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The MannyAmazing EPub, The Manny Author Holly Peterson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Manny, Essay By Holly Peterson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Drivel I just did NOT dig this book You feel sorry for the mom, but by page 50, you want to smack the shit out of her It s so blatantly obvious by the wording of the paragraphs that she s digging on the Manny and unhappy in her marriage Various friends in the book also point out that fact, but she denies it then the next sentence she s clucking about how good the Manny looks in his army pants Come on, is the reader that stupid Not this one She cackles on about how secretive and un emotional her husband is, but when the character has a chance to talk things over with her husband, she wittles under the scrutiny if you can call indifference a reason to bristle and doesn t bother Next sentence Talking about the Manny s dimplesso really, how hard is she trying to get her husband to accept the Manny in their home, when she s wanting to mount the Manny It started off well, but it disintegrated quickly into kindling for someone else s fire, namely mine Unless you want a beach read that insults your intelligence, and has you going Really Come on through the entire book, well, then you shouldn t bother with this The end is exactly as you believe it s going to end up, because the entirety of the book is spent setting up the end and not in a dramatic, breathless, this book was awesome type of way No way. Sigh.Nope, nope, nope I thought I could get through this one but describing a hotshot lawyer as having an alpha dog scent has pushed me over the edge This is one I will not be finishing Look at me learning to read the warning signs I can t stand the main character She s so one dimensional And extremely, extremely weird No matter how rich you are, having a gas mask, a bioterror fallout suit, and multiple epi pens out in the open in your living room is paranoia Her husband is the quintessential emotionally unconnected husband He is painted so evil that you can t help but hate him but that in no way leads me to approve of the impending relationship between Holly and Peter I neither get nor like Peter Part of that is the dreadful writing style Take this totally stupid interaction between Jamie and Peter when he shows up for his first day of work as the mannyJamie Back to Dylan He s extremely bright Hes also a smart ass Likes to say things that throw you off your game Hates to give in Me too And that basketball game really upset him You keep going back to that That game was a big deal To you or to him I tried to act cool Peter s forthright style charmed and unnerved me all at once Dylan is tentative than he used to be, than I would like He s almost ten years old, but he still needs someone to hold his hand He doesn t like to be pushed into things until he s ready Do you push him His father does Do you let him Wow This guy was serious I was still a bit thrown, but also impressed by his willingness to aim right for the heart of the matter.Someone please explain to me HOW THE HECK THAT WAS CHARMING That dialogue made me want to gag This woman is supposedly a hot shot producer for a big news company but that is how she talks to her manny about her son I could quote , but I really don t think its necessary There is nothing about this woman that leaves me impressed, nothing about this story that makes me want to continue reading Potential Possibly, but this particular novel deserves a trash bin. This book could have been so much better Sometimes all the lovely dovey in chicklit novels really piss me off and I wish there could be a guy and a girl and they didn t always have to fall in freakin love because the situation is just like, NO I bet you can see where I am already going with this one Because seriously Manny s are a new term and this book could have been so good, but did the women really have to fall for the manny Agh The conflict of her job was also annoying because who gets paid like over 100,000 yr for a part time producer position at a network who never has to work if something comes up Tell me where that job is, because I want it NOW She gets paid shitloads and during the book she is working on like one story The conflict, while lame and kind of entertaining at the same time, had like hardly anything but lameness to do with the Manny I think the women and her husband break up at the end I don t remember I don t really care that much either If this book is going to be like the Nanny Diaries, I can live with that That book was lame too and the movie made like no money Good for them.Grade C This beach read is so light, it might just fly away I wasn t sure what the author, daughter of billionaire Pete Peterson, was trying to say about herself and her circle A former television journalist herself, she obviously relates to the main character Jamie, but Jamie came from a humble background and married rich where Holly was to the manor born The book sometimes idealized Jamie as an outsider to the rich clique, but she often played along with all the games as much as everyone else Perhaps Holly thought her readers would not be able to like or relate to someone who was born into that society probably true It grossed me out that she names the romantic male lead after her real life father It was interesting to me that as in the Nanny Diaries the moms in this book are shallow and narcissistic, but unlike in the Nanny Diaries, they spend time with their kids and seem to really care about them in their own warped way I wasn t sure what to make of the fact that Jamie s friends are portrayed as rude snobs when they criticize her clothes, then Jamie turns around and tells her assistant that her red Ann Taylor suit makes her look like a Hertz rental agent I don t think there was any self awareness or irony in this passage.

Holly Peterson is the author of It Happens in the Hamptons, a work of fast paced social satire about a summer community She wrote The Idea of Him and the New York Times bestseller The Manny and SMOKE AND FIRE Recipes and Menus for Entertaining Outdoors She was a Contributing Editor for Newsweek, an Editor at Large for Talk magazine and an Emmy Award winning Producer for ABC News, where she spen

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