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Etgar Keret is an Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television His books had been published in than thirty languages.Keret has received the Prime Minister s award for literature, as well as the Ministry of Culture s Cinema Prize The short film Malka Lev Adom Skin Deep, 1996 , which Keret wrote and directed with Ran Tal, won an Israel

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  • ebook
  • 176 pages
  • Anihu
  • Etgar Keret
  • English
  • 08 August 2019
  • 9781429933209

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    I enjoyed Etgar Keret s short story collection, Suddenly, A Knock on the Door, so it was disappointing to find out The Nimrod Flip Out isn t nearly as good I really like Keret s casual use of magical realism in many of his stories My favourite one here was Fatso where a man discovers his girlfriend literally turns into a fat slob of a man at night before turning back into the woman he loves by morning Very amusing, imaginative stuff Unfortunately that s basically the only story that was any good and, to make it worse, Fatso is the first story of the collection so it s all downhill from the start That s not to say all the stories are a bust as there are scenes dotted throughout that were interesting The unkillable dog from Shooting Tuvia, the parents who shrank as their son grew in Pride and Joy and the sad cabbie in The Tits of An Eighteen Year Old all caught my attention On the whole though nearly all the stories in The Nimrod Flip Out are forgettable and it s a largely dull reading experience Keret s writing is as skilful as ever but his stories here aren t as entertaining as I d hoped I recommend checking out Suddenly, A Knock on the Door instead to see what this writer can really do.

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    after reading Right, here s the thing about short stories I just don t like them And here s why short stories like long stories are either good and you wonder why the writer didn t just keep writing because now you are really interested in these characters this scenario the voice whatever or they re not good, and you wonder why you wasted your time.I definitely put Etgar in the former category Many of these stories are really good Super good But this is the thing if Etgar can write a hundred tiny stories about love and sex and infidelity and dogs and the army and vague international business dealings and Israel and taxis and death and people who are confused and sad and having lots of sex and betrayed and betraying and otherwise just fucked up if Etgar can write a million of these tiny stories, why can t he instead or also write one big story Or a few medium sized stories Because all through this book, just when I was starting to sink my teeth in, falling backward into a cool new tale, really giving myself over to a new story world it was over And then I d have to get myself all re worked back in, settling down into another cool and interesting situation with fairly similar characters and or less the same emotional content, and by the time I d gotten into that one, well, the rest doesn t need to be said again.mid read This isn t the book I m supposed to be reading next, but I just sorta grabbed it on my way out the door to smoke, and noticed that the stories are super short about cigarette length, as it happens , and so I read Glittery Eyes because who can resist a title like that and jeez It was really sad And really really affecting, especially for just a four page long little wisp of a story Looks like me and Etgar are going to get along swimmingly.before reading When all the cool kids are talking about the same weird book with the same bizarre title and mildly disturbing cover, a girl has to pay attention.

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    This is most definitely a man s book The simplicity of emotion, the gentle confusion, the way things that make no sense somehow make absolute sense Keret is a gentle man His emotions, friendship, love, family, life, all effortless His writing is effortless It s witty and calm, poignant but simple, pleasurable without being overwhelming The kind of beautiful I imagine men feel when they feel the word beautiful Fear I felt the fear running through my body, from the hard part of my brain to the soft part of my bones.Jealousy The point was somewhere else altogether three years ago, in Mombasa Something about how, between every two people in the world, there s a kiss That isn t the point at all Neither is that Dutch guy I have nothing to be jealous of there He s probably dead already from an overdose or else he s lying drunk on some sidewalk in Amsterdam, or he went and got a master s degree in something, which sounds even worse In any case, it s not about him at all, it s that time in Mombasa For three months a person sits and looks at you, imagining a kiss Trust It s your dog, Neeva added after a short silence He ran away When a dog takes a thin little saw and saws through the bars on a bathroom window, then shimmies down some tied together sheets, you can say, The dog ran away But when you re walking down the street with him and he s not on a leash, and an hour later you realize he s nowhere to be seen, then someone clearly fucked up.Grief The husband asked to identify his wife by her foot Most people identify their loved ones by their face But he asked to identify her by her foot, because he thought that if he saw her dead face, the sight would haunt him He had loved her and he knew her so well that he could identify her by each and every part of her body, and somehow her foot seemed the most remote, neutral, far removed Love He pressed up against her and said she had such a nice heart and he loved it She cried like a princess and said she wanted him to love her, all of her, not just her organs Their eyes were closing now, and the sea breeze cooled his face as he fell asleep beside her, curled into himself like a child, like a baby.Quiet Quiet is serenity, it s a bubble bath, it s grass growing, it s what happens in your refrigerator after you close the door and the little light goes out In short, quiet is nothingness And we ll have than enough nothingness eventually, definitely, once we die Sadness He let go of his tears the way a hot air balloon jettisons another extra heavy bag of sand, and as they lay there in each other s arms, he felt as though if only he d let go of her, he d start floating up toward the ceiling Apathy Buddha arrived to visit him, smiling and chubby as always, with the tip of a familiar scar showing on the underside of his potbelly, and Buddha even brought him a present a wicker basket full of dandelions gone to seed He blew on one of the dandelions, and the whole world disappeared.These stories tell themselves They are ripe with feeling They don t need to shout meaning or purpose they are plain and simple and good Beautiful These are men s stories They smell of sweet amber, sandalwood, and sunshine With only the tiniest hint of patchouli.

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    If you ve been friends with me on Goodreads for long enough, you know that I obsess over the sheer hilarity and flippant style of Israeli writer Etgar Keret Despite suffering from what may be the most bizarre cover art in the history of literature please challenge me on this , The Nimrod Flipout is an excellent short story collection full of reality bending romps.The title story will be familiar to experienced Keret readers a bunch of young ish guys stuck in the doldrums of life, and you don t expect much at the start But as the story progresses and is revealed, the makings of a superb short story appear Few writers can continually hold my attention hostage for such prolonged periods of time, but Keret s zany plots, his questionable characters, and devastating critiques of morality always draw me in His tone and irreverence are only matched by George Saunders and Kurt Vonnegut Short story collections are often a jumbled mess, with some stories lacking inspiration and others wowing the reader, but for once the back cover doesn t lie Keret really does pack into a paragraph than many writers do in an entire book I know that for years to come, I ll continue to pick up Keret s stories and laugh my way through If you need a pick me up, pick Keret up.Favorite stories The Nimrod Flipout for its dark humorYour Man for its exploration of the young male conditionPride and Joy for its praise of dutifulnessGlittery Eyes for its hypocrisyFor Only 9.88 Inc Tax and Postage for its deconstruction of modern self help books This is favorite story in the collection and one of my favorite Keret stories My Girlfriend s Naked for its quasi feminismIronclad Rules for its squirm inducing ending

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    Keby bola t to kniha frajer, s ktor m sa rozch dzam, poviem osi ako prep , je to mnou, nie tebou je kompletne ok, niektor poviedky viac super a niektor menej, ve akr t prekvapiv a skoro v dy vtipn a briskn Ale ke sa vr time k anal gii s rozchodom pr ve t poviedkov nez v znos mi tentokr t nesadla Kr tkymi formami som obklopen v ade diky, internet , v knih ch tak v ostatnej dobe inklinujem k ve k m rom nom Vrav m, je to mnou, nie Keretom

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    Maybe this just got too built up for me or something, but I get it, the tone sounds flippant but it really isn t That gets kind of samey Shrug.

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