The Man in the Net

The Man in the Net The Man In The Net Is A Taut And Well Crafted Example Of Patrick Quentin Mystery Thriller Quentin Typically Sets Up An Unexpected Scenario Or Unusual Premise And This Is Than Fulfilled In This NovelJohn Hamilton Left His Lucrative Job With A New York Advertising Agency To Move To The Country And Try His Hand At Painting His First Show Is Not A Success And He Is Under Some Pressure From His Wife, Linda, To Return To The City To Make Some Money Linda Is Having Increasing Difficulty Coping With The Dullness Of Life In The Country And Has Succumbed To Alcoholism, Although She Is Able To Keep This Completely Secret From Everybody Except JohnSo When John Returns From A Business Trip To Find His Paintings Slashed And Linda Missing, Later To Be Found Dead, He Cannot Prove How Unstable And Violent She Had Become And The Suspicions Of The Locals Put Him Firmly In The Frame For Her Murder

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  • Paperback
  • The Man in the Net
  • Patrick Quentin
  • English
  • 02 October 2017

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    Reading works like this help me to define trash My current working definition is stories that, despite a compelling plot, are not sincerely concerned with their characters as possibly real people They learn nothing significant, nor are they intended to mirror ourselves in any profound way, but merely fill a slot in the plot.Mr Quentin does make reading about such characters compelling, however After a certain point it is as likely one will stop reading, as decline a second potato chip or chocolate chip cookie.

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    En malttanut olla lukematta toista Quentini per n Edelleen herkullista kielt , klassinen, toimiva rakenne T ss tosin hieman erilainen premissi, mies joutuu ep illyksi, kun vaimo katoaa, ja yritt selvitt mit tapahtui.

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    Mostly a bog standard, only barely interesting whodunnit where the protagonist is set up for the murder of his ghastly wife But with unpleasant, queasy undertones the small town lynch mob is way over the top and the protagonist s relationship with a group of neighbourhood children, who ultimately help him prove his innocence, comes across as a nauseous mixture of the Famous Five and Lolita.

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