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The Meryl Streep Movie ClubThis book really surprised me I like Meryl Streep I don t love her but I find her acting compelling But the book is really about four women, reuniting 15 years after a tragic accident, each going their separate ways, and finding meaning in a few of Streep s movies They are each able to pull deep meaning out of the movies and each take is different and worthwhile.The author provides some insight in that she has often found meaning in movies and applies life lessons to her own life She picked Meryl Streep and concentrated on movies she has done and wrote them into the book, looking at them from different characters perspectives.The characters provide different personalities and depth to the story This is not as light of a read as I had anticipated No person is simple and single dimensional Isabelle discovers her husband has been cheating on her She also harbors a deep desire to have children, despite a childhood pact they made to never have them Edward withdraws from her and falls in love with another woman Isabelle returns to her teenage home of her aunt to lick her wounds To me, she is the one who changes the most in a logical and beautiful way.June had a two night stand and found herself pregnant Now the single mother of a 7 year old son, she embarks on an adventure to find the father of her son She finds what she is looking for and so much and not in the way anticipated.Kat was the least interesting to me On the other hand, her needs were complex, too She had the option to stay and marry Oliver, the boy next door and her best friend, or leave to study abroad Even by the end of the book, there is no clear right answer But the journey of discovering her own heart is a good one.Lolly is the catalyst that brings them all together Lolly announces she is terminally ill and the girls rally around her Lolly is the one that took the sisters, Isabelle and June, in when their parents and Kat s father Lolly s husband were killed in an accident But even Lolly has some of her past to forgive herself of Very well written, the story develops naturally and concludes beautifully. The Meryl Streep Movie ClubbyMia MarchMy in a nutshell summaryLolly, Kat, Isabel, Junetragedy brings them together and a tragedy keeps them together and makes them a family.My thoughts after reading this bookLollyinn owner, mother of Kat, and aunt to Isabel and June calls everyone home Lolly has news to share that will change everyone s life Lolly won t tell them what she wants to tell them until after they make popcorn, eat cupcakes and watch a Meryl Streep movieher favorite.I found this to be a lovely sad sweet story with characters I loved and just the right amount of characters that I didn t love Every one of these women has an issue Most of their dysfunction seemed to come from just not being true to themselves I was both happy and sad reading about their marriages, their yearnings, their missteps It was sad to learn about their lost dreams, their fears, their yearnings Watching Meryl Streep movies for some of their Friday night movie club dates was sort of key in helping them find out what they wanted within their own relationships The inn plays an important role in each woman s life and becomes even important as the health of Lolly is threatened Lolly s illness enables Isabel, June and Kat to step up, step in and realize their own strengths.What I loved most about this bookI loved its sweetness I loved the inn and all of its little hideaway nooks I loved reading about Kat s cakes and cupcakes and Isabel s attempts at cooking and quirky little Charlie and June doing everything on her own I loved hoping that Lolly would be ok and that Isabel would get strong and even that Happy would have a home at the inn.What I did not loveI think I wanted a happier ending Things were still up in the air for KatI wanted her to be happy living in Maine with her own cake shop Butthat is not the caseyet Final thoughtsI loved this book It was not overly sweet It felt honest and real and I loved the time I spent with it I wanted to be at that inn I wanted to be at that book store It just sounded real and good. This is told from multiple narrators Isabel whose husband has just had an affair , her sister June single and raising a child on her own and their cousin Kat who has just gotten engaged to her perfect boyfriend Oliver and who has almost immediately wondered if she made the right choice have just moved into the inn that their aunt mom Lolly runs Lolly has cancer and the prognosis is not good Each woman has ample reason to feel unsettled even besides the fact that Lolly will likely die What helps Lolly s habit of a movie night The actress of choice during the course of the novel is, of course, Meryl Streep The movies picked The Bridges of Madison County, The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia , Heartburn, Defending Your Life, Kramer vs Kramer, Postcards From the Edge, It s Complicated and Out of Africa with Julie and Julia getting an honorable mention Each movie becomes not only an escape from their lives and problems but also a valuable opportunity to discuss the characters choices and what they would do.When I read the synopsis for this book, I knew that I had to read it I love stories told from multiple perspectives and one that centers around a film club Yes, please Lolly believes as I do that movies can take you out of your life for a few hours and those hours can make all the difference I can t even tell you how many times I ve chosen to watch a movie or read a book to get out of my own head for a little bit.I completely loved this book which, as a warning, is nearly impossible to stop reading, so maybe start it on a Friday afternoon But be prepared to lose all weekend And be prepared to want to spend the entire FOLLOWING weekend watching some Meryl Streep movies Incidentally and this is a minor point but no Doubt No Silkwood But I m hoping that what that REALLY means is that there will be a sequel Lord knows there are enough Meryl Streep movies for at least two books I will admit that it was almost impossible for me not to love this book One of the characters manages in a bookstore and again, it s a movie about women who love movies And family members who slowly are able to become friends These are all things that completely appeal to me But I think anyone would love this book Its themes are relevant to everyone learning to live without someone, finding what you want in love and life, overcoming things you don t think you can Highly recommended Five stars is not enough 2.5 StarsNot enough Meryl. The book is the story of the women of one family, each going through their own personal turmoil but being united by the weekly Meryl Streep Movie Club held at their guesthouse There s family matriarch Lolly, who has her own daughter but took in her nieces when they were children after their parents were killed The three girls think Lolly s distant and not overly affectionate, but when she summons them all to the guesthouse for a surprise announcement, they are left wondering what it could be Lolly s daughter Kat is running her own cake business but is struggling with her love life and the expectations put on her Her cousin Isabel, living a comfortable life and married to husband Edward is about to get a shock, one that will make her question everything she thought was true, and welcomes the break at Aunt Lolly s guesthouse Then there s her sister June, a single mother to son Charlie, and whose heart is still in the past and damaged Will June be able to find answers to hers and Charlie s questions, and will the Meryl Streep movie club make the four women closer again What I loved about this book is how much it relies to family to work, and highlights the importance of letting your family take care of you when you really need them None of the women in the story are especially close at the beginning of the book sisters Isabel and June don t even speak unless they re at a family occasion, and Lolly and Kat aren t exactly a close mother and daughter Yet events throughout the book enable the women to let down the boundaries they have built up and finally let the others in to help them, even if they can t be of much use, just for emotional support I loved each of the female characters in the book, Mia March has written them to be really likeable and I found myself feeling sad along with Isabel and June, frustrated along with Kat and accepting along with Lolly.My favourite character was certainly Isabel She s a bit of a snob at the start of the book, someone you can t expect to like but as the book goes on, I really warmed to her and felt sorry for her due to her circumstances She is really going through a bad time, and I liked her development throughout the book I really enjoyed reading June s story as well, how well she does as a single mother and her wanting to find Charlie s father that was an intriguing storyline and it was really fun to read too Lolly and Kat were also well written characters, and the mother daughter relationship wasn t at all perfect which I am sure a lot of women will be able to relate to in different ways The chapters are all written from different perspectives too, all in the third person, but the change allows the reader to get involved in each of the stories, and I found it really fun to read.The issues in the book were all written so incredibly well I don t want to go into any real detail here to avoid spoilers, but I found all the themes weren t easy but were weaved into the book beautifully and were each important for their characters in their own ways I found the way March used Meryl Streep s movies at exactly the right part of the book to be fantastic, I haven t seen some of the movies but they are each perfect for the time they appear and for the characters to see something in them that helps them too The whole thing is just beautifully written, from the lovely descriptions of Lolly and Kat s guesthouse, to the small town they live in it all sounds perfect, and a great cast of likeable characters make it even better This book will be a keeper on my shelf as I know I ll want to read it again, and this is certainly up there amongst my favourite reads this year, it s fab Received this from Simon and Schuster, looks like a fun quick read.OK, so NOT a fun beach read It s quite sad and not light at all It is a quick read however I guess I got a bit uppity when reading this one It was OK, I wouldn t recommend it to my book snob friends looking for great literature but for someone looking for something easy and a little thought provoking I might. I am going to give this book five stars because I feel like it It s not everything, but it was everything I needed I am not sure I can put into words how much I needed to read this novel I have been reading tough stuff lately, things that have made me leave my comfort zone, things that have made me think, perhaps a bit too much I am glad I have read all those things, but I was starting to go a little crazy, I was starting to lose my ground I bought this book because I liked the title I mean, who doesn t absolutely adore Meryl Streep Well, I do And this family Let me tell you, I am well aware that I have been told this story a thousand times before, the names were perhaps different and the contexts as well, but the basic storyline, I have known it by heart for years To be honest, I am not even sure if it is that well written, for the translation made me doubt a few things That was, until I got completely lost in their world I became part of that family And perhaps that does not happen to everyone, but it happened to me and I needed it to happen A book will never be just a book for me A book will always be a new door, a new way in, or perhaps out, depending on what you are looking for I really must thank the author, Mia March, and whoever put this book where I found it It was not as light as I thought it would be, but there was so much hope and comfort It is okay to be just fine at times It is okay not to be sure of where you want to go and of what you want to do We were born in an universe of possibilities that go beyond everything we know and everything we don t It is so immense And it s terrifying, when you stop for a breath and you realize you have no idea of where you are going But you know what It is okay to be lost One has to be lost before finding oneself And that is the beauty The ups and the downs and the in betweens It truly does not matter where you currently find yourself It is not forever Or perhaps it is, but John Green taught us that some infinities are bigger than other infinities , which means that forever will last as long as you need it to And you will be okay No matter what.And this, people, is what happens when you read the right book at the right time It all just makes perfect sense, even if just to you But then again, isn t that the whole point P.S Somehow it made me think of Billy Joel s song Vienna You ve got your passion You ve got your pride,But don t you know that only fools are satisfied Dream on, but don t imagine they ll all come true.When will you realize Vienna waits for you In The Bestselling Tradition Of The Friday Night Knitting Club And The Jane Austen Book Club,three Women Find Unexpected Answers, Happiness, And One Another, Using Meryl Streep S Movies As Their Inspiration Two Sisters And The Cousin They Grew Up With After A Tragedy Are Summoned Home To Their Family Matriarch S Inn On The Coast Of Maine For A Shocking Announcement Suddenly, Isabel, June, And Kat Are Sharing The Attic Bedroom And Barely Speaking But When Innkeeper Lolly Asks Them To Join Her And The Guests In The Parlor For Weekly Movie Night It S Meryl Streep Month They Find Themselves Sharing Secrets, Talking Long Into The Night And Questioning Everything They Thought They Knew About Life, Love, And One AnotherEach Woman Sees Her Complicated Life Reflected Through The Magic Of Cinema Isabel S Husband Is Having An Affair, And An Old Pact May Keep Her From What She Wants MostJune Has Promised Her Seven Year Old Son That She Will Somehow Find His Father, Who He S Never Knownand Kat Is Ambivalent About Accepting Her Lifelong Best Friend S Marriage Proposal Through Everything, Lolly Has Always Been There For Them, And Now Isabel, June, Kat And Meryl Must Be There For Her Finding Themselves Finding Each Other Finding A Happy Ending late last night.I finished the most wonderful book which I highly recommend, called The Meryl Streep Movie Club Do not let the title fool you into thinking this was a piece of forgettable fluff It was a very well written, deeply felt novel, with great character AND plot driven prose The main setting for the story is a BB in Maine, where 3 young women were raised by Lolly, who is mother to one of the women, and aunt to the other two The nieces lost both their parents in the same moment the daughter lost her father, in an accident on New Year s Eve, that left 3 shattered little girls, and Lolly, the widow mother aunt to pick up the pieces There are just a few pages dedicated in the beginning to those early years, and then we fast forward to the present, when Lolly calls the 3, now grown women, back to the inn so she can tell them some very significant news One of the women has just discovered something horrible about her marriage Another had a child at 21 and has been searching for 7 years for that baby s father And the 3rd never felt she could leave the area because her mother needed her at the inn, but she longed to bake pastries in fine European cities THe women were never close as girls, even the 2 sisters, but life will change when they hear Lolly s news There will new loves, new closeness, new careers, discoveries, and love It was so beautifully done I read it in 2 settings and was sad when I came to the last page The significance of the title is that each month there is a different theme for movie night at the inn During the most important month throughout the novel the movies all starred Meryl Streep The guests join the family for movie night and there are some good discussions, debates and lessons learned This is one of my favorite books, one I now will never forget. I discovered The Meryl Streep Movie Club by Mia March through Kelly s review of it I love books with a movie theme I loved The Film Club by David Gilmour So, when I read Kelly s review, I couldn t resist getting the book I rarely get a book as soon as it comes out I am normally the last guy to know about a new book release and so it was one of the rare occasions when I got a book as soon as it came out The book came out in June, I got it in June and I read it in June I haven t done something like this since the Harry Potter series came out Here is what I think about the book The Meryl Streep Movie Club is about two sisters Isabel and June, their cousin Kat and their aunt Lolly, Kat s mother Isabel and June have lost their parents in an accident which takes away Lolly s husband too Lolly brings up the two sisters and her own daughter Lolly runs an inn in Boothbay harbour, Maine and the three young girls grow up there They don t see eye to eye with each other When her parents die, Isabel is comforted by Edward, who lives nearby Isabel and Edward fall in love, get married and move out of Boothbay Initially, Isabel and Edward have a beautiful, fairytale marriage They have a pact from the start to have no children But after ten years of marriage, Isabel starts yearning for a baby She talks about it with Edward but he tells her about the pact and drops the topic This brings a distance between them Isabel tries to make up, but Edward becomes and distant One day Isabel discovers that Edward is having an affair with a married woman who has a baby of her own Isabel is so shocked that she walks out of her home June goes to Columbia university to study journalism One day Isabel meets a young man with a most universal name, John Smith John Smith has a most common name, but as a human being he is not so common at all June falls in love with him and John makes her feel special John tells her that he is a student, who has taken a break from work to travel around and explore his country They spend two days together They make plans for the third day, but John doesn t turn up June searches for him, but to no avail June then discovers that she is pregnant She is devastated She is not able to continue her studies at university and goes back to Boothbay She stays with her aunt and works in a local bookstore Henry, who owns the local bookstore, helps her out during this difficult time and is like a rock June has a beautiful son called Charlie, who looks very much like John At one point, June moves out of Boothbay to Portland, where Henry has another branch of his bookstore Kat stays with her mother, and helps her out at the inn She also learns baking and starts her own business from the inn, baking beautiful birthday cakes for her clients who order them frequently She hopes to start her own bakery in the town some day soon Kat s best friend in Boothbay is Oliver Both of them know each other since they were five years old As they grow older, Oliver falls in love with Kat Kat is not sure about her feelings for him She thinks in her heart that she loves him, but does not seem to have any romantic feelings towards him This is the point at which the main part of the book starts Lolly invites her two nieces to the inn, telling them that she has an important announcement to make She also tells Kat about this The three women are puzzled at what Lolly was going to tell them They arrive at the inn during the week After dinner, Lolly makes an announcement It is devastating for all the three of them They were already coping with challenges in their lives and now they get news which knocks them over While they are struggling to cope with the news, Lolly tells them that it is Meryl Streep Month and invites them to come and watch The Bridges of Madison County the first night They are joined by Lolly s friend Pearl and some of the guests staying at the inn The weeks run by, as the four women stay together in the inn, learn new things about each other, learn to become friends with each other, watch Meryl Streep movies together and talk about them, discover surprising ways in which Meryl Streep movies reflect their own lives During the time they discover themselves, get to know secrets from their past, meet new people, fall in love There is a sad event in the end for the reader, but there are some happy endings as well I enjoyed reading The Meryl Streep Movie Club It was a nice, comfortable, fast paced summer read Watching movies together, discussing about them and using that to resolve life s problems is an interesting idea I couldn t help comparing this book to Karen Joy Fowler s The Jane Austen Book Club I felt that the prose in The Jane Austen Book Club was better it had so many quotable quotes In contrast, Mia March s style is conversational she sprinkles words like gorgeous, awesome and handsome liberally throughout the book She also mentions types of cakes and the icings they have, quite often, while creating the atmosphere of the film night Sometimes it does get a bit repetitive But the thing I liked about The Meryl Streep Movie Club was that it felt like one was part of a conversation with real people One became a part of the book There was no attempt by the author to makes the sentences in the book look beautiful and deep it was all so natural Normally when one is part of a beautiful conversation with one s friends or with one s near and dear ones, there are not many quotable quotes that one remembers later But the whole experience is pleasant and there is a warm, fuzzy feeling at the end of the conversation That is what I felt when I finished The Meryl Streep Movie Club That is one of the strengths of the book, I think My favourite part of the book was the story of June how she is disappointed when John doesn t turn up, how her life is thrown out of gear because of her pregnancy, how she ends up working in a bookstore and how she falls in love with it, how she loves her son, how after years she decides to search for John s family so that her son could get to know his father and the surprising things that happen Now, something on Meryl Streep I was a late comer to Meryl Streep The first movie of hers that I watched was Death Becomes Her For some reason, this movie is virtually unknown today It won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects It didn t make me love Meryl Streep I saw movies of hers, but I didn t like her till I saw Kramer Vs Kramer Then I saw a few of her movies, and I liked some of them My favourite Meryl Streep movies, as of today, are Kramer Vs Kramer though I didn t really love her character in the movie , Doubt though I hated her character in that movie, I loved her performance it was amazing acting She should have won an Oscar for that and Mamma Mia probably my most favourite Meryl Streep movie loved her character, loved Meryl Streep, loved her singing I liked The Iron Lady too I need to watch Out of Africa , Sophie s Choice , The Deer Hunter , Postcards from the Edge and The Bridges of Madison County before deciding whether to include movies on this list Meryl Streep is not my most favourite actress from her generation Susan Sarandon is I don t know a Susan Sarandon movie that I haven t liked I have loved every movie of hers that I have watched Meryl Streep s movies didn t work like that for me Meryl s fans are going to kill me, I know But Meryl Streep s filmography is awesome Most actresses and actors fade away after their prime They end up acting in comedies or in TV series There is nothing wrong in acting in comedies or TV series I love comedies and TV series But one gets the feeling that the actor actress is cruising on autopilot mode But not Meryl Streep Her three best actress Oscar nominations with one win in the last four years is really something It shows her passion for her art.The movies that are discussed in The Meryl Streep Movie Club are mostly movies which are related to the central themes of the book love and affairs The movies discussed in the book are The Bridges of Madison County , The Devil Wears Prada , Mamma Mia , Heartburn , Defending Your Life , Kramer vs Kramer , Postcards from the Edge , It s Complicated , Out of Africa and Julie Julia Out of these, I have seen Mamma Mia , Kramer vs Kramer and Julie Julia I have also seen bits and pieces of The Devil Wears Prada and Out of Africa While reading the book I also discovered that I have watched It s Complicated , though I couldn t remember that till I read about it Other Meryl Streep movies are mentioned in the book in passing like Sophie s Choice and The Iron Lady but they are really not part of the book I was disappointed that The Hours wasn t mentioned And neither was Doubt nor The Deer Hunter Probably because they don t fit the theme of the book Four of the movies discussed in the book are also from recent years I don t know whether this was done to appeal to a modern audience The Meryl Streep Movie Club is a light, fast paced, summer read It is a good book to read while sitting in your garden, munching a cupcake and sipping your afternoon tea I am glad I read it I think it will make a good movie too.I will leave you with a couple of my favourite passages from the bookReading her journals won t tell you who you used to be It ll tell you who your mother was, what she thought Really thought Not what you think she thought Not who you think you were through her eyes There s a lot you didn t know about your mother When Charlie came into the kitchen in his Spider Man pajamas and rumpled hair, flinging himself into June s lap for a hug, Marley s expression changed Oh my God, Marley said, her eyes full of something like shining wonder Yeah, June whispered No matter what, this is what you get Have you read The Meryl Streep Movie Club Do you like Meryl Streep s movies Which movie of hers is your favourite

I m the author of THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB 2012, Simon Schuster and FINDING COLIN FIRTH, Simon Schuster, 2013 a spin off of TMSMC I live on the coast of Maine, the setting of the novels, with my teenaged son and our sweet shepherd mix Flash and our very comical lap cat, Cleo.Of course, I m a huge Meryl Streep fan, and I ve been swooning over Colin Firth since I first saw him

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