The Melting of Maggie Bean

The Melting of Maggie Bean Maggie Bean Is A Top Student, A Loyal Friend, And Has A Great Sense Of Humor But The Past Year S Been Kind Of Rough, What With Her Dad Losing His Job And Her Loads Of Schoolwork Maggie S Learned To Cope By Eating Chocolate Lots And Lots Of Chocolate So Much So, That Maggie Is Dragged By Her Aunt To Weekly Pound Patrollers Meetings No Big Deal, Just Utter Social Devastation She Keeps Her Mind Off PP Meetings By Accidentally Running Into Gorgeous Th Grader Peter Applewood Updating Her Study Spreadsheet Aka, Maggie S Master Multi Tasker Finding A Job For Her Dad And Secretly Practicing For One Of The Two Freshman Spots On The Synchronized Swim Team She S Got A Long Way To Go To Reach Her Goals, But When Maggie Bean Sets Her Mind On A Goal, Nothing Not Even A Bag Of Kit Kats Can Stand In Her Way

Tricia Rayburn lives on eastern Long island with her fianc and crazy shih tzu She tries to eat vegetables instead of candy but, in her weaker moments, loves Reese s Pieces The Melting of Maggie Bean is her first novel.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Melting of Maggie Bean ❤ Tricia Rayburn –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Melting of Maggie Bean
  • Tricia Rayburn
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9781416933489

10 thoughts on “The Melting of Maggie Bean

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    Do you like to read books that tell a person life story If you do then this is the perfect book for you The genre of this book is realistic fiction because this could happen to anybody This book is amazing how a 12 year old reaches her dream of losing weight This book is about a 12 year old girl named Maggie who is really fat but very smart who wants to lose weight some how Also help her dad find a job but every single day she buys a big bag of candies and also when trying to find her dad a job she tries to force her dad to work So for losing weight she then gets a try to join the swimming team Also she looks at newspapers and websites to find her dad a job Then when joining the swimming team something great happens The conflict is person vs self because Maggie is forcing her self to lose weight I was satisfied with Maggie trying to find a job for her dad I thought she was doing a great thing with helping since it was hard living in a small apartment In the text it stated, My house is tiny that I can turn on the TV on and off from anywhere in the house I wish that everyone would be like Maggie to find and set a awesome goal Maggie made it so far after joining the swimming team since she never knew her special talent In the story it stated, I never knew my special talent after joining the swimming team The main character is almost just like my cousin because my cousin used to be fat until one day she set a good goal Her special talent was being really flexible even if she didn t know it My cousin lost so much weight that now she even taught me lots of flexible moves An interesting thing I learned from this book is everyone comes in different sizes but everyone has their own talent Not everyone is the same everyone is different in their own ways Like another one of my friends she might be chubby but she can do a perfect split I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars because I loved reading how Maggie actually found her inner self I recommend this book to someone who like reading books about people who struggle at things but then find a special talent One thing always remember everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.

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    This book had a lot to do with romance and being overweight, so if your interested in romance and trying to solve the problem of being obese then this is your book Not my kind of book though.

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    This book was awefull, and just plain painful to read.Maggie was whiny, obnoxious, and unrelatable.None of the characters had a strong personality, or stuck to teh general discription they were given.The book was written poorly, they characters had un realistic motives, and it seemed as if Tricia Rayburn just didn t care about writing a well crafted story.Don t waste your time

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    The library definitely made a mistake in sticking this book in the young adult section, it is much of a tween book Even though on the cover it advertises the main character as going into her first year of high school, in actuality she was only in seventh grade Also the style of writing was less than professional, barely interesting enough to keep me turning the page.

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    Sad at first, but it s good Not great, good.

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    Not the best book.Not the worst book..Just ok

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    Maggie is slightly overweight, mildly depressed, and a raging academic overachiever Her best friend, Aimee, is trim and fit, exuberant, and close to failing Somehow the two compliment each other, and have ever since kindergarten Maggie s family life is heading towards disaster as her dad just lost his job and he is not motivated to change that situation Her mother is at her wits end to stop the family s downwardly spiraling financial woes Her mom cries constantly and is stressed out But, the one thing her parents are in agreement onis Maggie s weight They sign her up for very expensive money the family doesn t have classes with the Pound Patrollers with her Aunt Violetta Maggie finds comfort in chocolate, and plenty of itbut then her friend Aimee lures her into the swimming pool Maggie has forgotten how soothing the strokes and movement are to her soul She vows to lose weight, get in shape, and try out for the Water Wings, a synchronized swim teamthe same team her mom was a founding member of during junior high Will Maggie s dream come true, or will petty jealousy of teenage girls dash her hopes Every person who has ever been through the pre teen teenage years can identify with this story of self doubt, low self esteem, friendship, and adults in their lives who both encourage and disappoint.

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    The Melting of Maggie Bean, is a book of hope and struggles of an overweight girl Maggie Bean, is addicted to chocolate and eats chocolate everyday She has a secret stash of chocolate bars hidden in her closet, and she buys chocolate everytime she gets her allowance When her father loses his job, things start to alter in the house When the school s swimming team has two spots available, Maggie and her best friend Aimee, wants to try out for their schools swimming team, the Water Wings However, Maggie is self concious about her weight and how she will not be able to wear a swimsuit without making a fool of herself From then on, she starts to change everything She throws away her secret stash of chocolates that are in her room, and starts to excercise With high hopes to lose weight, Maggie never gives up at all even if she has to give up her prized possessions From this book, I learned that if you ever want to achieve your goal, you must try your hardest, even if that means you have to to give up everything you love.

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    The Melting of Maggie Bean is a amazing story This book is full of self control and determination I chose this book because I like the author Tricia Rayburn When Maggie s dad lost his job and does nothing during the day Her mother always thinking about money, Maggie just focuses on her straight A s and chocolate Aimee her friend encourages Maggie to try out for the swim team Her and Aimee want to succeed with this goal, beacuse it was always Maggie s dream to become a Water Wing Peter Applewood is a cute baseball player and also Maggie s crush Maggie dislikes two girls of the Water Wing s team Anabel and Julia, they are very mean to her and her weight My favorite quote in the book was When the bell rang, Maggie threw the rest of her books inside the locker and hurried to class, cutting through the girl s bathroom to get there faster, and covering her face with her red French textbook as she passed in front of the mirrors The authors style was appealing because she didn t use as many quotations as I thought I would recommend this book to nonfiction lovers.

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    This book is about a girl who is overweight She is shy and gets embarrassed easily Maggie is also not at all athletic She decides she wants to join water wings, a competitive swim team She practices really hard.I did not like this book Nothing went Maggie s way Her parents are fighting, the dad lost his job, she s overweight, and her best friend makes water wings along with two other girls when Maggie was obviously meant for the team Maggie is always being put down by others or herself.

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