The Name of the Game Was Murder

The Name of the Game Was MurderThe Name of the Game was Murder is a mystery novel that would be suitable for sixth graders and older to read The stories main character, Samantha, is visiting her great aunt and uncle at their mansion on an isolated island Samantha s great uncle, Augustus Trevor, is a famous writer who she hopes can give her hints on her own stories However, Augustus is angered when she meets Samantha because he has planned to have other guests at his mansion that weekend Augustus has planned a game involving his guests, where they must solve a series of clues to find the manuscript of his story The guests are motivated to find the manuscript because in the story is some secret that each guest has tried to keep hidden Augustus even has his wife, Thea, play his awful game because she has a hidden secret as well The night following the first clue, Augustus Trevor, is murdered in his office A dangerous storm has moved in and knocked the telephone lines out so when the murder is discovered, Thea is unable to call the police All of the guests decide to use this time to their advantage and try to find the manuscript before the police arrive and they are all questioned as suspects All of the guests enlist Samantha s help to figure out their own clues, but Samantha has a different motive She is determined to find the manuscript so she can read it and figure out which guest has the greatest reason to want Augustus Trevor dead Samantha eventually finds the manuscript and reads it Several of the guests are accused of committing murder while other stories could ruin their careers As the storm passes and the police are on their way, Samantha and her aunt figure out who killed Augustus Trevor I found this book a little confusing because it had so many characters in it and they were hard to keep straight.Activities 1 I would have each student choose an event in the story and write a newspaper article over it This would be a good idea because there were several main events in the story such as the murder of Augustus Trevor, the storm, or about the search for the manuscript Then I would have the students each put their article into the newspaper format This would be an after reading activity once the entire novel is read.2 I would have each student choose a character from the book and look through magazines to find pictures that represent their personality or their career Students could work on this as they are reading the novel Students should also be encouraged to find pictures that represent each of the character s secret if the character that the student chooses is involved in Mr Trevor s game. The book, The Name of The Game Was Murder by Joan Lowery Nixon is about a girl named Samantha who visits her aunt and uncle, she visits because her uncle is a famous writer and she hopes to become one one day She ended up going to her aunt house at a very bad time During her visit her uncle blackmails other guests and makes them solve clues in order to not be blackmailed, one of the guests then murders her uncle and Samantha has to solve the clues and a murder during her stay The main characters were Samantha, aunt Clara and uncle Atticus and other guests My favorite character was Samantha because she was super brave and the smartest character in the book I could relate so Samantha because I have been put into situations before that I didn t want or didn t mean to be put in Her situation is much extreme but I can relate to what she has to go through while staying at the house I have figured out things that I didn t have any business figuring out before, just like Samantha figures out the murder and the clues The clues had nothing to do with her and so did the murder but she got nosey and helped out like I ve done many times before.I liked the book because it wasn t boring at all and I felt like I was there with Samantha solving the mystery the entire book It was a hard book to put down and there was always lots of cliffhangers that made me want to read My favorite part of the book was when Samantha figured out the clues and solved the mystery but didn t tell anyone except her aunt Everyone was freaking out because no one knew who the murder was and as the reader I knew because of the way the author told the story My least favorite part of the book was the end because it was a really good book and it will he hard to find another good book like this one The author told the story in a good perspective and didn t drag on the story like some authors do The author could have added better detail during the book because at times I was confused I would recommend this book because it was really good and isn t a long book that will take up lots of your time Someone who likes mystery or likes reading the littlest bit woukd like this book. Novelist Augustus Trevor Has Written A Manuscript That Reveals The Darkest Secrets Of His Guests Whoever Can Solve Trevor S Clues Can Have His Story Removed From The Book But When Trevor Is Bludgeoned To Death, The Survivors Along With The Reader Are Challenged To Find Both The Manuscript And The Murderer I know I read this in middle school, but remember next to nothing about it. I enjoy this tale, Samantha had set her heart on bring a writer and what better way to make sure you are on the right path than getting some feedback from an actual writer and better still if that writer is a family member But when Sam meets the famous writer who is related to get by marriage she realizes that not all writers are nice S he turns out yo be a mean sourpuss who is also blackmailing the friends he invited for the weekend into play a game which turned deadly for him Sam is smart and very adept at solving the mystery that Augustus had set up for his guest but can she also solve the quest of who killed Augustus. I first read this book as a young person, probably in junior high or high school, and while I think I did like it at the time, I remember preferring some of Joan Lowery Nixon s other works , like the Mary Elizabeth books The Dark and Deadly Pool and The Weekend Was Murderside note those two are waiting in my queue to readI m hoping they stand the test of time better than this one did The whole story is pretty ridiculous, i.e 15 year old Samantha basically invites herself to her great aunt and uncle s remote house simply because she s convinced her great uncle a famous novelist will drop everything to read her writing samples and tell her whether she should pursue writing as a career Her great uncle blows up at her and tells her to get lost, but Samantha is not going to give up He s her only hope when it comes to her writing career insert eye roll On the one hand, I appreciate Samantha s naivet as a young person who thinks she can do anything i.e convince her parents to let her spend two weeks with relatives who don t really know her that well , but reading this as an adult, the Samantha character is just so unlikely The adults on the island would likely just brush her off as some annoying kid. My students loved this mystery Lowery is such a great writer that you find yourself engulfed in her mysterious plot There enough twists and turns to keep you guessing till the end. Samantha is a teenage girl and when she grows up she wants to be a writer One of her favorite authors is married to her aunt so she decides to go visit them for 2 weeks When she arrives she realizes Augustus Trevor the author isn t as nice as he seems He has this party planned and there is going to be a game The first clue was really personal so in the middle of the night somebody kills him Can Samantha find out the murder I really enjoyed this book I like how when he died I was already trying to put together some clues and figure out who did it After I read some my thoughts on who the person was changed When they are looking for the manuscript to discover the murderer I jumped to a conclusion on where it was hidden When Samantha finds the second set of clues and reads them I start putting together where he was talking about I just enjoyed all of the mystery in this book. This was my very first mystery read My middle school librarian recommended me to this author starting with this book I instantly became obsessed and have loved mysteries ever since. Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None is one of my all time favorite books, so when I was searching for novels that were similar, this one popped up and I was eager to give it a read There are many, many things to like about this book, and very little about which I can quibble.Sam made for a wonderful protagonist, in that she was super bright and her observations about the other characters and situations in which she found herself were so wonderfully snarky that at times she felt almost like a precursor to Veronica Mars.The clues provided for the characters to solve were interesting and clever, and the overall mystery, and each character related mystery, were all well done and intriguing While the former was not necessarily impossible to solve prior to the end of the book, it did succeed at keeping my interest and the resolution was complete and made sense.The other characters were not exactly well developed, but in this case, they didn t have to be each one was there to fulfill an archetype, act suspiciously, and keep things rolling along, and all of them served their purpose.So, this one s got a great main character, shifty secondary characters with skeletons in their closets, a well plotted mystery, tricky clues, a murder, and maybe even a ghostly presence While this was well written and highly entertaining, it didn t rank all that highly on the suspense meter for me, and at times, the pacing seemed a little on the slow side However, this was a great, quick read, and I definitely recommend it.

Author of than one hundred books, Joan Lowery Nixon is the only writer to have won four Edgar Allan Poe Awards for Juvenile Mysteries and been nominated several other times from the Mystery Writers of America Creating contemporary teenage characters who have both a personal problem and a mystery to solve, Nixon captured the attention of legions of teenage readers since the publication of h

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