The Purple Coat (Reading Rainbow Book)

The Purple Coat (Reading Rainbow Book)This book is about a little girl who goes to visit her grandpa who is a tailor Every year he makes her a blue coat but this year she decides she wants a purple coat It s a very cute book that could have applications in learning to try new things and having change It could also be great to look at the illustrations and importance of color. The Purple Coat by Amy HestISBN 10 0689716346Gabrielle travels to the city to visit with her grandfather while her mom works He is a tailor and makes her coats every year, a blue one always.They have lunch and get exactly what they always have They try to pursuade her to just try something different.She tells him she wants a purple coat rather than a blue one, to just try something new and different.It reminds the grandfather of an orange dress the mom wanted with ruffles He has a fantastic idea about having a blue coat that goes with everything and a purple coat as well. Every Year, In The Fall, Gabrielle Gets A New Coat And Every Year Her Coat Looks The Same Navy Blue With Two Rows Of Buttons And A Half Belt In The Back But This Year Gabrielle Wants Something Different A Purple Coat Purple Mama Laughs But Gabrielle Is Quite Serious Alone With Grampa In His Cozy Tailor Shop, Gabrielle Does Some Fast Talking Still, Even Grampa Is Dubious His Solution Makes The Purple Coat A Very Special Book, Just Right For Every Child Who Has Ever Wanted To Try Something Different What an adorable story about a little girl reminding her mother in a sweet way of when she was a little girl and wanted something really bad The little girl knows it is that time of year when she goes to her grandpa who is a tailor to get her yearly coat made She always gets a navy coat but this year she wants something else but her mother says that you always get After she spends time with her Grandpa telling him what she would like he asks about what her mother thought then he tells her about when her mama was little and wanted a very outrageous dress So sometimes what you always get doesn t have to always be I enjoyed reading this Reading Rainbow book to my 3 year old granddaughter and she enjoyed sitting watching the illustrations and listening. I really, really love this book I had a teacher read this to me when I was in kindergarten, which was longer ago than I would like yet I still remembered this book years later Now I own a bookshop of my own and I always keep a few copies in stock It s a really sweet and timeless story about a girl s relationship with her grandfather, and her early steps into learning to be her own person Sweet, simple and fun Appropriate for either gender. Gabi always gets a navy blue coat for winter, and her grandfather makes it But this year she wants a purple coat, and her mother is shocked it s so different from what she usually gets With the Power of Childhood Stories somebody once wanted a tangerine dress her mother is convinced, and Gabi gets her coat.It s a good story, well written and well illustrated A little long for the subject, but it works I m just not overly drawn to it. Gabrielle s grandpa is a tailor and it s time for Gabby to visit him so she can get her yearly navy blue coat This year is different because Gabby wants a purple coat Her grandpa teaches her that once in a while, it s good to try something new but will her mother be happy with what Gabby and her Grandpa come up with For books with a quilting sewing theme see The main character, Gabrielle, spends the day with her grandfather, a tailor who makes her winter coat each year The thing is, she wants a different color coat this year and that news is not received well by her mother It takes the wisdom of her grandfather to convince her mother to compromise and for Gabrielle to get the coat she wants. A girl who knows what she wants and is determined to get it I love it So does Alissa. Wonderful book with pretty illustrations about compromise.

Amy Hest is a three time winner of the Christopher Medal and winner of the BOSTON GLOBE HORN BOOK Award She lives in New York City.

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Purple Coat (Reading Rainbow Book) ✈ Amy Hest –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Purple Coat (Reading Rainbow Book)
  • Amy Hest
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9780689716348

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