The characterizations were far richer than was common for the pulps his five associates and their sometimes auxiliary, Doc s cousin Pat, and the pets Chemistry and Habeas Corpus, all had very distinctive characteristics and their byplay was frequently entertaining that the current adventure of the month The settings were also fascinating Doc s Fortress of Solitude, the Hidalgo Trading Company which served as a front for his armada of vehicles , and especially the mysterious 86th floor headquarters all became familiar haunts to the reader, and the far flung adventures took the intrepid band to exotic and richly described locations all over the world The adventures were always fast paced and exciting, from the early apocalyptic world saving extravaganzas of the early days to the latter scientific detective style shorter works of the post World War Two years There were always a few points that it was difficult to believe along the way, but there were always ups than downs, and there was never, ever a dull moment The Doc Savage books have always been my favorite entertainments I was always, as Johnny would say, superamalgamated A ship approaching New York City has sent a message, offering 1 million if Doc Savage will contact them Are there friends or foes aboard I won t say here, but the situation ends up leading Doc and his crew on an adventure to Africa Oh, and there are vampire bats and a zeppelin, so what s not to love While Seeking To Solve The Mystery Of The Trained Vampire Murders, Doc Savage And His Amazing Crew Suddenly Find Themselves Prisoners Of Sol Yuttal And Hadi Mot Aboard A Hijacked Zeppelin Their Deadly Destination Is A Fabulous Lost Diamond Mine Guarded By Carnivorous Plants And Monstrous, Bloodsucking Bats

Kenneth Robeson was the house name used by Street and Smith Publications as the author of their popular character Doc Savage and later The Avenger Though most Doc Savage stories were written by the author Lester Dent, there were many others who contributed to the series, including William G Bogart Evelyn Coulson Harold A Davis Lawrence Donovan Alan Hathway W Ryerson Johnson Lester Dent is usua

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  • Doc Savage 6: The Lost Oasis
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  • 05 February 2019

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