Octonauts: & the Sea of Shade

Octonauts: & the Sea of Shade The Books That Launched The Hit Cartoon The Crisply Drafted Pages Bloom With Fascinating Detail Every Tree, Shadow, Rock, And Animal Has An Endearing, Individual Personality The Book Itself Is A Lush Visual Treat Utne Reader It S Great To Find A Book That Appeals To Both Kids And Adults Even If The Appeal Is For Different Reasons In Other Words, These Are The Best Children S Book Animals Ever I Can T Get Enough Of Them I Can Read This Book For Hours And Have The Poop, SF Gate, San Francisco ChronicleThis Is The Original Book Series That Launched The Animated TV Show, Which Is Now Popular Worldwide And Broadcast On The Disney Channel In The USA Discover The Creative And Fun Stories Where It All Began In This Sequel, The Octonauts Notice The Ocean S Shadows Are Missing So These Eight Brave Teammates Travel To The Mysterious Sea Of Shade To Learn Why Can They Convince The Proud Shade King To Return Everyone S Shadows Find Out I Can Now Report To You That The Octonauts The Sea Of Shade Is Just As Charming, Beautiful, Funny, And Adorable As The First Octonauts Book I Highly Recommend This To Children And Adults Alike Especialy If Those Adults Love Intoxicating Graphics And Mysterious Underwater Worlds Treehouse Jukebox I Just Read The Latest Octonauts Book From Meomi, The Octonauts The Sea Of Shade, And It S Just As Adorable And Adventurous As The Crew S Previous Outing With The The Only Lonely Monster Drawn Like The Previous Book, The Octonauts And The Sea Of Shade Is Visually Rich There S A Lot Happening On Every Page, Making It A Pleasure To Read Since There S Always Something New To Discover SuperCoolBaby


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  • Hardcover
  • 36 pages
  • Octonauts: & the Sea of Shade
  • Meomi
  • English
  • 27 November 2017
  • 9781597020107

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    Using the cartographic bathymetry to calculate the compasserific coordinates contained on this superannuated substrate should yield the location The befuddled Octonauts stared at Professor Inkling Errrfollow this old map That was by hardest part of the book and worst tongue twister I have ever read.A beautiful story about shadows and exploration and friendship.

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    Apparently there are twenty or Octonauts picture books I will review only one of them I was not aware that these are based on a television series until I saw my grandchildren watching an episode So I got my hands on some of the books thank you, public library and have been reading them aloud to my little fans.I must say that the set design is very imaginative and perhaps influenced by the South Korean penchant for cute critters The cast of characters is part of the charm, and all eight of them are introduced on a clever double page spread at the outset of each book They are not too wordy and are engaging enough to maintain interest for little ones and reader alike.The long and short nothing to rave about but also fine for a shared experience.

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    Well, since the other three we read in this series dealt with real animals and places in the ocean, I was mightily confused by this one as it does not I kept waiting for the real life tie in that never came But it was still a good story on helping others, as always I will say that the page that illustrated various dilemmas caused by no shade shadows cracked me up sundials won t work No shade from an umbrella on the beach Mushrooms can t grow Ninjas can t hide And the poor groundhog is mightily confused

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    This book is one of my favorite art for kids books Each page is a study in design and color.

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    The Octonauts and the Sea of Shade by Meomi is the second book in the series It s also the odd ball in the series in that it s not based on a real creature of phenomena of the sea.In this book the Octonauts notice that the shadows have disappeared from everything They decide to investigate and go into the sea of shade The ruler of the sea of shade has decided he doesn t like his shadows being treated as second class citizens The Octonauts have to negotiate with him and the shadows themselves to come to a solution.The book is a good story about segregation and treating people fairly regardless of their job, appearance of position in life But all the other books in the series deal specifically with ocean topics and this one doesn t It s allegory and fantasy and doesn t lead naturally into science discussions.

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    Once again I m impressed dismayed at the language in this book and not in the way you think I mean Using the cartographic bathymetry to calculate the compasserific co ordinates contained on this superannuated substrate should yield the location Seriously.The same adorableness and underwater exploits will keep me reading any further adventures, but MAN no way I could pull that off for storytime

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    This book was just a bit bizarre Rather than focusing on one animal and teaching about that animal, this book reached for a larger, obscure topic of shadows Perhaps I just didn t get it The illustrations were great but my kids did not follow the story and wanted to read one of the other Octonauts books we brought home.

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    I liked this book but it just didn t have the flow of the other books and my son quickly got bored with it, as did I The Octonauts realize that there are no shadows anywhere in the ocean, and go beseech the King of the mythical Sea of Shade to release the shadows back into the world, as they have been missed Recommended for ages 5 8, 2 1 2 stars.

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    My little sister adores these Octonauts books Understandable, because they are so adorably cute This one as well Recommended to any parents out there who want to give their little sunshine something super special Or to those adults who really adore some cute wonderfulness

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    I love the illustrations in this series, but there is always way too much text to be a picture book A fun read, but long.

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