The Paris Vendetta

The Paris Vendetta When Napoleon Bonaparte Died In Exile In , He Took To The Grave A Powerful Secret As General And Emperor, He Had Stolen Immeasurable Riches From Palaces, National Treasuries, And Even The Knights Of Malta And The Vatican In His Final Days, His British Captors Hoped To Learn Where The Loot Lay Hidden But He Told Them Nothing, And In His Will He Made No Mention Of The Treasure Or Did He Former Justice Department Operative Cotton Malone Isn T Looking For Trouble When It Comes Knocking At His Copenhagen Bookshop Actually, It Breaks And Enters In The Form Of An American Secret Service Agent With A Pair Of Assassins On His Heels Malone Has His Doubts About The Anxious Young Man, But Narrowly Surviving A Ferocious Firefight Convinces Him To Follow His Unexpected New Ally Their First Stop Is The Secluded Estate Of Malone S Good Friend, Henrik Thorvaldsen The Wily Danish Tycoon Has Uncovered The Insidious Plans Of The Paris Club, A Cabal Of Multimillionaires Bent On Manipulating The Global Economy Only By Matching Wits With A Terrorist For Hire, Foiling A Catastrophic Attack, And Plunging Into A Desperate Hunt For Napoleon S Legendary Lost Treasure Can Malone Hope To Avert International Financial Anarchy But Thorvaldsen S Real Objective Is Much Personal To Avenge The Murder Of His Son By The Larcenous Aristocrat At The Heart Of The Conspiracy Thorvaldsen S Vendetta Places Malone In An Impossible Quandary One That Forces Him To Choose Between Friend And Country, Past And Present Starting In Denmark, Moving To England, And Ending Up In The Storied Streets And Cathedrals Of Paris, Malone Plays A Breathless Game Of Duplicity And Death, All To Claim A Prize Of Untold Value But At What Cost From The Hardcover Edition

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    I m a huge fan of Steve Berry The amount of research he does for each one is just amazing He takes us on travels that most of us will never go on ourselves I always learn something new.The Paris Vendetta focuses on Napoleon Bonaparte Most of us probably know the following facts about Napoleon He was short He stuck his hand inside his coat all of the time He lost at Waterloo He was exiled to some island.Small bit of trivia I had a pen pal from the island to which he was first exiled, Elba Anyway, I have to be honest and say that this was not my favorite book by Berry I just didn t take an interest in the story the way I usually do Where was Cassiopeia Vitt Did this really take place just two weeks after the last novel ended The book just didn t focus enough on Cotton s life, which is what we have come to expect While Thorvaldsen is a great character as well, there was hardly any interaction between Cotton and Thorvaldsen and that is such great relationship Also, why is Thorvaldsen so crippled by his son s death now, but seemed okay in earlier books In any case, it s still better than Twilight.

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    Yes, Yes, Yes At last I have finished the book What can I say this book A mixed pickle or something To be very honest, it s an atom bomb.Whenever I first saw this book at Adee Prokashoni, Banglabazar, I was little hesitating to buy this book But it caught my attention right after I read the back cover summery Napoleon Bonaparte is always a mysterious character to me So his grave in this super fast action thriller.I don t want to say much about the story It s about Napoleon s Hidden Treasure and its Hint, a puzzle, was already buried in his grave It s about Lord Ashby and his search for Napoleon s Treasure It s about Henrik Thorvaldsen and his revenge of his son s death It s about Eliza Larocque and the story of her Paris Club It s about Sam Collins and Megan Morisson and their search for the truth It s about Peter Lion, the top terrorist and his greed, violence and wickedness It s about Cotton Melon and his perplexed situation to choose one between patriotism and friendship It s all about Treasure Hunting, Puzzle Solving, History, Death, Mystery, Terrorism, Wickedness, Greed, Conspiracy, Re Conspiracy, Loyalty, Friendship and much It s all about a super fast, page turner, thrilling story.The Bengali Translation is good But the translator should have been careful about sentence formation Sometimes it was very difficult to understand what he meant to say The formation was not so easy to understand And the editing was not so good I found so many printing mistakes Cotton Melon became Throvaldsen, Throvaldsen became Lion, again Melon becam Lion in many places But as long as I understand the situation, I don t mind If you like thriller, the book is a must read for you Just a sweet 4 star Now I wanna finish my hotchpotch review with a quote from the book This quote has won my heart True friends live and die together And every good friend was once Unknown.

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    With the 5th novel in the Cotton Malone Series, the author has written another well crafted book, where he skillfully blends modern day suspense and historical mystery, featuring Cotton Malone, ex member of the Magellan Billet, now living a quite life as a bookstore owner in Copenhagen I love the fact that Malone has a love for books just like me And he has something I would have loved to have owned his very own bookstore This story focuses primarily on Malone s friend and mentor, Henrik Thorvaldsen, who has discovered who the person responsible for the tragic death of his beloved son, and is bent on destroying him.To do this, he becomes a member of the secret and dangerous Paris Club, a cabal of some of the richest people in the planet, who plan to destabilize the global economy, destroying famous landmarks and causing world chaos, thus gaining power and riches This gets him closer to his son s killer, who is also a member of the club.Malone is in a race against time, as he tries not only to discover the truth of what Henrik has told him but also trying to keep him from being killedThe historical part of the plot is about Napoleon Bonaparte that starts with him conquering Cairo and ends with his exile in St Helene.We are given bits of real history interwoven with the WHAT IF Napoleon had stolen many treasures on his conquering trips but until his death in 1821, had never revealed the locations where they were hidden But did he tell his secret to someone in his last days A member of the Paris Club believes that the treasure exists she has inherited books and documents supposedly written by Napoleon, and she will do anything to discover it Not only is she in the race to find the legendary treasure, but others as well.The history presented is really fascinating and I really want to know in fact, after I finished this book, I did look up a lot of information on Napoleon I loved this quote of hisWe follow Malone on a breathless journey of treachery, deception, death and surprise that takes us to Denmark, London and Paris and along the way, we see characters we have met before like Stephanie Nelle, Malone s ex boss at Magellan Billet and the new character, Ross Collins, FBI agent on the run and helping Henrik I hope he plays a part in the next books.The history that this author incorporates into the story is really impressive and one can see the amazing research he did.Another quote which I thought fitted well in with the Paris Club cabal s greediness and hunger for power A great thriller that pulled me in from the very beginning and with the most surprising and the unexpected twist at the end that left me kind of reeling A really amazing book in this series.

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    I recieved this book as part of a first reads giveaway Overall, I really enjoyed it It s pretty fast paced, action packed I also really enjoyed the characters This book reminded me a bit of a Dan Brown novel, in the way that history becomes an integreal part of the story I really enjoyed the parts about Napolean My one real problem was that this book is in the middle of a series And I ve never read the other books in the series I m sure that if I had already read the other books, I would have enjoyed this , and probably have given it 5 stars Of course, that s not the books or the authors fault Just the way the giveaways sometimes happen But I really enjoyed this book and have every intention of going back and starting the series from the beginning If you are a Dan Brown fan, check out this author Check out my blog on

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    Cotton Malone s Danish mentor and friend, Henrik Throvaldsen, has finally put everything in place to take revenge for his son s murder that took place years ago A vendetta But to do so gets him tangled up with an international cabal that is attempting to locate and plunder Napoleon s lost treasure Meanwhile, Cotton is roped into a related effort to catch a notorious terrorist All of these plots intersect, sometimes at cross purposes which creates wonderful tension and drama Their journey s take them from Denmark to England, and finally, to Paris for a rather shocking conclusion.This 5th novel in the Cotton Malone series once again offers a good mix of action adventure mixed with interesting history Obviously, the history this time around revolves around Napoleon, and specifically about his coded messages to his son and heir about where the treasure is hidden I ve been a fan of Steve Berry s work for a while now and this book will not change my opinion I suspect the popularity of any one of his books will revolve around the reader s interest in whatever historical aspects are involved Napoleon was a complicated figure to be sure, part time devil and part time saint As such, I will likely appreciate almost any well written historical novel involving him This, of course, isn t a historical novel, but rather an action spy thriller with historical plot points I feel like I know these characters after five novels and so the conclusion was difficult to read No spoilers but suffice to say the author seems intent on moving things forward rather than simply re writing previous novels with different circumstances I certainly admire that and look forward to the next one in the series.

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    When I picked this book up, I d seen reviews saying that it wasn t like Berry s previous novels Some of the reviewers liked it, some didn t I have to admit, they were right the book isn t much like any of Berry s other novels Rather than focus on the pursuit of some forgotten bit of history, the main focus of the book is about revenge, politics pride It reads like a spy mystery mixed in with a crime drama than anything else.The story finds Cotton Malone s bookstore home being broken into by an eager young agent by the name of Sam Sam claims that he s working for Cotton s old friend Henrik Thorvaldsen, which Cotton initially doubts but since there s several baddies trying to kill Sam, Cotton follows along in order to keep alive as well as discover the truth What he discovers is that Henrik is on a path of revenge against the people who killed his son Cai so many years ago As Cotton is pulled into this scheme, he also discovers the existence of an organization The Paris Club bent on controlling the world s wealth power as well as the plans of several organization members Erika Ashby to uncover a secret cache of wealth hidden by Napoleon himself.Seriously, the whole hidden treasure thing was a back story The main focus of the book was Thorvaldsen s quest for revenge Erika s leader of the Paris Club quest for power as well as her desire to also get revenge on past wrongs done against her ancestors by Napoleon The treasure was just Erika s way of getting said revenge.The book had two serious flaws One is that for the average Berry reader, this was sort of a bait switch I can understand that eventually Henrik would have to get his revenge, but the plot just wasn t what I d come to expect from one of Berry s books It wasn t terrible, but since I wasn t expecting it, I didn t get into the book at first After a while I got into it enough to give it the rating I did.The second flaw of the book is that there s just too freaking much going on in it Too many characters, too many plot arcs bouncing around too much of everything except the one thing I wanted from one of Berry s works history treasure hunting I just didn t really feel enough for the characters to really want to keep track of all of them honestly I kind of struggled to finish the book I enjoyed it well enough to give it three stars, but I can safely say that if Berry s next work doesn t improve I ll won t be rushing out to buy any of his books any I ll be waiting for the paperbacks.Now let me justify my 3 star rating When the book does go well, it s usually during the times that the actual treasure hunting or history building is underway That s one thing that Berry does well the Napoleonic history treasure in this book is no exception I did like seeing Thorvaldsen s desire for revenge, although that s pretty much the only emotion he truly showed in the book It almost seemed out of character for him, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, given how much he cared for his son Fans of the series will be a little disappointed by this book New readers will be slightly lost by all of the references to previous books, but they may actually fare better as they don t have any prior expectations for Berry to live up to.

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    In this fifth book in the Cotton Malone series by Steve Berry, we find Cotton pressed into service yet again when Sam Collins, an American Secret Service Agent, breaks into his home in the middle of the nights with assassins on his heels Cotton discovers that Sam was sent to him by his old friend and ally, Henrik Thorvaldsen who needs his help to stop the Paris Club.The Paris Club is a cabal of multimillionaires that are on using their connections and influence to manipulate the global financial markets In attempting to stop the destruction that is planned by the cabal, Cotton must match wits with not only a terrorist for hire but also an unscrupulous treasure hunter as they hunt for Napoleon Bonapart s lost treasure.This was not one of the better Cotton Malone books, but neither was it the worst see review of book 4 It s an interesting story and has the usual thrills and action that we ve come to expect from Berry I will assume that this was a blip in the series and continue with Cotton s various adventures.Rating 3.25

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    Steve Berry s novel, THE PARIS VENDETTA provides his usual blend of wonderful primary and secondary characters, intensity, reflecting a firm grasp of history, and the ability to bring the reader to the edge of their seats The book is the fifth installment of the Cotton Malone series Malone is a former naval officer, US Justice Department agent in the Magellin Billet that specialized in international cases who retired from the government and purchased a bookstore in Copenhagen For the first time we learn the details as to why Malone retired at a fairly young age for an agent with his skills He was on a case in Mexico City two years before he quit and witnessed the shooting of Mexican prosecutor Elena Ramirez Rico and her significant other Cai Thorvalsen, a Danish diplomat serving in Mexico City, and the son of Malone s close friend the reclusive billionaire Henrik Thorvalsen Malone was wounded during the shooting and for him that was enough Thorvalsen approached Malone and offered to sell him the bookstore and the friendship flourished They became involved in a number of important situations that have been told in earlier novels In the current case it seems that after two years Thorvalsen has identified who killed his son, an action that had devastated the Danish aristocrat and for him revenge and the humiliation of the man responsible was foremost in his mind It seems that two men Amando Cabral and Lord Graham Ashby, men who traded in stolen antiquities were about to be charged in a Mexican court for their activities when the killings took place Malone was able to kill Cabral, but Ashby, the man who Thorvalsen blamed remained free.It would not be acceptable for a Berry mystery to just be about murder and revenge and THE PARIS VENDETTA is no exception Berry s novels immediately create a puzzle with each component of the story carefully crafted to arouse the reader s curiosity, and the current volume is no exception At the onset of the plot Berry introduces Napoleon Bonaparte into the equation We meet the French dictator in Cairo fourteen months after he has conquered Lower Egypt While examining the Pyramids Napoleon decides he must return to Paris because the ruling Directory is not following the revolutionary agenda and has made enemies of most of Europe Napoleon s supposed wealth becomes a major factor in the story s development We are led to Corsica and other environs as Ashby and others seek the deposed dictator s cache, if in fact it exists Further, the Napoleon s writings become important because according to Thorvalsen the key to uncovering Napoleon s wealth is in his personal library For Ashby the cache is extremely important because of financial difficulties and he is hell bent to locate it It seems that Lord Ashby, a rich English banker, a possible double agent for the United States, and investor in one of England s most important financial institutions has made a number of poor decisions and even though his situation has improved by uncovering Edwin Rommel s gold hidden in Corsica in 1943 he needs further funds.Another thread in the story is seen through the character of Eliza LaRocque, a rich woman who has maintained a vendetta against the Bonaparte s since the time of the French emperor s reign due to how her ancestors were treated She has gone on to create the Paris Club, a group of billionaires whose main goal is to influence world markets and financial institutions as a vehicle to enhance their wealth, even if she exploits the terrorist threats She joins forces with Ashby, but each have their own agenda in uncovering Napoleon s cache of wealth In addition, Berry introduces the reader to Sonny Collins, an American secret service agent whose bosses have questioned his quest to expose financiers who continue to enhance their wealth financing debt, and wars in particular Thorvalsen introduces Collins to Malone and after laying the groundwork in the first part of the book the plot is enhanced, particularly when the international terrorist Peter Lyon is introduced The question that must be asked is how do all of these characters fit together, and how does Malone navigate the complex situations he finds himself in because of his friendship with Thorvalsen.Berry s observations and historical background presented ring very true, especially his remarks about Napoleon and contemporary French society Berry s astute remarks regarding religious and ethnic polarization in today s France, keeping in mind that THE PARIS VENDETTA is published in 2009, points to the marginalization of France s Moslem population and the rise of the political right If one is looking for a reason why ISIS has been able to create such havoc in France during the last calendar year all one has to do is look to how people of the Islamic faith have been treated in France.Overall, Berry maintains the quality of knowledge and plot that pulse through the entire Cotton Malone series, and if you are interested the next installment is THE EMPEROR S TOMB.

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    I crawled to the end of this book Very disappointed and will not return to this author Was expecting a page turner, but simply could not get drawn in There are several reasons for this 1 The characters and story so full of stereotypes, they turn kitschy2 Poor writing technique3 The lack of cadence and a nonexistent writing style4 Poor fact checking and realism.Examples 1 Stereotypes multivalent hero, lone wolf, with billionaire friends, US president on speed dial etc.2 Writing technique formulations which throw you off when trying to picture the described scene using the overhangs from the closed shops as an umbrella induces the idea that the character was somehow wielding several objects to act as one Many times it feels as if you are reading a poor translation of the original text.3 Writing style jumbling contemplative descriptions within passages where the rhythm of the story is much faster The impression is that unassorted flourishes have been added in post production, without paying attention to whether they fit to the surrounding text.4 Ineptitudes assigning the French Airforce with Tornado fighters or French authorities unfathomably accommodating to violent foreign operations on their soil or easy conversions of light aircraft into drones or French security services oblivious to the wonders of radio jamming equipment Etc etc.

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    All the good history and treasure hunting took a back seat to the conspiracies and revenge It seemed a bit haphazard, with the stories not nearly as well tied all together by the end, as most other Berry books have More like a National Treasure movie than a Malone novel, especially at the end, down to the relationship dynamics of the characters.

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