The Pretenders (The Similars, #2)

The Pretenders (The Similars, #2) Source Publisher Genre Young Adult Science Fiction Mystery Rating 3.5 Thoughts Rebecca Hanover s The Pretenders is the second and final installment to the authors The Similars duology Emmaline Chase and her Similar friends are back at Darkwood Academy but with a surprise Oliver Gravelle, who was thought to be dead, has been returned from Castor Island after being away for his entire Junior year On the other hand, Levi, who is Oliver s similar, is still on the island and not allowed to leave or contact Emma As the story opens, Emma has been told a really twisted secret by Gravelle Full Review Gizmos Reviews You know that scene in the office where Jim says the Dwight revealed that he was a double agent which allowed Andy to share that he too was a double agent and then wait for it Michael was also a double agent That s this book The Pretenders follows Emma as she works through the chaos that found Levi back on the island and Ollie home sage and though she wants to celebrate having her friend back he can t fill the hole in her life where his clone used to be and when mischief in the form of Duplicates shows up on campus the 10 must work together to bring down their creator once and for all I feel like the author too every chance they could get to throw in plot twists for shock value instead of writing a story that took a very real issue and made it a jumbled mess I was interested to see how the reveal for Emma would carry her and her relationships with Ollie and the Similars towards the final resolution of the book and if we would see a climax that put the creator up against those he felt wronged and abandoned him but instead we got a mess of an ending that was supposed to have this emotional weight to it but given how fast the information was thrown in it left me rolling my eyes than appreciating the sacrifice I don t know I feel like there was a lot of potential here for some sort of conversation since it relies heavily on a narrative we re seeing play out on the news and the concept of hating other simply for being different but even that arc got wrapped up without any final statement as the characters in question were shuffled offscreen suffering no real punishment If you like sci fi I m sure this will be a good ending for you but for me it was like they tried to cram the entirety of Orphan Black into a half hour and for me it just didn t work special thanks to the publishers and netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for a fair and honest review In This Conclusion To The Similars Duology, Emma Must Figure Out Who She Really Is, Decide Between Two Boys With The Same Face, And Stop A Dangerous Plan Based On RevengeEmma Is Still Reeling From The Events Of Her Junior Year At Darkwood Not Only Is Her Best Friend, Oliver, Shockingly Alive, But The Boy She Loves His Similar, Levi Is Still On The Island Where He Grew Up, Stranded With His Deranged CreatorMore Importantly, She Is Grappling With Who She Really Is Emma Can T Accept The Hard Truths She Learned Last Year And Refuses To Share Her Secrets With Anyone, Isolating Herself From Her Friends And OllieBut When Of The Similars Creator S Plot Is Revealed, Emma And Her Friends Will Have To Try To Stop Him From Putting A Plan Into Motion That Could Destroy Everyone She Loves Okay, the ending totally got me I d be impressed if anyone saw it coming The few things that truly bugged me was the dialogue and descriptions sometimes I don t understand why Hanover uses the phrase I exhort when the MC, Emma, is talking to her friends You can just use I say Simple words exist for a reason Or feeling bereft or my words divorced from my mouth which is fancy and I appreciate, but when you use it over four times within the span of 10 chapters, it gets old I actually got confused on the phrasing, which really isn t something that should derail the reader from the story It s not as important as the plot and the characters All authors have to think about how much attention their descriptions will take But overall, WOW I loved it and would totally recommend I did like the ending There was nice twists in it Wish there was to the ending.. The Similars and The Pretenders are the perfect pair Emma has so much new information and a shocking revelation to comes to terms with I love the twist and the humanity that takes center stage I was so shocked and felt so lucky to get the ebook on loan from the library right away with NO wait, unheard of for me If you haven t read The Similars, pick it up today and then The Pretenders right after. 3.5 Okay look, it s kind of impossible for me to write a legit review without spoiling stuff at the very least, stuff from the first book And I don t want to do that, because I know that I often look to reviews for both books before starting a series, so, you know I will say, I liked this one even than the first I thought it was twistier and exciting, and I actually had no problem jumping back into the world which, I admit, I worried about a bit because I didn t think I remembered a ton about book one surprise, I did The characters became much developed, including the side characters In the first book, I was a little confused by them all, but this one did a good job of making me care much about everyone, including MC Emma While I do wish that a few topics that were introduced had been fleshed out and expanded upon a bit , for the most part it was a satisfying series finale that I enjoyed throughout Emma and her Similiar friends continue to struggle against the crazy plans of their creator and guardian.It happens that I ve been reading mostly books in series lately Lots of sequels coming out around now And the of them I read, the less I understand why publishers can t put a little recap in at the start It s a year and a half since I read the first book I vaguely remembered the plot, but the main source of angst for Emma the whole way through this one No memory of it at all I had to think what the Ten was and I m still not sure why the school has both a Headmistress and a Principal On its own, this story isn t bad There s little sense of urgency despite the terrible plans chugging along in the background, and during the climactic scene we re told there s a huge fight going on with guns and martial arts moves and everything, but the main characters still have time for a conversation However, the characters are well written, the settings are good and a couple of reveals are well timed.Overall, not amazing, but not terrible either. It s almost pub day, and I am ELATED to share book 2 of THE SIMILARS series with you This series has been a part of my life for so long now, it s a dream to have the second part out in the world Thank you to every reader who has reached out every book champion, librarian, book seller and reviewer THANK YOU. The Similars The Similars, 1The Pretenders The Similars, 2Quick recapShort synopsis After discovering a shocking truth on Castor Island, Emma must figure it all out while also stuck in a love triangle with two boys who has the same face Read this book if you re Fan of a fast paced light sci fi You might want to consider it because The romance plot was extremely way dominating, considering this book promoted as a YA Sci fi.Sadly, my review of the first book is still applicable for this sequel The plot twists didn t leave any dramatic impacts However, the romance pissed me off even than before because of Emma s continuous emphasis on physical attractiveness, which happened multiple times ever since the first book and made her shallower than ever Not to mention Emma s internal monologue for categorizing Levi as hot and tough while Oliver as cute and sweet Just nope Thank you Sourcebooks Fire for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rebecca Hanover is the NY Times bestselling author of THE SIMILARS series She earned a bachelor of arts from Stanford University in English and drama and won an Emmy as a staff writer on the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light It s surprisingly heavy, and has scary sharp wings Rebecca lives in San Francisco with her husband and three kiddos, where she enjoys matcha lattes, hoodies, and a complete

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