The Lost Recipe for Happiness

The Lost Recipe for HappinessI would give this book a BILLION stars if I could, and it is easily on my list of Top 5 Books I d Want if Stranded of a Desert Island What an amazing, poignant, sensual, wonderful book From the minute I picked it up, I was hooked the characters are fabulous and perfectly flawed, the plot is well thought out and engaging, and the book moves incredibly well I had empathy for Elena right from the beginning, but she s anything but a poor woe is me character I loved her sense of strength, loved that she was still vulnerable beneath it, loved her complexity and her rawness Julian was a great hero not overpowering, but definitely powerful I d call him a quiet hero and boy did he suit Elena to a T , and the chemistry between them was incredible And don t get me started about Ivan, who was my favorite character in the book Oh, my heart ached for him every time he was on the page, even when he was being a jerk I won t give away any spoilers here, but the plot was multi layered and kept me turning the pages well past bedtime to see what would happen There were just enough teasers to make it impossible to put down, and O Neal gave out tidbits at regular enough paces that I was satisfied at every turn Clearly, an absolute ton of research and detailing went into this book It was well thought out and the details were rich and rang like a bell O Neal s love for food is so obvious, but not in your face, and some of the prose itself in this book just made me cry because it was just that beautiful like when she describes Ivan s voice on that first day that Elena meets him oh It just took my breath away.I loved every word of this book Barbara O Neal, you have a fan for life Highly, highly recommend. Icky enough that there was a romance shoe horned into this downer tale of a VERY broken woman and her ghosts but even off putting was the fact that the hero was the boss, and the heroine was trying to prove herself in a male dominated field, and he pretty much hired her knowing he wanted to sleep with her Yay for uncomfortable power dynamics As if that wasn t depressing enough I could not get past the physical descriptions The hero was described as pale, spindly, big nosed, black eyed and wears black jeans and silk shirts shudder but ishot I had a weird image of Marilyn Manson that I could not shake While the heroine is blonde, blue eyed, petite with an impressive rackand apparently ugly The hero marvels over her flaws and how unattractive he finds her, musing MULTIPLE TIMES over her sallow skin, wrinkles, and bad hair OKAY. In This Sumptuous New Novel, Barbara O Neal Offers Readers A Celebration Of Food, Family, And Love As A Woman Searches For The Elusive Ingredient We Re All Hoping To FindIt S The Opportunity Elena Alvarez Has Been Waiting For The Challenge Of Running Her Own Kitchen In A World Class Restaurant Haunted By An Accident Of Which She Was The Lone Survivor, Elena Knows Better Than Anyone How To Survive The Odds With Her Faithful Dog, Alvin, And Her Grandmother S Recipes, Elena Arrives In Colorado To Find A Restaurant In As Desperate Need Of A Fresh Start As She Is And A Man Whose Passionate Approach To Food And Life Rivals Her Own Owner Julian Liswood Is A Name Many People Know But A Man Few Do He S Come To Aspen With A Troubled Teenage Daughter And A Dream Of The Kind Of Stability And Love Only A Family Can Provide But For Elena, Old Ghosts Don T Die Quietly, Yet A Chance To Find Happiness At Last Is Worth The Risk I am giving this book 3 stars, instead of 4 for 2 different reasons First, the author used the F word way too much and it was always in such a crude manner that it was disgusting every time it was used The second reason is that most of the book was clean and told a good storyuntil it hit about halfway through the book when the author decided she all of a sudden needed to add disgustingly descriptive sex scenes All I can say is thank goodness I was listening to the audio book so I could fast forward when it got a little uncomfortable Other than those two issues I really enjoyed the story I just wish the above mentioned issues weren t issues I loved the recipes in the beginning of the chapters I wonder how good they really are I did feel bad at how tragic the lives were of the two main characters but reading about their lives and seeing them heal each other was my favorite I loved the story Elena is a wonderful chef but is working as a souse chef for a restaurant she helped build up When a magazine article focuses on her rather than the male head chef, the chef fires her As she s walking home Julian, an actor director restaurant owner hires her to be the head chef at his new restaurant Elena must create a menu, find staff and design the new restaurant alongside the owner, Julian Elena must overcome her own tragic past to discover that it s okay to move on and be happy. Wow The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barbara O Neal was much different than what I expected It wasn t light and fluffy but real and somewhat dark So many characters with so many flaws, both physical and emotional, and I loved them all My favorite of all Ivan I would love to sit next to him at a dinner party Pick this book up if you want a couple of days filled with laughter and tears Go Cards L1C4 This book is filled with a sumptuous setting of Aspen, Colorado, and sumptuous recipes Screenplay writer Julian Liswood hires Elena Alvarez to open a new restaurant in Aspen Here, she ll be the executive chef in charge of designing the menu herself Though Elena is blond and blue eyed, she grew up with her paternal grandmother and those are the South West recipes she uses, combined with her time studying cuisine in Europe.A horrible car accident twenty years earlier continues haunt to Elena physically and mentally Physically because of her chronic pain and mentally by the deaths of her sister and the man who was the great love of her life What makes this book enjoyable is that the characters are likeably flawed They are imperfect people trying to do their best Julian is trying to guide his teenage daughter away from the excesses of Hollywood, and Elena is licking her wounds from another failed relationship, while doing her best to launch a successful restaurant Elena is also likeable because she d a tough woman in what is traditionally a man s job and she speaks fluent Spanish, which comes in handy when running a kitchen. The Lost Recipe for Happiness was my first book by O Neal It has a romance interwoven into the story, but this is basically a story of survival, and knowing when to finally let go of what might have been so you can embrace what might be even better It s a heart wrenching story but I liked it a lot and gave it 4 I loved this book I loved each and everything about it The characters were written so that you grew attached to them and felt their stories.J The food was amazing I could close my eyes and taste the food along with the story The character of Elena was so real to me, I know how she couldn t let anyone in too close, because I was like that for years Amazing book Bravo Ms O Neal I was really excited about this book I liked the premise and the story about characters overcoming tragedy and choosing to take risks I have also been reading some other non fiction about food, so I enjoyed the fictional tie in with all the recipes and narrative about creating new food in the restaurant I was, however, put off by a few things First of all, if an author is going to write a character who speaks Spanish, get an editor for the Spanish 75% of what Elena said was completely incorrectnot just funny as the narration suggests Instead of Nice to meet you, she says I like myself when another character asks her How are you in Spanish, she responds with bueno instead of bien a very common mistake for novice speakers, but one that also has different meanings in various countries, ranging from I am good looking to sexual connotations Secondly, I was very put off by the graphic love scenes I just skipped them , but I was sorry that the book was tainted with sleeze whose purpose is solely pornographic. This isn t Sex in the City chic lit this one actually has some seriousness and some heft Elena, the lone survivor of a horrific car wreck that killed a number of her family and her boyfriend, is a chef now, living with her damaged body and her damaged soul in the tough, male dominated world of high end cuisine She s offered her first executive chef position with the challenge of renovating and recreating a restaurant in Aspen I absolutely FELL into this book I identified with the kitchen challenges, Elena s loneliness, the fact that it was set in Colorado for the most part, and drooled over the many wonderful culinary creations in the book recipes delightfully included It s a love story two, actually there s a fun side story about a gay couple forming from what seems like polar opposites in the kitchen , but for many of the characters it s about healing and taking chances There s even some politics about immigration and guest workers in this country And several ghosts It s hard to pigeon hole this book, but not hard to enjoy it Jackie barbaraoneal

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