The Osterman Weekend

The Osterman Weekend In Zurich Moscow Washington The Machinery Was Already Set In Motion, While In A Quiet Suburb An Odd Assortment Of Men And Women Gathered For A Momentous Weekend At Stake Was The Very Existence Of The United States Of Americad The Future Of The Entire Free World

Jonathan Ryder and

[Reading] ➶ The Osterman Weekend  ➽ Robert Ludlum –
  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • The Osterman Weekend
  • Robert Ludlum
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9780194242844

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    Early 1970 s spy thriller from Robert Ludlum, the Bourne guy U.S versus the Soviets, the Cold War Ludlum levels up the paranoia to Paranoia and finally to PARANOIA Do the Soviets have sleeper agents, code named Omega, working for them who will covertly topple the American economic system once given the word The CIA enlists TV producer, John Tanner in order to take Omega out of the picture He s getting together with three couples for their annual week end one or all three have ties with Omega Each couple is approached with information that the other couples and Tanner are wise to them Let the mind games begin Ludlum does an effective job ratcheting up the tension the ending, though perfunctory, isn t totally unsatisfying or unbelievable , just standard fare for this type of book.The book was made into an almost indecipherably obtuse movie back in the 1980 s This isn t a Bourne Bond book The conflict, for most of the book, is cerebral than action oriented, plus the movie was horribly miscast Avoid.

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    I really liked the movie back in the 80s Hard to say why Great cast and a kid with a crossbow The book is detailed and complex Great story of a Soviet plot to break business and professional leaders through blackmail The idea was to release damaging data or turn people in attempt to destroy the American economy Misdirection and suspicion drives four couples to the edge Friends mistrusted friends all caught up in finding out who among them worked for the Soviet Project called Omega Written on my iPhone

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    This is the 18th Robert Ludlum novel I ve read I had devoured the first 17 books decades ago when I was in my early 20 s and I feel confident in saying they had a great deal to do with my career ambitions at the time The fictional worlds of espionage and intrigue were just what my young indestructible self considered ideal at the time But alas my life took a different and much realistic turn and I was destined to experience my love of such things through reading.I ve read hundreds of novels in the thriller genre since my early Ludlum days and have found many worthwhile reads In truth, I had sort of forgotten about those old Ludlum paperbacks until a few days ago when I realized I still had The Osterman Weekend sitting there on my countless book shelves, surrounded by similar titles, mostly unread Covert One novels written in Ludlum s name but by different authors The timing was perfect, having just finished another book, and so I grabbed it off the shelf and took the plunge.The Osterman Weekend is Robert Ludlum s second novel, after The Scarlatti Inheritance and was first published in 1972 I ve always felt the early Ludlum, which I loosely define as those written in the 1970 s, are far superior to the bloated works of his novels written in the 1980 s There are exceptions of course but generally I have found early Ludlums to be better Ludlum s novels typically feature one heroic man in a struggle against some sort of powerful adversary whose intentions and motivations are evil and who are capable of using political and economic mechanisms in frightening ways Many times the nature of the adversary isn t well defined it s enough that we know they are the bad guys.This book is a perfect example It s a tightly contained story with a protagonist, John Tanner, who through no fault of his own, is set up in a dangerous situation as a foil to reveal the identities of the bad guys The novel includes a handful of major co characters, occurs over a short time span and continuously builds suspense The big bad is represented by Omega but we never learn exactly what Omega is We just know what John Tanner knows and that Omega needs to be stopped The problem for Tanner is that he does not know whom to trust Even though written in the third person, the reader sees everything through Tanner s eyes As his suspicions about the other characters rise and desperation begins to set in, especially with his concern for his family s safety, the same thing happens to us It s very effective and certainly kept me turning the pages.My trip down memory lane was a fun and exciting one And while this particular novel may have transferred over to my completed list, I may just have to revisit my thoughts on a follow on career in some sort of espionage or counter espionage field the game awaits.

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    I read this book while vacationing in Italy I was visiting with two friends and we were at the end of the second week of a three week holiday We were renting a villa in Tuscany and tempers had risen a little high while driving around somehow the one who didn t want to drive or navigate KNEW the way to go Needless to say some escapism was what I needed I perused the bookshelf of the rented villa and was very pleased to see a Ludlum in their oeuvre I escaped to the terrace with a glass of wine and settled in for a good read This is a mostly riveting thriller, especially considering it was only his second book The story takes us to a weekend of friends that was orchestrated by John after John is contacted by a CIA agent and convinced that one or of his friends are actually engaged in a conspiracy that threatens national security are in fact Soviet agents John is coerced into arranging this vacation weekend with his friends when it is actually an opportunity for him to spy on these people he thought he knew We are left constantly guessing if the CIA agent is right, if one of John s dear friends are indeed agents, or if this is some sort of double blind with the CIA agent really being the one who poses the danger The twists and turns the story takes never seem contrived and leave you sincerely wondering what is coming next It takes you through paranoia, fear, anger, incredulity and loss loss of trust, loss of friendship and definite loss of well being in some cases This book did start off slow but it was well worth the slog through the first part Once all the parties have arrived the action really takes off I love a good spy thriller and usually prefer those books of Ludlum s but this every man story was very good Ludlum really took the time to let us get to know the characters and in doing that we were invested in the outcome I can t say that in reading this book I didn t visualize my travel companions as spies I needed to take down but what it left me with was a better appreciation of how easy it was to lose a good friend The afternoon and evening with this book on the terrace was just the escape I needed and I am happy to say that I didn t bug my friends rooms, hold them at gunpoint until they surrendered the maps of Italy or poison their wine All in all a very satisfying read.

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    I hadn t read a Robert Ludlum novel since the Jason Bourne series was popular years ago This one was a quick read, full of action, clever and unpredictable I had the bad guys figured out at least ten times If you are in the mood for a quick, enjoyable mystery, this would a good choice.

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    This book is a really boring read.I could not finished it and stopped at page 90.It is not a regular Robert Ludlumit has no real urgency of excitement to it.First I thought I can just soldier on but just could not.On the First few pages you just want to fall asleep I would say don t waste your time in trying to read this book.This was time wasted, wish I did not by this book.

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    The first Ludlum book I have read, and it moved fast Ludlow has a style of writing that moves well Suspense was exceptional and unpredictable It s not fair to the book, but it was a little dated This was an easy read Ludlum captures the egos and there was plenty of that to go around of the characters so well that I nearly imagined a movie playing out Go figure, and no small wonder so many of his books are now also movies.

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    Somone gave me a Ludlum title and I didn t have anything to read, and I started on it when I took a flight to St Louis I was riveted and got on this Ludlum kick I must have read six or seven of his books this past month Something of a debauach, I admit I decided to read all of his books in order this is his second.Some of his older stuff is somewhat dated, but his ability to tell a tell that keeps you reading is unparallelled And the About the Author section of The Chancellor Manuscript has a wonderful note, by Ludlum himself, about how his twenty years in the theater helped his novel writing trememndously Three families who live in a posh burb of New York odd things are happening to each of them A fourth family, the Ostermans, are coming in from Los Angeles.The main character, John Tanner, is a news director for a major network He is summoned to Washington, DC to discuss his network s FCC licence When he arrives, however, he learns that he s been gotten to he nation s capital ona pretense, and he is recruited by the CIA to spy on his friends, one of whom, he is told, is a Soviet agent He is forced to cooperate, and is told that his job is to find out which of his friends is the spy.It s easy to underestimate Ludlum The old Soviet Spy Stuff seems dated, clearly the political problems of yesteryear And the technology no cell phones, large main frame computers that use cards, and the attempts of middle aged men to be hip in the late Sixties and early Seventies all are anachronistic.His characters, however, are not The poele Ludlum creates are people we know and can believe in, and their fears and troubles are ours.Ludlum has two types of plot the story in which an ordinary person is caught up in an intrigue and grows to be capable of extroardinary action, and the super spy Jason Bourne stuff, in which the actions hero triumphs through superior training.The author s best plots are the earlier type, the ones in which ordinary characters are caught up in extraordinary circumstances The Osterman Weekend is one of those books, and, despite the differences in age, time, and era, his story is one well worth reading This is a page turner in the best sense of the word I d like to say I m ending my Ludlum debauch and am going to get to literary work, but I d be lying My next book is The Matarese Circle.

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    The book starts out with murder and deception A TV host of a 60 Minutes type show, is being summoned to Washington under false pretences and convinced by the CIA that his friends are conspiring against the country The host, John Tanner, invites his friends to his home for the weekend in order for the traitor to reveal themselves so the CIA could capture them This is a clever, intriguing and fun book which has glimmers of the genius which Robert Ludlum is about to become The characters come to life, even though not all of them are likeable or pleasant I ve enjoyed this book not as much as I enjoyed Ludlum s later releases simply because it intrigued me, the characters were interesting and the plot was fascinating since both the reader and the main character have no idea what s going on Even though the book might seem thick, as are most of Ludlum s books, it is a quick read and a page turner.

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    I enjoyed this quick novel by Ludlum standards much than I thought I would It s very different from his other works in that it doesn t feature some nearly superhuman government agent, but just a regular guy in his regular life that gets caught up in some very irregular stuff Much of it feels almost like an Agatha Christie novel, as you re trying to figure out who s who and who did what do whom That, and the final 100 pages are non stop action, suspense, and thrills Not a Ludlum classic, but quite a fun read.

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