The Naked Face

The Naked FaceI was in a charity shop one day and I noticed a couple of books by this Sidney Sheldon guy which all had the most hideous covers I didn t know at the time that Sidney Sheldon was the 7th bestselling writer of all time I bought three of his books, which coincidentally were his first three, all for the reasonable price of 50c, or, about 16c each The Naked Face was Sheldon s first novel and it is awful I mean, it is spectacularly terrible The book is about a psychoanalyst named Judd who, after the murder of one of his patients and his receptionist, is next on the hit list of some crazed murderer The first two victims of this killer are a gay guy and a black woman, I think that explains the territory we are in here with Sheldon s fantasy In fact, I will happily call this entire novel racist and astoundingly homophobic, but that doesn t even begin to describe this mess of a novel.So, I guess you re wondering why this is a two star review then Why am I not absolutely tearing into this obviously horrendous novel Well, it s because I had so much fun with this bad book The Naked Face seeps so far down into the chasm of abhorrence that you just cannot look away It s like the movies they watch on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, they re so bad that they re good.I found myself guffawing at the sheer ridiculousness of the plot and eventually rooting for our protagonist to finally get what he deserves and meet his death At certain points of this novel it was like I was attending a pantomime and booing and hissing every time a baddie entered stage left One major plot point is that a gay man was seeing Judd in order to cure his homosexuality How could anyone take this novel seriously after that The novel s one black character is only present for a few pages but her impact is immense She speaks in such heightened ebonics that you wonder if Sheldon ever actually met a black person and at one point she speak my favourite line in the whole novel, If you don t ball me quick, I ll go out of my cotton pickin mind YIKES What was Sheldon thinking In the end I didn t really want this novel to finish I was having so much fun with it Thankfully Sheldon has loads of other novels, all of which I hope are even awful than this one The Naked Face is a fabulous disaster. Judd Stevens Is A Psychoanalyst Faced With The Most Critical Case Of His LifeIf He Does Not Penetrate The Mind Of A Murderer He Will Find Himself Arrested For Murder Or Murdered HimselfTwo People Closely Involved With Dr Stevens Have Already Been Killed Is One Of The Doctor S Patients Responsible Someone Overwhelmed By His Problems A Neurotic Driven By Compulsion A Madman Before The Murderer Strikes Again, Judd Must Strip Away The Mask Of Innocence The Criminal Wears, Uncover The Inner Emotions, Fears, And Desires, To Expose I remember being anxious almost the entire time I was reading this book I just can t remember the plot Part of me wants to reread this book, but the other part doesn t want to go back to that dark place I wonder if this story has stood the test of time Might be quite tame in comparison to today s serial killer novels. I love crime novels That suspense, the mystery, waiting to know who the killer is the emotion, they all make me feel like I m part of the book This book made me think about Agatha Christie s books I miss her crime novels I think I need to read books like this one. When I was in high school I was surrounded by readers and they enjoyed reading Sidney Sheldon s books Seriously, every recess or break time one of those Sidney Sheldon readers will sit beside you or in the corner and shouting and screaming So I always curious of his works, and I tried one of his novel and it was good Well, I was still young that time but I never been hooked reading Sheldon books.If I have time, I go to bookstores or online bookstores to buy some Sidney Sheldon s books But I don t know the reason behind that Maybe that time only Sheldon and Steel were the one who only grabbed my affection to read and buy books So I stored them in my bookshelf and from then on, I never tried to open one until I realized my books were getting old and yellowed because of dust and unknown organism living in my room.Sidney Sheldon s first novel was Naked Face published in 1970 and it was nominated by the Mystery Writers of America for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best First Novel by an American Author Well, as I said it was a good book but when you already read some of his novels, you can predict everything, his style never changed so do the twist in the near end of his books Soon, in 1983 1984 the book was adopted and filmed before psychological forensic is widely accepted method of forensic crime fighting work.Dr Judd Stevens, a psychoanalyst in Chicago have been followed by an unknown murderer The murderer who wearing mask and must be identified by his skills as a psychoanalyst or he will be accused as a murderer or he will be murdered next It was started in a rainy morning, 10 days before Christmas when his one of his patients, John Hanson, a homosexual died and stabbed in the back Everything changed that day and followed by a gore accident of her sexy assistant, Carol Roberts, who tied and poured with acid on her face and other parts.It was one of his worst days, in 10 days he will be killed or be saved from the hands of the criminals As a doctor he must protect his clients secrets, their worst problems, or maybe they were the one who wanted to murder him Too many suspect too little time He must pursue his will to survive by using his skills in psychoanalysis It was one of his interesting novels that deals with greatest mind of his time, the Naked Face, the true identity of a man of brute and murder Two agents came and assist him as the story flows, Angeli and McGreavy, that will help him and guide him to his crime fighting business.It was an interesting read but not as good as his other novels and not as bad as any novels published He uses psychoanalysis as a weapon to solve the crime which is not yet widely accepted that time Although his writing style never change from his other novels, the book is becoming predictable From reading to the beginning till the end, you can predict the killer and some behind facts why they wanted to kill him It was simple and recommended for those people who don t have time to read as well as wanted to be entertain by twists in the end image error Dr Judd Stevens, M.D., is a minding and effective Manhattan psychoanalyst who must face a terrible prospect somebody is attempting to execute him Initially, John Hanson, a patient attempting to beat his homosexuality, is killed Not long after, Carol Roberts, Stevens secretary, is additionally discovered tormented to death Two cops, Andrew McGreavy and Frank Angeli, rush to regard Stevens as the prime suspect, halfway because of McGreavy s resentment regarding Stevens declaration in a past case Stevens is later keep running around an auto, and taking after his recuperation, two men in dim attempt to execute him in his office To demonstrate his honesty and find the genuine executioner, Stevens enlists a private examiner by the name of Norman Z Touchy I liked the personality of private investigator, Mr Norman Moody I enjoyed this story with all my grey cells blazing Life is a very thin thread and it only takes a second to snap it The Naked Face Wow Is all I could say when I read the first chapter of The Naked Face This book captures your attention in the first chapter I picked the book up at the library mainly to get a feel for the author Sidney Sheldon I own a few of his books and wasn t sure about reading them After reading The Naked Face I know that I will be reading his other books too.The Naked Face starts out with a man happy because he is going to be going home to his wife and letting her know that what happened in the past is over with You wonder what he is happy about and what was it was from his past when he is stabbed in the streets You are left thinking did his past already catch up to him You are thrown into a story of suspense and mystery that revolves around Dr Judd Stevens.Dr Stevens is a psychoanalyst He analyzes people and their behaviors, life style and has them discover who they really are He doesn t tell them that they are insane or paranoiac He tries to help them to discover what is really inside them His patients range from a house wife to a prominent business man You discover that the person murdered in the first chapter was one of Dr Stevens patients.The detectives assigned to the case are Angeli and McGreavy Dr Stevens and McGreavy have a history McGreavy has animosity towards Dr Stevens As the story progresses I was trying to figure out who did it and why As Dr Stevens starts to analyze things in his own life you start to wonder if maybe he is a paranoiac He believes some one is out to kill him when he is hit by a car Is the doctor going to go to the nut house, or is he sane That is what I started to ask myself.The Naked Face is a detective mystery that keeps you glued to the pages of the story I found myself reading the book in less then 2 days I will be picking up of Sidney Sheldon s books After reading some of the famous awe inspiring novels by great authors, I finally read something breath taking This is a mystery novel about a famous psycho analyst, Dr Stevens He was haplessly suspected of murdering his receptionist Carol Roberts and his patient, John Hanson The only way to find out that he is innocent is that he has to gather evidences and by all means, he must find a person who trust him At the middle of the story he hired a private investigator, Mr Norman Moody I love how the book put a bit of mystery on every page The story is good and it differs from many other the ending is not easy to predict That alone makes this book worth reading.I have to say, this is not excellent book, but it comes close enough to be than recommended. His singularly stand alone novel that had some resemblance of being a proper book Afterward he found his grove, rather his formula and pretty much stick to it till the end Though I guess his books are endless quick fun reads But very by the numbers. Hmmm The first full length modern novel I ever read was a David Baldacci thing about some camel club And I hated it So I moved to John Grisham and his legal dramas got tired In high school, I was introduced to Sidney Sheldon and a favourite was born.After rereading The Naked Face, I have to say this isn t Sidney at his best In my opinion, his worst novel was A Stranger In The Mirror followed closely by Doomsday Conspiracy Naked Face feels like amateur hour for Sidney s quality That s not to say I didn t love the book He has a way of writing stories within stories and somehow not losing you Here we have a psycho analyst called Judd caught in strange events A patient of his is murdered and his receptionist quickly follows Two cops, Angeli and McGreavy, are investigating him the events trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.The story unravels in this hypnotic fashion that leaves the reader at times scratching her head and other times going, Oooh The twist is believable And the last scene is drama so perfect I could cry I hate the ambiguous ending though Sidney is a master at writing endings that make you want to perform his reincarnation But in this one I would have loved to know if view spoiler Judd got together with Anna hide spoiler

Sidney Sheldon 1917 2007 was an American writer who won awards in three careers a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best selling novelist.His TV works spanned a twenty year period during which he created I Dream of Jeannie 1965 70 , Hart to Hart 1979 84 , and The Patty Duke Show 1963 66 , but it was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best selling no

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