The Railway Children

The Railway Children Nearly A Hundred Years After Its Original Publication, The Railway Children Is Still One Of E Nesbit S Most Beloved And Delightful Stories Roberta, Peter, And Phyllis Were Very Happy Living In A Comfortable House Surrounded By A Cook And Servants And Two Loving Parents, Until One Evening When There Was A Knock At The Door And Their Father Was Mysteriously Taken Away By Two Men Suddenly Alone, Their Mother Moves The Family To A Small Cottage In The Countryside There, The Children Begin A Series Of Exciting Adventures, From Saving A Train Filled With Passengers From A Landslide, To Rescuing A Baby From A Fire, To Aiding A Penniless Russian Exile, To Eventually Unraveling The Mystery Of Their Father S Disappearance Featuring A New Jacket Illustration By Caldecott Medalist Paul O Zelinsky, As Well As All Nineteen Of The Original Black And White Line Drawings By C E Brock, This Classic Story Is Perfect For Home And Classroom Libraries

Edith Nesbit married name Edith Bland 15 August 1858 4 May 1924 was an English author and poet she published her books for children under the name of E Nesbit.She wrote or collaborated on over 60 books of fiction for children, several of which have been adapted for film and television She was also a political activist and co founded the Fabian Society, a socialist organisation later connec

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    The shock involved in crying over a children s book that endorses theft, children soliciting favours from old men, and frequent acts of trespass on to Railway property is hard to describe.As is the dislocation in reading a Father tell his son that girls are as clever as boys before inviting his daughter to consider a railway career, and a man with a Polish surname imprisoned in Siberia for offending the Russian state Still, I am fairly sure that this was published in 1906 and not 2006, afterall there was a film with Bernard Cribbins and Jennifer Agutter wasn t there Anyway, the timetable requires that this review moves out of the station, and as it emerges between the platforms and buildings we can see something of the structure of the novel There are three rescues performed by the children view spoiler the landslip view spoiler interesting here the comparison with Vsevolod Garshin s story the red flag man saves train by staining a white cloth with his own blood to make a red flag, here the girl children happen to be wearing red flannel petticoats, I doubt that Nesbit was aware of Garshin but we can see how the disaster of a rail crash can be averted by everything from tragedy through to comedy, from the cost of one s own life through to at the cost of one s own underwear view spoiler and that is plainly why one should always wear red underwear hide spoiler

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    The Railway Children, E Nesbit The Railway Children is a children s book by Edith Nesbit, originally serialised in The London Magazine during 1905 and first published in book form in 1906 It has been adapted for the screen several times, of which the 1970 film version is the best known The story concerns a family who move from London to The Three Chimneys , a house near the railway in Yorkshire, after the father, who works at the Foreign Office, is imprisoned after being falsely accused of spying The children befriend an Old Gentleman who regularly takes the 9 15 train near their home he is eventually able to help prove their father s innocence, and the family is reunited The family takes care of a Russian exile, Mr Szczepansky, who came to England looking for his family and Jim, the grandson of the Old Gentleman, who suffers a broken leg in a tunnel 1977 1355 321 1379 321 964432224 1388 9789644322242 1394 254 9786000103781 1396 1378 321 9645939061 20 1375 112 1386 1391 293 .

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    Question Why do I read Children s Literature Answer I read them because they are feel good stories and they fill you to the brim with hopes They teach you great lessons through simple actions and easy sentences.Question Did The Railway Children fulfill these expectations Answer Certainly My Four Stars rating is the proof of that.Question Why not a Five star rating Answer Unfortunately I fell in the trap of comparison game I compared it with other books of similar genre that had received five star rating Heidi and I think it fell short of few points.Question What did you learn Answer Many things Among them the best lesson I think was that if you make yourself friends with everyone no matter what their statuses are you will have a happy life It may not be easy But here is the hint given in the book about how to be friends It reads I THINK EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS FRIENDS IF YOU CAN ONLY GET THEM TO SEE YOU DON T WANT TO BE UN FRIENDS.Question Is the story about friendships Answer Yes It is about a lovely family with three kids When the family is reduced to poverty they are forced to move to a village from the town of London There they make friends with everything possible the railways that is close to their home and people associated with railway Such friendships carry them in their difficulties They forget their sufferings and in fact the friendships bring in the good news that they had always waited for.Question Any other thoughts Answer We are also taught a lesson that if we are good to others the good things will befall in our lives too And there are many lessons Read the novel and learn for yourself Or if you are an adult read the story to your kids or nephews nieces and let them learn by themselves.

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    Pilot for the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, The Railway Children versus Atlas ShruggedIt s a capacity crowd tonight at the Surrealist Boxing Stadium, and everyone s wondering if The Railway Children have a chance against Atlas Shrugged I can see them in the blue corner, I must say they look nervous, they know they re behind on weight and reach but their supporters are out in force, that s always worth a lot, Bobbie is trying to calm Phyllis, she s whispering something in her ear And it s the bell, Atlas Shrugged goes straight for them, oh no, she s already got the children s father arrested, we could be looking at a first round knockout here, but the mother rallies, she s ducking and weaving and she s managed to get the kids off to Yorkshire, they move into their new home The ref is calling time, and I see there s a railway going right past their back garden, I think it s a Taggart line, this is exciting than we dared hope.The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons

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    Recently, I have been going through a phase of revisiting my favourite childhood reads to see if they still garner the same awe and satisfaction when read as an adult This, I was happy to discover, is as beloved to me now as when I first read it as a child.My younger self appreciated the focus on sibling bonds from their minor feuds to their lasting camaraderie but my older self has discovered the darker and harrowing story line, that I either seem to have prior missed or that had completely slipped my recollection I believe that these new found elements to the story are what my current adoration centres around This is proof that literature aimed at a younger audience does not have to skimp on the emotions it can elicit or is forbidden from traversing on subject matters of a sensitive nature.

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    changed my mind this is a 5 STAR BOOK I am overwhelmed by the emotions and was hungover for a day The whole journey throughout this book was magical It was nostalgic It was beautiful This book tells the story of three children whose father is taken away by the police and they have to live with their mother in poverty nearside a railway station.If poverty is living in a wonderful countryside, meeting with lively people, roaming around free and exploring new areas then I will happily accept it and of course the ending is great.Some wonderful lessons from this book Also she had the power of silent sympathy That sounds rather dull, I know, but it s not so dull as it sounds It just means that a person is able to know that you are unhappy, and to love you extra on that account, without bothering you by telling you all the time how sorry she is for you Don t you think it s rather nice to think that we re in a book that God s writing If I were writing the book, I might make mistakes But God knows how to make the story end just right in the way that s best for us everything has an end, and you get to it if you only keep all on.

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    One thing I ve noticed while reading the classics is that most of them center around female characters I find that interesting, especially when you look over American educational statistics and see that girls generally fair much better at English class than boys Perhaps this could be a reason It was a relief, then, to read The Railway Children and discover that female and male characters get equal play in this book In fact, it was the favorite book of a male friend of mine when he was little, which just proves my point Like most classics, this book was first published in the early 1900s, but there are surprisingly few outdated references most obviously, the lack of electricity in every home.The story centers around three children, Roberta, Phyllis, and Peter They are pampered but not annoying , wealthy, and generally have a pretty tame life until the night that their father is taken away Suddenly, they are forced to move out of their home to a tiny, rundown cottage in the country, and their mother is now perpetually busy writing childrens stories so that they can afford to buy food and coal to heat the cottage At no point are the children told why their father is now missing, and this taints their attempts for a care free life.Like most childrens and young adults books, this one has a variety of adventures that always end with the children on top They save a baby from a burning houseboat, the girls red petticoats help save an entire train full of passengers, and Roberta s pidgin French rescues a Russian immigrant who has lost his money and family The book is full of little adventures and mini dramas, and I really liked how eventually, the children s good attitude sets into swing a series of events that bring their father home Sometimes books like this one can be really trite and the ending spoiled by a bad plot, but this one totally escapes that Nesbit also shows a really thorough understanding of how children would feel in every situation.Even though this is a children s book, I think it could be enjoyed by every age My copy is illustrated by Dinah Dryhurst, so if you can, try to get a copy with her illustrations They are beautiful and really enhance the story.

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    Children who have grown up with Matilda, The Dumb Bunnies or The Cat in the Hat can t really appreciate what an advance Edith Nesbit s The Railway Children actually was For the first time, an author wrote about children who weren t miniature adults, who weren t preternaturally perfect, but who were flesh and blood children, children who quarreled and worried and snapped at one another when they grew fatigued or anxious.Nesbit also provides a somewhat realistic view into the Edwardian period When their father gets sent to prison, only their mother s writing keeps Roberta Bobbie , Peter and Phyllis from utter destitution As young as they are, the children can no longer attend school, as their mother can t afford the school fees Indeed, Bobbie has to serve as babysitter for her younger siblings The only unrealistic bit is that they re able to keep a servant at all Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed this fairytale story of the falsely accused prisoner and of how a good deed for another falsely accused man creates a sort of karma that brings on the happy ending.The story, while sweet, never becomes saccharine Definitely worth a read, whether you re an adult or child.

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    Did you know that C.S Lewis was greatly influenced by E Nesbit s literature He adopted a similar writing style and mannerism to hers In fact, he went as far as to mention the children in this story, the Bastable children, in his book The Magician s Nephew Now you want to go back and read it, don t you.So if you re a Lewis fan, you ll be delighted with this book and will enjoy discovering what aided his inspiration.And if you re not a Lewis fan, well, first you should take yourself in for a check up because something is decidedly the matter with your composition, and secondly, you ll still like this book because it s about children who say the funniest of things, siblings who love each other and the odd situations they find themselves in.Take, for instance, the time when all the children became shy in front of the old gentleman they owed so much too Oh, said Phyllis, my heart s thumping like a steam engine right under my sash, too Nonsense, said Peter, people s hearts aren t under their sashes I don t care mine is, said Phyllis If you re going to talk like a poetry book, said Peter, my heart s in my mouth My heart s in my boots if you come to that, said Roberta.Or the time the children were invited to an awards ceremony for an act of bravery they performed and thought they might be given a medal Perhaps it ll be medals Then when I m very old indeed, I shall show them to my grandchildren and say, We only did our duty, and they ll be awfully proud of me You have to be married, warned Phyllis, or you don t have any grandchildren I suppose I shall have to be married some day, said Peter, but it will be an awful bother having her round all the time I d like to marry a lady who had trances, and only woke up once or twice a year Just to say you were the light of her life and then go to sleep again Yes That wouldn t be bad, said Bobbie When I get married, said Phyllis, I shall want him to want me to be awake all the time, so that I can hear him say how nice I am I think it would be nice, said Bobbie, to marry some one very poor, and then you d do all the work and he d love you most frightfully, and see the blue wood smoke curling up among the trees from the domestic hearth as he came home from work every night Each of the children think their mother is a dear and love her to pieces And who wouldn t when she loves and cares for them so, holds up bravely while her husband is gone and works so hard writing stories so the children have food to eat and beds to sleep in.She gives them such good advice too When Peter is sad and asks if she would enjoy writing a story where they re all together, Father too, she says Don t you think it s rather nice to think that we re in a book that God s writing If I were writing the book, I might make mistakes But God knows how to make the story end just right in the way that s best for us Do you really believe that, Mother Peter asked quietly Yes, she said, I do believe it almost always except when I m so sad that I can t believe anything But even when I can t believe it, I know it s true and I try to believe it It s delightful You and your children will like this one P.S And if you are tempted to go read The Magician s Nephew, you won t have to read far to find where they re mentioned Really But that s the only clue I ll give, Sherlock Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

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    Listened to a Librivox recording of this classic during a nine hour car ride It kept me entertained throughout the journey and also helped to keep carsickness at bay I would probably have enjoyed this a lot had I read this in my early teens, when I was obsessed with authors like Enid Blyton It s a charming, feel good children s story with a cast of precocious kids who have their share of adventures while also rescuing a couple of people and brightening up the lives of the town folk in general Lots of convenient plot twists and a neat happy ending, but since this is a children s book, I can t judge it too harshly.

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