The Mistaken (The Mistaken, #1)

The Mistaken (The Mistaken, #1) I know Kim loved this book and I am in a minority of those who did not However, for me I really wanted to connect with this story and its characters and I just could not I found myself skimming a lot and even skipping some chapters to reach the end I do not know what was not working for me and I guess it all just seemed like too much drama and not enough emotional connection to the characters the first half of the book One thing I will say is the characters seemed condescending and sported multiple personalities, this was something that bothered me a lot, as I read through Tyler suffered so many tragedies, and I meanthan one person should ever have to suffer through, it seemed unbelievable to me I really hate to write reviews like this and what makes it worse I can t really say much as I don t want to ruin the story twists for any one.The second half of the book was definitely better than the first I did like Hannah I thought she was a strong character in a sense I also liked how she was able to help Ty find redemption and love at the end after everything he put her through, but it was not enough to hold the story for me. EDIT I got to about 75% but I m putting it down for now I don t think this is quite what I wanted at the moment That being said, this book has a bunch of really high ratings so it must just not be meshing with my mood right now I got about three quarters in but honestly the book kind of lost me a few chapters in, I was just hoping it would build to something that grabbed me I just found a fair number of things including the dialogue unbelievable and had some serious issues with several of the characters decisions and actions Overall, I just wasn t feeling it But it could just be me I mean, the ratings are really good so who knows maybe you ll love it WINNER Best Thriller AudiobookEFestival Of Words Best Of The Independent EBook Awards The Mistaken Is A Dark Romantic Thriller All Tyler Karras Wants Is To Enjoy Life With His Expectant Bride What He Gets Instead Is A Graveside Seat At Her Funeral With The Woman Who Killed Her Uncharged And Still Free, All Ty Wants Now Is RevengeHis Brother, Nick, Has Dangerous Connections And Suggests A Sadistic Plan Grab The Woman Responsible And Hand Her Over To His Associates Sex Traffickers In San Francisco S Russian Mafia They Offer Ty Than He Dreamed Possible In Exchange For The Woman, They Ll Finally Let His Brother Leave The Business For Good With His Debt Wiped Clean And His Heart Still BeatingThere S Just One Problem Ty Kidnaps The Wrong WomanNow He Must Protect Hannah Maguire From The Very Enemy He S Unleashed, But The Russians Are Holding Nick As Leverage To Force Ty To Complete Their Deal Caught In A No Win Situation, Ty Must Find A Way To Save Himself, His Brother, And The Woman, But With The Russian Mafia, Even Two Out Of Three Makes For Very Long Odds Mild Spoilers mature content reader discretion is advised.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre Romantic SuspenseWARNING This review contains crude language and mild spoilers mild spoilers which are also found in the synopsis provided on Goodreads none will hinder your reading experience.The Mistaken definitely caught me off guard Though it is not my usual choice in reading material the detour it provided was very much appreciated The twist and turns right up to the very end had my mind spinning.Nick and Tyler Karras are brothers yet they re complete opposites Were Tyler is the settled down good one, Nick is the one who parties who is always getting in to trouble or maybe trouble just finds him Either way Tyler constantly has to bail Nick out of a jam and recently this trouble seems to be mafia connected In between cleaning up mess after mess his brother makes Tyler and his girlfriend Jillian get married Now expecting their first child together life may not be perfect but the expectation of their newborn s arrival has overshadowed all the bad And thank goodness for that because things were really really bad at one point However things can change quickly in life and when Jillian is faced with an injustice and the cops do nothing Everything starts to take a downward spiral as Jillian seeks to face Erin the woman who should rightfully be behind bars for a crime committed against her THENAll so suddenly tragedy strikes leaving Tyler a widower and desperate in a place no man wants to be An angry alcoholic, with nothing left to loseThere was no hope in my heart, no reason to stop my downward spiral and straighten out my life The very realization only made me want to drinkAnd I did, for the rest of the day and most of the night Tyler s younger brother Nick knows exactly what it feels like to be in his shoes and he feeds the demons that have a pidgin hold on Tyler You see, Nick crossed over to the dark side a few years back after a life altering tragedy changed him Pain filled drunken confessions bring to life an evil plan to hurt Erin And Nick adds fuel to the flames when he uses his connections with the Russian mafia help him and Tyler do the unthinkable The plan is to kidnap Erin and sell her into the world of sex trafficking.And that is when everything goes super duper wrong THEY KIDNAP THE WRONG GIRL and it s too late to turn back now because the deal was made, they must deliver the girl OR ELSE.Hannah Poor Hannah my heart hurt for this woman I can t explain why but Hannah isThe Mistaken .Was Hannah at the wrong place at the wrong time I think not But what I think does not matter because once she is spotted she officially becomes the target.Tyler can t do it He cannot turn Hannah over to be a sex slave and he vows to protect her But how good is the word of a drunk, with nothing left to lose Running from the mafia brings Tyler and Hannah closer But how does she know if she can really trust him Can he correct his mistake and hand over the right girl in enough time Heck, is that even an option now Slowly Hannah begins to fall for her captor, Tyler, who has wounds that are still raw from the death of his wife My ThoughtsSeriously people READ THIS BOOK It s different and as you read and see all the pieces fall in to place as the innocent lives of Tyler and Hannah are woven together You will be left speechless.The tension between these two brothers is crazy you can definitely feel the jealousy that one harbors for the other They love one another yet hate each others actions, this caused for some really tense moments throughout the book.This Mistaken was high octane There are moments when it moved fast and then moments when it slowed but the slowdowns only came in the first 30% after that the book takes off So many lives are affected and so many emotions play out Readers will get a little bit of everything RomanceDanger Suspense Lies Jealousy Unfinished business Kidnapping Love Tragedy My RatingsCharacters lovable yet heartbreakingWriting Style StrongPlot Storyline Involves kidnapping, rape and volatile situationsSteam Factor Medium Moderately SteamyOverall I enjoyed it READ IT Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads Forreviews got to Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Alex Cavanaugh Fast paced and emotionally gripping once the ride begins, you won t stop reading until it ends Told in first person from the viewpoint of three characters, the book draws you into their world immediately Watching a man s life spiral out of control is gut wrenching, but the real power of the writing is watching him try to set things right Nancy Thompson s first book is amazing and would make for an excellent movie. This book is amazing It is a non stop thrill ride that will keep your pulse pounding and keep you turning pages well into the night Meet Tyler Karras He has a great life Until he doesn t Karras entire life falls apart before his eyes, sending him spiraling down into a hell of despair and self loathing When his brother Nick, who has ties to the San Francisco Russian mafia, suggests a despicable plan to exact revenge on the woman who inadvertently robbed Tyler of everything, Tyler readily agrees In an alcohol and grief soaked haze, Tyler mistakenly targets the wrong woman, Hannah Maguire Although Tyler comes to his senses and realizes that revenge is not the panacea he was seeking, the realization comes too late He has already plunged himself, his brother and now an unsuspecting Hannah deep into the seedy, violent underworld that is ruled by the Russian mafia and the mob does not forgive and forget What I especially loved about this book is how Thompson deftly handles the plot twists I never saw what was coming next I read a lot of thrillers and I can usually predict the course of a novel by the second or third chapter It was exceedingly refreshing to read a book that kept me so enthralled and actually made me gasp aloud All the incredible twists were not what I expected and for me, that made this book very original I love a book with good, unpredictable twists in its plot that reads well and keeps you turning pages even when you should be doing other things This book does that What I also love about this book, among other things, is that it is fast paced and wildly entertaining and it also has depth This book is not just a run of the mill man and woman in jeopardy thriller It asks how far would you go If someone took everything from you, how far would you go to get revenge If someone you loved was in deep trouble, how far would you go to protect them, to help them This book asks how well do you really know yourself Can a good person do unspeakable things Is there redemption after touching the fiery face of hell Tyler Karras is the answer to these questions and he does not disappoint You will feel his struggles, his grief and despair, his guilt and self hatred in your bones You will cheer desperately as he tries to set things right Hannah acts as a kind of foil for him, meeting the unexpected terrors that Tyler has mistakenly set upon her with calm determination You will cringe at what she has to go through but you ll respect her character all thefor the strength and grace she shows She is Tyler s redemption personified These characters are complex and well drawn and the terrifying moments that draw them together make the moments of intimacy that muchpoignant You will connect to them on a visceral level I was captivated by them both and the relationship that developed between them against the backdrop of loss and violence As is usually the case in life, nothing goes as intended These are regular people thrust into unimaginable situations and their drama will keep you riveted for hours.Thompson is a rare new talent in the thriller genre, combining an intelligent and well thought out plot with complex and relatable characters that will give readers the white knuckle reading experience of their lives Do not miss this book I am a fan for life THE MISTAKEN was a fast paced, intense, and gut wrenching read When it was over, I ached at the thought of being ripped from its world reality seemed too dull in comparison Seriously, Thompson knows how to make you feel invested in her characters Once you start this book, you will not put it down. This is such a sad story Thompson presents us with life at its toughest She takes us on a whirlwind journey that I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams A couple of times I just sat there staring, thinking did that really just happen Thompson doesn t simply throw twists and turns at you, but rather rollercoasters and train wrecks, without ever having a feeling of impossibility At one point I couldn t figure out who in the world anyone was going to get out of this one alive However, she managed to get us from point A to point B with it feeling like the only possible conclusion, even if it was an emotionally charged ride that kept you on the edge of your seat throughout Thompson s writing is very descriptive, and in intimate detail, both with respect to the characters and the storyline itself Her writing allows you to immerse yourself fully into this intense world I found myself completely wrapped up in the story, visualizing what was happening and guessing what would come next It was a realistic yet thrillingly suspenseful ride that kept me on my toes I could barely put it down.The characters in this novel were very well developed, even if I didn t necessarily like them all as individuals It was a very intriguing contrast of personalities I felt for the male lead in this novel right from the prologue I wanted to help him figure it all out And I admit, there were a few times when I wanted to get rid of his wife for him, but hey, she wasn t helping him much The supporting cast was also quite well put together Everyone was developed so that you knew them the same way that the main character did It made for a very well balanced cast.Overall this was a phenomenally thrilling ride that was very well anchored in reality I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspense with a bit of romance thrown into the mix Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author publisher blog tour company in exchange for an honest review. TWO POINT FIVE STARSTHE MISTAKEN has been sitting on my kindle for a couple years waiting to be read Last year I bought the audio version knowing it would motivate me to clean up my ever growing TBR shelf I figured since I hadn t read it yet I could just listen to it Within the first two hours of listening the narrator experiences the deaths of his parents, sister and pregnant wife At this point, I wasn t sure if there was going to be enough characters left for the story to continue on But with the introduction of a new character The Mistaken the plot plows forward While I wasn t invested in the story I did continue to listen in hopes it would grab my attention One thing that seemed out of place was the relevance of the narrator and his brother both being born in different countries which lead to them having different accents Maybe it stood out , to me, since I was listening to the audio but either way it seemed irrelevant to the plot AnywaysBy no means should you judge your decision to read this book based off of my review I know others who gave this story excellent ratings. 3.5 Stars From the moment you start The Mistaken, you are taken on a wild, fast paced, action filled roller coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time There were so many plot twists and unexpected events that it all became a bit too much at one point, but luckily the romance filled part of the story provided some much appreciated reprieve from all the action and suspense At first, I had a bit difficulty getting into the story and being able to connect to the characters, but as the story continued I gotandhooked.The Mistaken is the story of Tyler Karras, a happily married successful business owner who s life is brutally disrupted by a series of events that take away most of his family and later on his wife and unborn child Determined to seek revenge for the unjustified death of the love of his life, he and his brother come up with a plan to capture the woman who s to blame for the wife s death and deliver her to San Fransisco s most notorious Russian crime lord.Except, when the moment comes to kidnap the woman in question, he ends up capturing her look alike And now, he s not only brought in an innocent into the entire mess that is his life, but he ll also has to show up empty handed to the meeting with the Russian criminal And unless he comes up with a solution soon, his life as well as that of his brother and the innocent woman, Hannah, are all at stake.What follows next is a nail biting, suspenseful series of events in which Ty and Hannah try to stay out of the hands of the ruthless criminals that are after them while at the same time trying to figure out if the undeniable attraction between them is worth pursuingI won t go in to too much detail about the rest of the plot, but I will say that there was never a dull moment throughout the story I was also thankful for the dual POV, because it provided a much clearer insight on what both Tyler and Hannah were experiencing, even though they both acted a bit impulsive and careless in my opinion.All in all, I really enjoyed reading this romantic suspense Author Nancy S Thompson sure knows how to keep you guessing and gasping with surprise while reading a story and if you re looking for a fast paced, moderately steamy, action filled romance, I would highly recommend giving this series a try Copy kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

Nancy S Thompson is the award winning author of the dark romantic thrillers, The Mistaken and Leverage, and Stirred, a contemporary romantic suspense She is a California transplant currently living in Seattle, Washington with her husband Besides moonlighting as a freelance editor, she also has her own interior design business within the model home merchandising industry.

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