The One That I Want

The One That I WantCLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFI loved The One That I Want by Jennifer Echols I ABSOFREAKINLUTELY LOVED IT I have been reading a lot of paranormal romance novels lately, so this non paranormal romance novel by Jennifer Echols was exactly what I needed to mix things up This novel was fabulous It kept me up way past my bedtime.The One That I Want was filled with genuine high school issues and drama It s been almost ten years since I graduated from high school, and I adored this novel Young adults who are still in high school will relate to this story the most, but anyone can enjoy and appreciate this novel.The characters in this novel are SPECTACULAR Gemma is SENSATIONAL Her voice, personality and humor light up the pages of this novel She s a positive and powerful main character She s inspiring.Max is ONE OF A KIND He is superstitious He is blunt His honest and straight forward personality gets him into trouble sometimes, but that s my favorite thing about his character He also has very good insight and advice even though it s not always wanted.Unfortunately there really are girls and guys out there like Addison and Carter You may know the type They are selfish, attention starved, and cut throat They want things only because someone else wanted them first They make jokes at their friends expense They like to embarrass and belittle their friends Addison and Carter are that type They aren t nice, but they are realistic.This novel touches on many REAL issues that young adults face, primarily Gemma s struggles with her weight and her self image and bullying.At the beginning of this novel, Gemma is overweight Throughout the novel you really see how her weight has affected her in the past and how she still struggles with her self image even after she has lost 50 pounds.This novel also covers bullying Almost all of the main characters had some experience with bullying When they were younger Addison was ostracized because of her spiteful personality which I hate to say it, but I kind of understand this one , Gemma was picked on because of her weight, Max was teased because he is half Japanese, and Carter was made fun of because he spoke with an accent The biggest bully in this novel, however, was Addison The way Addison treated Gemma was cruel, and the worst thing about it was that Addison was supposed to be her best friend I wanted to back hand Addison a handful of times.I m not a big fan of conflict that is based on miscommunication or lack of communication Therefore, you d think that this novel would drive me crazy, but it didn t Jennifer Echols had me so distracted with her hilarious characters and their witty banter that she was able to pull a fast one on me I was completely entertained by this novel, and I didn t even stop to analyze the conflict until I started my review In other words, she completely pulled it off.I gave The One That I Want by Jennifer Echols 4 STARS I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this novel XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING I m sorry what is this Am I supposed to like this Well, I absolutely love Jennifer Echols I read endless summer and love story and forget you I was over the moon for those books but then I picked up this one It is about some girl who continuously points out the fact that she is fat and has horrible friends Umm I understand that weight is a soft spot considering the world we live in where girls are pressured to be size 00 but let me just say there are people out there like me who have no hope in the world of being anything less that what we really are size 7 and up You want to know why that is Because we like to play sports and have athletic yet curvy body types We also like to EMBRACE IT If someone calls you fat you do the logical thing and punch them in the face Also this girl needs to get some new friends The number of times I wanted to drag this girl away so that I can make her see that her friends are assholes was in the millions I hate books where someone complains constantly about shitty aspects of their lives and expects the reader not to SEE IT I just can t I tried to like it but there is nothing there for me Maybe you might feel like she redeemed herself in your eyes but the ruined it for me in the beginning It s not like she wines or anything Its stubble than that but its the fact that it was trying to be passed off as NOT wining that just makes it that much worse I am a romance junkie and this did not feed my addiction AT ALL Your basic chick flick book Easy and light, perfect for a fast summer read. I love the feel of Echol s Simon Pulse books This one has the same feel as The Boys Next Door and Major Crush This one is just as good Gemma is fabulous and Max is adorable Great read This book reads much like the first draft of what might have otherwise been an ok book The sheer technical aspects of it made me crazy Everything just sounded clunky in my head For a group of teenagers, there was sure a lot of formal sounding talk And by that I mean where the heck are the contractions And none of the dialogue, what little of it there seemed to be, had any kind of a natural flow For example And now that you ve pointed it out, I feel ashamed about my reaction to the bear I should have appreciation for the bear And that s just the shortest example I could remember Everything was told to me and nothing shown This was especially a problem in the beginning of the book, because the first fifty pages take place inside Gemma s head There were also weird research issues Like, anybody who owns an Aston Martin which, to me, felt like someone randomly googled rich person car , knows that they have the world s tiniest, most non existent back seat And yet you re going to offer a boy who you keep emphasizing his height a ride to his car in it when someone else is driving and when you think you re still big Then there were the characters Gemma was completely unsympathetic for me And I felt like I was being beaten over the head with the fact that she was omg so unconventional At first, I thought it was setting up what could have been an interesting plot about a girl who is deliberately unconventional to make up for the fact that nobody in the conventional crowd is into her But no, Gemma is quirky with purple hair and vintage clothes And she used to be overweight but now she s a militant eater and has lost all this weight She s also really wealthy, but for reasons that aren t explained, embarrassed by this Sure, it s cool to get a shiny red Mercedes for her birthday, but heaven forbid someone see her big house It wasn t consistent She s also the most perfect baton twirler to ever twirl a baton, even though it s no big deal In the end she stands up for herself, but it was such a convoluted thing that it didn t pack any punch for me.Addison was just wretched There was no redeeming quality abut her And that s frustrating because where is the moral dilemma in stealing your best friend s boyfriend if the best friend is so CLEARLY not even a friend, let alone a best friend The other football player I just finished this book twenty minutes ago and can t remember his name was not much better And then there was Max, who could have been a good character but for some reason was just not at all interesting for me Plus, the relationships between all of these characters was barely even puddle deep I didn t see a connection between any of them outside of what I was told about it, and even then I don t know It all just felt so very, very forced.Like I said, this book had some potential I think that if it had been a little longer, a little focused, and better edited I might have been looking at at least three stars But as it stands, I just really didn t enjoy this There was none of the depth you d expect from a plot like this one Seriously, for once let s have two girls who are genuine friends and who genuinely love and care for each other fall for the same guy and watch that disaster unfold Perhaps it was intended for a much younger reader than most of the contemporary YA I ve read, but judging by a few of the scenes I kind of doubt it. Pretty much anything Jennifer Echols writes will end up in my Favorites and Wish I Wrote It shelves Whether it is one of her romantic dramas or a romantic comedy, she just gets teens, gets women, and gets me.I inhaled this book and quickly reread most of it again within a few hours, loving the witty banter between Gemma and Max To me, this book is like a How to 101 for every writer worried about obvious premises or concepts that may ve been explored before The gist of this story is nothing new You pretty much knew on every page what was happening and what will happen BUT YOU DON T CARE She throws in a fun new twist like majorettes, something not commonly explored but did remind me a lot of Major Crush , and keeps it fun with great writing and characters you care for, and it doesn t matter that you ve seen this particular story before Nothing is really new under the sun, after all, so all you can do is write the best story you can and pour life into your pages, and readers will flock to it in droves.Now onto the characters Gemma love She s a rock star, honestly Loved the purple streaks, loved her self awareness Her struggle with weight is probably something every girl woman can relate to, and don t even get me started on her relationship with Addison Actually, let s explore that What is up with every woman in America, and probably the world, having best friends like this girl I know I did I want to go back in time and slap myself for putting up with this particular friend s behavior and lingering effect I let her have on my self esteem, but at the time I just rolled over and took it I loved that Jennifer could relate to this experience I had, and I immediately understood Gemma s plight and rooted for her to overcome something I never had the guts to do And in the end, I must confess, I so do a fist pump the air.Max, Max, Max How I love thee I loved that he was Japanese, I loved his humor, I loved how sexy he was, and I loved his mojo His family kicked a , and his freaky insight into Gemma s psyche while perhaps a bit elevated for high school and slightly felt like a plot device to get the reader to realize what was going on in her head made him defy stereotype He was the funny, hot, smart, sensitive, athlete But lest you think he is Mr Perfect and therefore completely unrealistic, Jennifer throws in his ability to say the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time and his touch of anger issues, and he s right back in the world of believability The supporting characters were varied and realistic I felt like I was back in high school Simply put, Jennifer Echols writing makes me happy, and you will regret it if you do not pick this book, and any other book she has written or ever will write, up CANNOT wait for SUCH A RUSH omG THIS BOOK TAKE MY BREATHE AWAY LOVE IT3 I HATE Addison She iS So so so MEAN GOD. review to come I m convinced the writer of the book description never read this book The book description just makes it sound like a generic teen book with no substance and there s actually a lot going on in this one, especially with the realistic love hate relationship between Gemma and her best friend.Super cute, vintage Jen Echols read I had hoped it d be of a romcom like Major Crush, but it was still a fun, satisfying read that I finished in one evening I enjoyed this than her other 2011 release, Love Story Oh, and the first couple chapters read like an issue book, but that doesn t continue, so don t worry Seriously during the first couple of chapters, I was like, WTF Jennifer Echols wrote an issue book Arg And, I have to note that I always appreciate that Jennifer s books always feature diverse characters, and this one continues that trend.The One That I Want really made me look forward to Echols adult release, coming out next year she s so good at creating tension and fun chemistry between characters, and does so with a sense of humor, that I m eager to see how that ll translate to an adult audience. Gemma Can T Believe Her Luck When The Star Football Player Starts Flirting With Her Max Is Totally Swoon Worthy, And Even Gets Her Quirky Sense Of Humor So When He Asks Out Her So Called Best Friend Addison, Gemma S Heartbroken Then Addison Pressures Gemma To Join The Date With One Of Max S Friends But The Time They All Spend Together, The Harder Gemma Falls For Max She Can T Help Thinking That Max Likes Her Back It S Just Too Bad He S Already Dating Addison How Can Gemma Get The Guy She Wants Without Going After Her Best Friend S Boyfriend

Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama a setting that has inspired many of her books She has written nine romantic novels for young adults, including the comedy MAJOR CRUSH, which won the National Readers Choice Award, and the drama GOING TOO FAR, which was a finalist in the RITA, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Book Buyer s Bes

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