The Lovely Shoes

The Lovely Shoes I won this book from the Goodreads book giveaways I didn t know that it was necessarily a young adult novel but that has never stopped me before It was a charming story about a little girl who is disfigured from birth and as a result walks with a limp and must wear orthopedic shoes She has a humiliating experience at a school dance and locks herself in her room for 8 days Her ever supporting Mom convinces her to take a trip to Italy to meet a famous shoe maker that will no doubt make a beautiful pair of shoes for the self conscious young girl The book was based on some true events experienced by the author It is a great story but I find it hard to agree with the suggested reading audience of ages 9 12 I have a 10 year old niece and I would not recommend she read this book until maybe 12 at the youngest There is a lot of kissing and boyfriend girlfriend, smoking, drinking and sex related topics. It was so good Try it, it will be worth the read This semi autobiographical story follows Franny in Easterbrook, Ohio, in the 1950s Franny is born with what was then referred to as crippled feet, and has spent her life being extra nice, cheerful, and helpful to those around her in an attempt to make up for her perceived physical shortcoming After her beautiful mother pushes her to attend a dance that results in what Franny considers a tragedy, Franny begins to morph into Francine, a confident, self assured albeit moody young lady Francine and her mother embark on a quest to have Salvatore Ferragamo make her special shoes, and the trip to Italy changes both of them While this all sounds very exciting, the story itself unfolds slowly and quietly, and the middle portion where Franny has locked herself in her room after the dance becomes downright tedious after a bit The book is very internal and would most likely appeal to women with a sense of perspective of their teenage years rather than an actual teenager Reviewed for Puget Sound Council Franny has always been bothered by a birth defect that has left her with a small left foot, a left leg thinner and shorter than her right, a limp, and ugly orthopedic shoes She is insecure and feels the need to compensate by always giving gifts and being agreeable Then she hits adolescence and high school and nothing is the same In 1950 s Ohio, there aren t many options, so Franny s glamorous mother decides to take her daughter to Italy to see a famous shoe maker who has foot troubles of his own It is partially the trip and partially the shoes and partially a handsome Italian boy , but Franny learns to be confident in herself for who she is.The cool part about the book is that it is loosely based on the author s experience Susan Shreve had polio as a child and ended up wearing ugly orthopedic shoes Her mother, like Franny s, was the one to suggest a solution This is an interesting story, and the experience and circumstances are fairly unique to children s literature. I will start out letting everyone know that I won this book on Good Reads and am writing this review without being swayed by anyone The Lovely Shoes is a partially autobiographical YA novel The main character is Franny who is a 9th grade girl born with deformed feet Franny is of course very self conscious about her feet and hates having to wear her orthopedic shoes Her Mother who knows what it is to stand out in a different way, as she is Danish but now lives in a small mid western town, does all she can to build up Franny s self confidence One day her Mom, while reading vogue reads about Salvatore Feragamo and the work he is doing with shoes She decides to write a letter about her daughter and surprising enough, he writes back He offers to make shoes that Franny will now be proud of Franny and her Mom travel to Italy and while there Franny not only gets fitted for these lovely shoes but she also learns so much about life A terrific Young Adult novel and a quick feel good read for adults too. Francine Hall was born with a birth defect that affects her feet, but she still has a fairly nice life That is until the Valentine s Dance at school After a humiliating accident with her orthopedic shoes, she insists upon staying in her room for the rest of her life But then her Mother comes up with the idea to contact the famous shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo and ask him to make Franny a special pair of shoes His answer comes as a surprise and Franny and her mother are soon on their way to Italy in a trip that will change Franny forever.This book was tedious for me to read There s really no other way to say it It has an adorable premise and a very pretty cover, but inside it required a lot of work to get through it Perhaps the biggest problem was that Franny was hardly a sympathetic character I got the impression she enjoyed feeling like no one liked her It was hard to believe that a short trip to Italy left enough time to have such life changing appeal to it The mom was the only real redeeming piece of this book, as she wanted nothing that to see her daughter happy I appreciated how Franny s mom was very much a part of her life but also left Franny to her own decisions and growth The story has a sweet and tidy ending, but I am not sure the YA audience is going to be interested in reading this book just because it has a cool mom in it. Franny is a young teen girl, going through life determined to be upbeat, friendly and cheerful, despite having to wear heavy built up shoes to correct her tiny, curled up foot She is dreading high school, and sure enough, suffers an embarrassing incident that makes her determined to no longer be the good, nice girl any Her beautiful, unconventional mother hatches a plot involving a trip to Italy and a meeting with shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo to change Franny s mind.This was in the children s section of the library I work in, and the publisher s information suggests it s suitable for children up to 12 years But this is a teenage novel it s about Franny coming of age, making her own choices, and also features typical teen talk about how is kissing how, some mention of sex and being defiled it s set in the 1950s.It s not a fast read, but a gentle meander through changes in a teen s life. This book was a first read Goodreads book I won and when I received it and read the inside of the cover page it was classified as middle school fiction While I am into fiction, I am prone to pick up books of mystery fiction, not middle school But then I did win it and felt I owed the author a review So I sat down, read it in a few days andloved it.It s a love story about Franny who has a crippled leg and is entering high school with such a low self esteem because of her leg Children of all ages are cruel and Franny suffers because of it..but.her mother is this amazing woman who I feel loves her daughter so much, that she writes to Signor Ferragamo regarding making shoes for her daughter.and when invited to go to Italy, this becomes a story that changes the life of Frannyturning her into a self confident young lady The story is based in part on a true story of the author, Susan Shreve.Well worth reading.. Just found out I won this from Goodreads This is a YA book, which the inside title page says is aimed at ages 9 12 grades 4 7 I would have to say that I disagree on the age recommendation I would recommend this for middle schoolers and up grades 6 It was a good story, based on situations from the author s childhood The Lovely Shoes is the story of 15 year old Francine, who is born with a birth defect causing her left foot to be deformed This book takes place in the 1950 s and is a bit of a coming of age story, with Francine starting high school and wishing she were like everyone else instead of being crippled or a gimp as she is called in the book In the book, Francine eventually visits Italy with her mother where famous shoemaker Senor Ferragamo makes her a special device so that she can wear normal shoes rather than orthopedic ones and be just like everyone else I enjoyed the story and liked that it was set in the 1950 s There were a few details that made me disagree on the age recommendation, namely the mention of kissing games being played at school dances and the teen girls discussing how they wanted to be defiled as the book put it and have sex with boys Small parts in the book, but enough to make me not want to give this to my elementary aged daughter to read Also, the main character gets her first kiss from a boy, goes to dances with boys, etc Mostly innocuous stuff, but not appropriate for an elementary aged child The subject matter is a little too mature for a nine or ten year old, in my opinion I would recommend this for teens, as that seems to be the real audience for this book, and it is a cute story. Can The Right Pair Of Shoes Make Anyone Feel Beautiful Franny Is Constantly Embarrassed By Two Things In Her Life One Is Her Right Foot, Which Curls In From A Birth Defect, So She Has To Wear Ugly, Heavy Orthopedic Shoes And The Other Is Her Mother Margaret Beautiful, Extravagant, Flamboyant Mortifying , In Their Small Ohio Town Franny S First School Dance Is A Disaster, So Margaret Announces Her Latest Crazy Plan They Will Travel To Italy To Meet Salvatore Ferragamo, Who Will Sculpt A Pair Of Slippers Especially For Franny The Idea Is Outrageous The Trip Is Expensive And The Experience Changes Franny S Life Forever

Also know as Susan Shreve Received the following awards Jenny Moore Award, George Washington University, 1978 Notable Book citation, American Library Association ALA , 1979, for Family Secrets Five Very Important Stories Best Book for Young Adults citation, ALA, 1980, for The Masquerade Notable Children s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, National Council for Social Studies and the

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