The Lost Years of Merlin

The Lost Years of MerlinAny knowledge I have of Merlin or stories of King Arthur comes from watching the BBC TV series Merlin it was first airing when I was still in elementary school , so I wasn t really sure what to expect from this book beyond that it was a YA fantasy novel While I m not sure that I found it to be particularly unique or unforgettable, for what it s worth it s an engaging story and an interesting look at the origins of one of the most well known fictional characters of all time The Lost Years is definitely targeted towards a certain age group, but I think older readers who like fantasy would still enjoy this one It has a lot of great character development and lots of memorable quotes and dialogue, and the written adventures will definitely impress readers who like fast paced stories. Real rating 3.5.Too much description for my taste.If there s one thing I don t like it s a book whose plot is really good but has too many unnecessary descriptions.I don t really care how the sky looked when Emrys woke up or how the grass smelled when he traveled.I kind of liked Shim,but Rhia is a different story you know I m not a fan of insta connection between characters.I m also not liking the fact that Emrys saved his cruel father but left his mother easily.I mean,the woman took care of you for so many years at least you can do is pay her some respect.Overall,not so bad but not so good. I remember reading The Lost Years Of Merlin series when I was in Middle School From what I remember, I LOVED them and decided to re read them now, over 10 years later I still enjoyed the book, but did not find it as amazing as I did when I was little.Emrys does not know who he is, who his parents are, or what his real name is After a terrible fire that leaves him almost blind, Emrys sets out to sea to find where he belongs He finds himself in a terrible storm and is washed onto a shore, half drowned Emrys learns that he is on an island named Fincayra and when his first friend gets kidnapped by warrior goblibns, Emrys and his miniature giant friend Shim set out to the Evil King s castle On this journey, Emrys not only discovers much about himself, but also a great amount of his past.Things I Liked The description throughout the book I could literally see and feel everything, I felt as though I were standing beside Emrys throughout his entire journey The character development Emrys was not the only character that evolved through the story, which was nice Re visitng old characters that I have not seen in years The Grand Elusa, Domnu, Rhia, Shim, Trouble, I ve missed them all and think of them fondly in memory The battle in King Stangmar s castle So epic, leaves you drooling for the sequel.Things I Didn t Like The description throughout the book I know this is also listed as something I liked, but it is also something that bothered me Some chapters were complete visual, which was slightly annoying Nothing progressed in these chapters, just a long winded explanation of the setting How slow Part 1 was It really dragged and made me wonder how enthralled with the series I was when I was little How did i get through Part 1 without putting it down Overall, I will be reading the sequel, The Seven Songs again due to the fact that I remember that as being one of my favorites in the series I highly recommend this series because it is a fantastical adventure. review in English below N o consegui interessar me por esta hist ria Tentei, ainda cheguei p gina 191 , mas desisto.Tudo muito d j l vu, e uma escrita que n o consegue prender me o que pode dever se, em parte, tradu o de vez em quando, h frases que n o fazem muito sentido.Ao contr rio do que diz a capa Se f do g nero fant stico ou da s rie Harry Potter, n o pode deixar de ler Merlin Os Anos Perdidos , este livro mais adequado a quem ainda n o tenha lido muita fantasia, pois quem j leu alguma n o vai ter paci ncia para istoRecomendado apenas a adolescentes que queiram iniciar se na fantasia I just couldn t become interested in this story.I tried, I got to page 191 , but I give up.It s all very d j l vu , and I can t connect with the writing the translation may be to blame, partially at least some phrases don t seem to make much sense.Contrary to what is advertised on the cover If you re a fan of the fantastic genre or of the Harry Potter series, you have to read Merlin The Lost Years , this book issuited for those who haven t read much fantasy, for those who ve read some won t have patience for thisRecommended only to teenagers who are starting their way into fantasy. Hidden The whole world is hidden This fiction book full of turning events that you wouldn t have imagined that could have happened I think this book is really good book I enjoyed reading this book, i found it interesting, every turning page there was something exciting, and interesting SPOILER ALERT Emrys and Branwen washed up on shore to an unknown place Emrys was in pain and he couldn t remember anything He couldn t remeber who he was or how he had gotten there and he couldn t even remember oh who was the woman lying down on the sand Time passed and he still couldn t remember, one day the town s bully picked on him, he made a run for it.n Emrys discovered something amazinghe discovered he had hidden powers One day he couldn t take it any, the bully was going to hurt his mother , he had to do something They got into a fight and there were flames, flames caused by Emrys When Emrys woke up he couldn t see anythinghe was blind Days passed and he couldn t take it he had to get back and find out were he was from He needed to find out about his past He went in search for his past, he couldn t stand feeling like he was useless he was betting himself up That s why he wanted to knowabout him, his past, and if that woman was really his mother person vs person It is person vs person because Emrys in the future runs into someone and they have some problems and he has to do something dangerous, something he didn t want to do but he had to A major event that changed the character was when Emrys lost his vision and decided to learn about his past When Emrys went on a quest to discover who he was everything had changed in him he was not the same emotionally and physically He didn t stop even though he was blind he was determined to find out who he was, were he had come from After he had lost his sight everything changed for Emrys, for him everything was dark and he couldn t tell the difference between things My favorite part was when Emrys found courage and strength to keep going It was my favorite part because it shows that if we really want something we can accomplish it, we just have to set our minds to it When he keeps going even though there are many dangers it proves that he is brave, and he is also blind so it wasn t easy to go on a quest in search for who you really are I rate this book a 5 5 because i really enjoyed reading this book I liked this book because it was interesting i found it interesting because of how he kept going, he didn t stop he kept going and i found that brave and interesting because he was blind and he didn t let that stop him He kept going forward no matter what just be yourself its much easier to say than to do I liked that quote because it is so true sometimes it is much easier to say things than to do those things I woild recommend this book the young adults because i think that they will really enjoy reading this fiction book It is a really good written book. 3.5 Cute, clean, middle grade novel I think primary school me would have given this 5 But being that im in college it was young for me which I expected but i really did enjoy Merlin before he became Merlin It was a unique interpretation of what the author thinks about the person that Merlin was before he was all powerful When Merlin, Suffering From A Case Of Severe Amnesia, Discovers His Strange Powers, He Becomes Determined To Discover His Identity And Flees To Fincayra Where He Fulfills His Destiny, Saving Fincayra From Certain Destruction And Claiming His Birthright And True Name Plot A young boy named Emerys washes up on shore and he doesn t even know his name or where he came from Throughout the book he is trying to figure out who he is and trying to find his real name He travels to this different place called Fincayra where everything lives and talks Fincayra is taken over by an evil king and Emerys trys to overthrow him and turn Fincayra to its old wonderful self Character Analysis Merlin really showed his true colors when he learns that he can do magic At first he was really really scared about his new found ability but after a while he realizes that his powers can be used for great things That s when he gets cocky and thinks like he owns the world Then he gets humbled and learns that his powers are meant to help other people not himself Theme In this book you can learn a great many things but the thing that is shown the most is the need of self confidence but knowing that you don t own the world Merlin shows a great example of this because at the beginning of the book he thinks he is nothing but near the end he shows a little too much self confidence but then he gets humbled Everyone should be like that You should have a little self esteem but not so much that it just gets annoying Opinion In my opinion, this book was really great It taught me a lot of life principles that I need to know Overall, it was a really amazing book it kept the suspension at a very high level but kept it real I would recommend this book to every one that wants to read a good book. In which we learn that good research, lushly imagined settings, and fine writing can t make up for bad plotting Our protagonist s one dimensional motivation propels him through a story populated exclusively by static NPCs The reading experience is like playing a short linear narrative RPG where each character is waiting off screen for the designated hero to show up, trigger an encounter, and move the story forward.A reasonably entertaining series start, but not one I d bother to repeat or complete. I absolutely adored this book I usually don t enjoy shorter fantasy novels since I seem to need 800 pages to really become invested in a new world and new characters but this time that was not the case ProsThere was just the right amount of travelling and we didn t get mind numbing descriptions of every individual leaf along the way The plot was constantly moving forward while still taking the time to build the world around you Although it is a YA novel it is not centred around a romantic relationship There are just the right amount of typical fantasy face palm moments ConsIf I had to pick one it would be our poor Merlin who seems to end each chapter being somehow knocked unconscious I am concerned by his potential for concussion related symptoms following him into the remainder of the series I am starting the second book right away I can t wait to dive back into this world.

T.A Barron grew up in Colorado ranch country and traveled widely as a Rhodes Scholar He is the winner of the de Grummond Medallion for lifetime contribution to the field of children s and young adult literature and many other awards T A Barron is the author of than 30 highly acclaimed books, many of which are international bestsellers They include The Lost Years of Merlin now being

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