The Misenchanted Sword

The Misenchanted Sword The Old Wizard Wasn T Exactly Happy With Valder, Who D Led His Enemy To His Hut Now Hut And Magical Supplies Were Destroyed But He D Promised The Young Scout A Magic Sword To Get Him Safely Back To His Own Lines And A Much Enchanted Sword Valder Would Get The Resulting Sword Gave Perfect Protection Sometimes It Could Kill Any Man Or Even Half Demon In Fact, Once Drawn, It Had To Kill Before It Could Be Put Down Or SheathedArmy Wizards Told Valder That The Sword Would Keep Him Alive Until He D Drawn It Times Then It Would Kill Him It Wouldn T Prevent His Being Wounded, Maimed Or Cut To Pieces, But It Wouldn T Let Him Die If His New Job As Chief Assassin For The Army Didn T Make Him Use Up The Spell, He D Be Practically ImmortalNot Bad, It Seemed There Had To Be A Catch SomewhereThere Was And It Was A Lulu

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[PDF / Epub] ☄ The Misenchanted Sword Author Lawrence Watt-Evans –
  • Paperback
  • 293 pages
  • The Misenchanted Sword
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9780345318220

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    Wirikidor What kind of name is Wirikidor An old one, soldier It s from a language so old that the name of the tongue is forgotten and no trace remains of the people who spoke it It means slayer of warriors , and it was part of the spell I put on the thing, so now that s its name The realms of fantasy are practically infested with magical swords of all sorts but I believe there isn t any to rival this Wirikidor in terms of fickleness and general unreliability It brings on the head of its wielder, a lowly scout in the armies of Ethshar named Valder, troubles that its alleged prowess in battle would suggest Probably our man Valder should have been careful not to annoy the grumpy wizard who did the enchantment.This is my first novel by Lawrence Watt Evans, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the trip to Ethshar It probably helped that I went in with no expectations of any kind except picking a nice slim sword sorcery book for my vacation In a lucky coincidence, Watt Evans fits in nicely between the previous forays in the sub genre Leiber, Moorcock and the recent crop of authors who seem so enamoured of the dark and gritty aspects of magical adventures Published in the mid eighties, The Misenchanted Sword benefits from some of the charm of traditional fantasy according to some information I found on the internet, the world of Ethshar was first developed for a table top strategy game and from the editors strict control of page count It is also an attempt to modernize the genre by borrowing from science fiction in its structure and by offering a highly unconventional type of hero in Valder.while the setting is pure fantasy two empires locked in a centuries old conflict, dragons, wizards and sorcerers, gods and demons , the plot made me think of SF through the way Watt Evans prefers to explore in detail the implications of an idea rather than go for the usual quests made popular by Conan, Fafhrd or Elric He turned down offers that ranged from dull and dangerous to downright bizarre, requests for aid from silk robed aristocrats and starving children the latter leaving disappointed, but always well fed He refused to rescue princesses, slay dragons, depose tyrants, locate lost siblings, kill pirates, loot tombs, battle wizards, terrorize witches, dispose of demons, settle boundary disputes, and search for everything from ancient magical treasures to a missing cat Instead of a new technological advance, the central idea of the story is the one given in the title how will the magical properties of the sword Wirikidor affect the life of Valder the soldier Will he become another Elric, a brooding nexus of wrath and wholesale destruction Will he become a king like Arthur, feared and respected by the mighty lords of Ethshar Will he crave power, wealth and fame The answers are to be found within the pages of this first book in the world of Ethshar, following Valder over the decades as he struggles to maintain his sanity and his common sense when faced with supernatural circumstances view spoiler Valder refuses glory, hanging up Wirikidor over the mantel of his inn, where it remains unused for decades Every sort of person imaginable stops at an inn, sooner or later, and after a day on the road most are eager to talk, so it s never dull I hear news that never reaches the city, and get many of the great adventures described first hand It s a fine life I thought this was a great resolution of the killing sword dillema on the part of the author, even if the ultimate spell to make Valder immortal felt like a get out of jail for free finish hide spoiler

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    I ve read reviews of Watt Evans work as being pedestrian Meaning that nothing truly spectacular happens Nothing earth shattering or even exciting This is true about this book, definitely.Valder gets an enchanted sword, and he doesn t do anything with it This is kinda refreshing, though it might have been nice for something to happen as a consequence Instead there s a lot of musing on things that might and could happen as a result of this enchanted sword, but we don t get to see any of it In fact, there are lots of passages where the narrator presents possibilities, but nothing ever becomes of them and without these long passages of possibility the book would be half as long.Why Because this is a story about an ordinary life, and as we all know very little of great importance happens in ordinary, everyday life There s very little to keep you interested once the Great War ends We don t get to know Valder very well, so his ordinary life is about as interesting as a pedestrian passing you in the street This makes the book easy to put down All this potential and Valder spends 40 years as an innkeeper It seems like a waste of an adventure, but it is as realistic as you can get.Reallyif an ordinary person were given a magic sword, would he build his life around it or would he settle for something simpler We all want adventure in our lives, but if we got it would we want to live that way forever or would we choose to run an inn instead And if we were granted immortality, would we do exciting things, travel to distant lands, take enormous risks, or settle for a quiet life It s disappointing and pedestrian not very interesting but not totally boring either that s life If a random person on the street named Valder just out of blue started telling you his life story you wouldn t hate the man, but you probably wouldn t care that much about him either.

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    Lawrence Watt Evans is sitting at his writing desk, staring dreamily into space What if he ponders, excitement brewing as he senses he s onto something, what if I were to write a fantasy novel, except and here he pauses, falters, the idea about to fade away But in the next instant, he s grasped it What if I were to make it NOT shitty He scrambles for a pen, jotting down notes as they flow in a rush, hurriedly, before he loses it all Instead of describing in pain staking detail every last minor encounter, I ll only refer to much of the action after it s happened, not belaboring events that only add hundreds of pages without actually moving the plot along And, if there s going to be magic, well, why don t the people in this magic containing world use it like any resource, in a practical manner, like any other skill or ability of course that would have some interesting effects on how the civilization functions Just because there s magic, doesn t mean that everyone has to stop thinking for the rest of history in fact, what if my main character actually isn t obnoxious, idiotic, or even heroic What if he actually has sensible reactions to the situations he finds himself in, and is an actual, admirable human being and the story itself doesn t hold up foolish, dangerous notions of bravery and adventure to be desirable, but rather supports a life philosophy that would actually be worth following Breathless, he drops the pen, satisfied But only for a moment Because then it occurs to him, Oh no Even a non shitty fantasy novel has to have a love interest doesn t it But that will ruin everything Make it all shitty again Unless romance doesn t even have to be in most of the story does it No, of course not That can come later and the love interest and the main character can choose each other, as equals, rather than one winning the other over, or being fated to be together, or having some kind of true love, or any of that junk And so, The Misenchanted Sword was born, leaving only the question if you remove all the shitty elements from a fantasy novel, is it still truly a fantasy novel

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    Light, engaging fantasy at it s best In the Misenchanted Sword, Lawrence Watt Evans has created a fun story that s hard to put down Valder is a likable character that I found it easy to identify with and found myself caring about what happens to him next Whether it s figuring out what properties the crazy swamp wizard imbued his sword with or escaping from an adolescent dragon that chases him directly into the middle of an enemy encampment, the fun rarely ceases in this novel.I had read this book once before when I was in Junior High School and I remembered it fondly Rereading it again now, I found it to be just as enjoyable Even when the pace of the book slows down, I was still turning pages to find out what happens next.This is a fun read and I recommend for anyone who enjoys fantasy sci fi and needs a break from heavier fare.

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    I first read this back in the mid 80s and it was critical in developing my love of fantasy.

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    I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed this book I m landing this one at 4 and a half stars.Valder, the protagonist, is a character that I find difficult to comprehend at times He strikes me as a man cut from the same cloth as a certain Mr Baggins and is about as successful at avoiding adventure He is portrayed as calm and turns out to be quite the homebody by the time all is said and done.The story coves a great deal of time and ground, but I don t know that I would term this an epic I think it s an excellent fantasy and still comes in at less than 300 pages I m not sure publishers today would bother with a fantasy that wasn t at least a trilogy of 600 page doorstops I like the simple fact that this book stands on it s own It s a rich and clearly developed world, but there aren t 16 other series describing in great detail the town Valder once walked through I find that refreshing.This is a fine book on it s own without needing to become a franchise I was lucky enough to encounter the author at a recent convention He confirmed that this is consistently his best selling work I certainly think it s worth it IF you have the chance to pick one up, do so You ll enjoy the read.

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    Review to come

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    Valder the scout is trapped behind enemy lines and is saved thanks to the intervention of an irate hermit who just happens to be a powerful wizard To get rid of Valder the wizard enchants his sword but neglects to inform him of the specifics of the enchantment before leaving the scout to find his way back to friendly territory By the time Valder returns he s barely managed to kill several enemy troops, including a demonic shatra thought to be unbeatable in single combat The corps of wizards determines that his sword has been given an array of powerful enchantments which make it virtually unbeatable one on one, but also that the enchantment will only last until Valder has used it to kill 99 100 men, at which point the sword will only be usable by somebody else and will turn on him as its next victim and will then go on to kill the next 98 99 men and so on.In fact until the sword has a new owner Valder will be effectively immortal and unkillable, since he cannot die until his allotment of victims is used up Valder is therefor assigned duties as an assassin least until he loses track of the number of victims the sword has killed at around 80 or so, and retires to private life as an inkeeper at The Crossroads Inn Unfortunately while the sword s perverse enchantment won t let Valder die, it doesn t prevent him from aging and becoming and decrepit and infirm.Valder has to find some way around the magic of The Misenchanted Sword, and by the story s end he does in fact as a consequence of Valder s solution, he and his Crossroads Inn are visited or at least given a passing mention in virtually all the books in Lawrence Watt Evans s Magic of Ethshar series, which covers a span of centuries By the end of the book Valder learns just why the sword s enchantment turned to be so perverse from the wizard who misenchanted it himself.

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    Reviews Of Unusual Size Re Accidentally finding himself behind enemy lines, Valder the Scout stumbles across a crotchety old hermit in the swamp After his bumbling brings the enemy who destroys the hermit s home, which is also his wizard s workshop, the old man enchants Valder s sword to get him back home and out of his hair But the sword has a few quirksOutstanding Everything about this story is unique The hero doesn t want to do anything but settle down and be comfortable He doesn t want to be a leader or a legend He just wants some ale and dry socks This is Watt Evans first foray into the fantasy land he calls Ethshar, and he creates a world fully rounded and familiar, but different enough to be a lot of fun to explore.Unacceptable Nothing Seriously.Summary In my opinion, this may be the greatest lighthearted fantasy novel ever written I ve re read it dozens of times and had at least three copies of the book stolen from me by smitten new fans I have a tendency to pick up any copies I can find in used book stores to give to people The hero is original and relateable and he lives in a magical world that has spawned 9 additional novels And the spell on that titular sword Hilariously wicked, creative and awesome.You should go out and buy this today.5 5Notes Unfortunately, with sales lagging, the Ethshar series was canceled by Watt Evans publishers a few years back So the author started selling it himself in a creatively awesome way He posts the chapters on his website in serialized installments as each chapter is paid for Then, once the novel is complete and released, he does an edit and releases it in a full form I love it.

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    Popcorn novel Pick it up and read it for entertainment it isn t life changing and certainly not filling and one feels vaguely guilty for having spent time reading it later.The main character is a Gary Stu author self insert and never does anything until events or the plot force him to change He s desperately unhappy about his lot in life and killing people supposedly doesn t stop him from butchering over eighty people with his magic sword but is a morally reprehensible character since he does nothing about his situation, blaming it on the war, his job, his bosses, his sword and the ancient hermit wizard rather than actually growing up and taking charge of the story His relationships with the other characters are equally shallow, and the romance toward the end of the book is a bit pitiful Also, drinking that potion Not something I would have done given some of the ingredients, freely given or oherwise In addition, his war buddy and associated family got a really raw deal at the end of the book, too.Good bits one point of view, no flashbacks, relatively well written for what it is, the modern pulp fantasy Just read a Conan the Barbarian story recently and realized now while writing this how remarkably similar they are Moral of the story is this don t accept a free gift unless you know what you are getting, or, be careful what you wish for.

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