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Mordet på Halland Bess And Halland Live In A Small Town, Where Everyone Knows Everyone Else When Halland Is Found Murdered In The Main Square The Police Encounter Only Riddles For Bess Bereavement Marks The Start Of A Journey That Leads Her To A Reassessment Of First Friends, Then Family

Pia Juul is a Danish poet, prose writer and translator She has received several prizes and is a member of the Danish Academy She has also taught at the Danish writing school Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen

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  • Paperback
  • 167 pages
  • Mordet på Halland
  • Pia Juul
  • English
  • 23 March 2017
  • 9780956284075

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    I recognized the handwriting I couldn t breathe That s enough Secret pregnant nieces Secret rooms And what kind of secret was this Maverick I know what goes on in Halland s mind I fell in love with him, of course I know I can read his slightest passing thought I can sense him without touching I can hear the modulations in his voice when we speak on the phone, and I know exactly what each of them means Such is true love I once read that when people we know die we don t mourn their loss as much as we mourn the loss of our self that existed when we were with them It sounds selfish, but we see the world from our perspective, and everything that happens to us has to be first evaluated as to how this new development is going to affect us Bess is no different, maybe so. For most of this book I was unsure how she really felt about Halland She cared about his well being of course, but was it about the fact that he payed the bills and allowed her to continue to exist in her own world of writing, reading, and contemplation WHO SHOT HALLAND asked the headline Bess did Well that is what the man first on the scene said He thought he heard Halland say My wife has shot me. Everyone avoids seeing a man born, everyone runs to see him die Montaigne, ESSAYSWe know Bess didn t shoot him, but then Bess isn t his wife Although she is confused about her status as well When she is first told about Halland she says she is his wife and then later she says she is not his wife She s lived with him for ten years so for all intents and purposes she is his wife except maybe in the eyes of the church This book will fool you in so many little ways and mostly that is Bess s fault She doesn t answer direct questions she doesn t respond even when the police detective is asking questions that will help him find out who murdered Halland She isn t the slightest bit interested, except maybe abstractly, in who killed Halland Despite this fact, she keeps finding out things that would aid the police if only she would share those revelations Halland has secrets, as alluded to in the quote at the beginning of this review He has a pregnant niece depending on who the father is that designation might need a slight correction living in a flat that he pays for He keeps a secret room there filled with some of his belongings A wall sized poster of The Return of Martin Guerre is on the wall It was his favorite movie and is there a clue hidden in his obsession with that movie I won t do it Do what he asked Whatever they expect me to do I won t That might be the best summation of Bess s life Independent, obstinate, and unwilling to cooperate with anyone or anything even before she knows what is expected It would be easy to see how this attitude mixed with heavy drinking would cost her a marriage and a place in her daughter s life Her first thought when she learned Halland was dead was to talk to her daughter Abby A child, now grown, suspended in time Unexpectedly Abby shows upgood timingbad timing Bess isn t sure, but it adds to her weariness I felt too exhausted for the Grand Reconciliation I no longer had the energy to contemplate how that might happen Perhaps we had already reconciled without my noticing Bess can t handle much in the way of emotional pressure She does have an outlet for relief that I can identify with I loved reading and had always thought of it as a refuge I even read the labels on bottles, if only to keep myself occupied on trains or in restaurants I read in bed at night If I lay awake for than two minutes after switching off the light, I switched it on again to avoid lapsing into thought To avoid thinking In a moment of frustration, laced with fear Bess asks Abby for an evaluation Do you recognize me Do I talk like your mother did when you were a child Am I human now, or still a monster Or the other way round What am I Can you tell me who I am For a moment she didn t respond You re a bit dippy, she said.I laughed out loud Here is this grand moment when Abby has been given the opportunity to really clear the air with her mom and she sums her up rather succinctly As Bess s stress levels increase, she becomes focused and hyper sensitive to the most mundane things around her It leads to wonderful passages like this one I rested my cheek against the windowpane and relished the brief chill, pressing my face hard against the glass, moving my lips across it Could I taste anything The glass tasted of metal Soft, soft, dark Soft, dark I mustn t make the taste sound luscious I was frightened, really frightened I have tried to come to terms with my physical self since I was born, just as I assume everyone else has with greater or lesser success Pia Juul is a poet, prose writer, and translator from Denmark Another one of these fine Scandinavian writers that keep appearing out of the fjords This book, because it is hard to peg, is going to be read by people with expectations of finding themselves immersed in a murder mystery There is a murder and there is an investigation, but Juul is much interested in Bess I didn t even particularly like Bess that is immaterial She is such a wonderful character study I was endlessly fascinated watching her reactions to events It was such brilliant and refreshingly honest writing that I simply marveled at the audacity of Juul to go away from the formula, and leave her readers slightly confused, giddy, and wanting If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    I was on a journey.I d taken a big book along The Man Who Loved DogsIt turned out not to be what I wanted to read just then Panic No book shops on the way What to do Open the Kindle app on the trusty iPad and look through the mixed bag of titles The Murder of Halland Can t remember when or why I bought it but I start reading it anyway The sentences are short.The narrative voice is quirky.The characters are enigmatic.The mystery itself even so.There is a dog but I let that pass I m already half way through I m finished But I still haven t got to the end of my journey Back to the less interesting book in my bag The Man Who Loved Dogs Take out the iPad again just to check the time.Perhaps a little glance at goodreads Journey over I m off on a journey again tomorrow I ve packed several books.Something for every mood I never did finish The Man Who Loved Dogs.

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    The furniture seemed all wrong.This sentence from Chapter 3 is indicative of Juul s style, a matter of fact telling that leads to surreality, appropriate to the state of mind of the grieving narrator, Bess She s also trying to deal with or not deal with, as the case may be some facts about her common law husband, Halland, that have come to light after his death.I finished this last night the chapters end on mini cliffhangers, forcing you to turn the page and though it was late, and going against my wiser sleepy self, I started it over and reread it in one go Though it is short on pages, it is full trembling at the brim and one could write a paper on it that would probably be as long as the book It is amazing what we miss when we read something the first time and then what jumps out at us the second time the crucial moments Bess tells us she is cold her notice of various named birds singing at different times the blues and greens of the fjord and of eyes.I don t consider this a murder mystery at all don t read it if you need answers It s concerned with one of the most real of real themes the unknowability of those you are closest to and even of yourself As a couple, Bess and Halland watched TV murder mysteries As a widow or is she one, since she wasn t married, she asks , she assures us those detective shows are nothing like real life what concerns her most about the detective on Halland s case is where did he get such a dark tan, it being only May It s the puzzle of them that attracts her, not the solution.

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    This is not your regular Scandinavian crime story Pia Juul might be from Denmark and the book has murder in the title, yet this murder is like the hole in a bagel it s right in the centre of it but it s the stuff around it that actually matters.Bess, Halland s widow, narrates the story as she were sleep walking As a reader, you are pulled into this strange tale where things don t follow a rigid cause effect structure and you don t even realise it until you close the book and wake up Retelling the plot of it would be like retelling a dream and then her estranged daughter came, and Bess s ex husband wanted to have sex, the neighbour went missing, and there was the pregnant niece again, and then there was a dog It only makes sense when you are in the dream Is Bess really grieving, or is she just going mad Maybe she is cold, detached and self centered I believe she really was grieving The way her brain bombarded her with even most bizarre thoughts is symptomatic for someone experiencing some sort of trauma but not very good at vocalising their emotions On the other hand, Bess is a very unreliable narrator and I am very gullible Maybe she murdered Halland But maybe Halland set it all up Maybe he had an affair Maybe Bess had an affair Not having simple answers might be frustrating but not in this case or maybe I am just eternally patient, now that I have quit my job and can sleep late everyday It is not that you are given jigsaw puzzles that will never make a complete picture They can actually make a few different pictures depending on how you rotate them As every postmodernist would tell you the book now belongs to you.I wonder where the dog went to.

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    Well, here is a mystery with a difference A victim with secrets..not new But his secrets even appear to have secrets And Bess, Halland s long time partner, has a complicated past of her own And unlike most of the genre, the emphasis here is on the telling than on resolution And what telling Each chapter begins with a brief quote from a written work varying from Raymond Chandler to a line from Meunch All highly readable and also pertinent to the text Ah the text Bess is a writer and there are moments of her writerly eye taking in the morning sun striking the water of the fjord Beautiful images The plotwhat is the plot HA The murder of course but so much happens and so much is confusing The Murder of Halland is sort of a non linear murder mystery Things happen and the impact is sometimes not felt for some time especially the emotional impact.Oh please read it It s not traditional in many ways but it contains the traditional elements just stood a bit on their heads What a good way to read them.A shout out to Kris for recommending this

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    Huh This is a weird novella, from the perspective of a woman whose longtime partner is murdered I hesitate to call it a mystery, since the crime isn t really solved The writing is fine and there s some decent characterization here, but in the end neither the events nor the characters nor their relationships made a lot of sense to me, and I wasn t quite sure why it ended where it did I suppose that s a bit like life This book didn t do much for me, but it s short enough to read in a sitting if you re interested.

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    Actually, there s a great deal I haven t mentioned How could I possibly include everything Nonetheless, there is something I haven t mentioned which I must have left out on purpose That s the difference Or perhaps there isn t any difference Perhaps I leave out the things I m not aware of leaving out on purpose. What a clever, enigmatic, and downright brilliant book With deceptive simplicity, Juul turns the murder mystery genre on its head and then some Her prose is very lucid, often with staccato rhythms that reminded me often of another Scandinavian author the great Tove Jansson Like Jansson, Juul is a brilliant wordsmith, fashioning texture so than narrative or flow.Although The Murder of Halland begins with a murder and a rather Kafkaesque scene of public proclamation of guilt thrown on to the narrator, his common law wife, Bess those who read this novel to find out the whos, the whats, the wheres, the whys, and the hows will be gravely disappointed I hesitate to even add this title to my crime mystery shelf here Instead, as I said above, Juul allows the initial murder to be the impetus for what flows forth, privileging texture over anything else.Complete with a cast of bizarre characters, and with a humor so typically Scandinavian in its dark, sardonic way, this novel slowly builds to a consideration of how well we know others I knew everything about Halland He was the love of my life Did I hate him , and also how well we can know ourselves in a world that makes no sense whatsoever An example of the strange juxtapositions that take place here that make this such a phenomenal work due to how it bends across genres so seamlessly Bess picks up a notebook to write the usual whodunit suspect list, with motives and clues pointing to them Immediately, however, she turns the page over and begins to write a to do list so as not to forget to go grocery shopping or to clean her house Juul is able to place similar types of discordant juxtapositions in both stream of consciousness as well as dialogic passages, so the mood which is hard to pinpoint or signify, existing both at the level of pathos and humor, grief and giddiness stays wonderfully fluid throughout.Epigraphs begin each chapter and indicate both Juul s authorial debt as well as her thematic similarity to figures as wide ranging as Christa Wolf, Robert Walser, Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie, Anne Carson, and Eug ne Ionesco At the same time, though, her prose is so cinematic in its registers that one can t help but think of the surreal work of directors like David Lynch, where the uncanny side of everyday life is brought to the forefront and dreams and reality are indeterminable from one another Although I personally think the cinematic register in The Murder of Halland owes to feminist surreal filmmakers like Lucrecia Martel whose work also came to mind while I was reading Juul s novel A remarkable and wholly original work here s to assembling a team of talented translators eager to begin translating of Juul s work into English soon so that we can enjoy the insights and the bewildering logic upholding the world as she presents it to us and as it quite often is in reality as well.

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    .What a strange, strange little book Any aficionado of detective stories is surely bound to be disappointed All sorts of questions are raised but hardly any of them are answered For me the book has serpentine threads and unfinished endings, rather than any sort of solid linear structure We experience a kind of stream of consciousness with Bess She is the narrator of the book and partner of a man Halland who has just been shot Bess s ideas and mullings are eccentric and erratic, and we lurch with her from odd situation to odd situation with family, with neighbours, with Halland s step daughter and possibly his lover as well I found Bess quite bizarre, but everyone in the book seemed to accept her on her own terms.I am someone who likes closure, especially when enticing mysteries are opened up Halland as we discover him in this book was a man of huge mysteries Yet we never solve any of them I went back and re read passages to see if I could glean anything further, but all was still opaque Also what was happening between Bess and her daughter Abby And Bess and her ex husband Traols And Bess and Brandt her neighbour All these threads emerged and then just hung in the air.I enjoyed the book though It was hugely readable Would I have enjoyed it so much if I d realised that there was not going to be any sort of closure Probably not

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    Full disclosure This book is not a murder mystery, per se There is a murder, there is an investigation, but there s no real resolution at the end, only questions The real mystery seems to be Who is Bess Who is Halland Did anything really happen, or is Bess just slowly going insane I have to admit that I couldn t give this one 5 stars even though the writing was stellar Everything takes place inside Bess s very confused mind, and for this reader, it was an exhausting place to be It took me 3 days to read a short 167 page book with very short chapters, because I just had to take a break from Bess s ramblings every so often I must admit I loved the quotes that began each chapter and the way they related to the text.

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    An antidote to the usual Scandanivian murder mysteries Take every standard bit from the typical crime novel, insert, and then leave it flapping in the breeze But it s a nice breeze And the blue fjords are like trembling mirrors In my mind, the protagonist narrator Bess is always wearing a baggy Nordic sweater just like Sarah s in Forbrydelsen And somehow it all works.

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