The Revelation of Gabriel Adam (Revelation Saga, #1)

The Revelation of Gabriel Adam (Revelation Saga, #1) Seventeen Year Old Gabriel Adam Is Used To Relocating A Lot When A Mysterious Assassin Burns His Home To The Ground, Gabriel S Father Reveals The Truth Of Why They Are Always On The Move Gabriel Is One Of Four Archangels, Born Human And Sent To Stop Armageddon Now Gabe Must Set Aside Dreams Of Attending NYU To Try To Fulfill His Newly Discovered RoleRacing Against Time, Gabe And His Father Travel To The English University Town Of Durham, Hoping The Last Surviving Member Of An Ancient Religious Sect Can Guide Them With The Assassin In Pursuit, Gabe Must Shoulder The Weight Of His New Life And An Impossible Destiny As Protector Of The Entire Human Race

S L Duncan writes comics, screenplays, and novels, including the debut book of her young adult series, THE REVELATION OF GABRIEL ADAM You can find her on Instagram and Twitter SLDuncanBooks When not writing, S L Duncan is a pro bono, LGBT advocate attorney practicing law in Birmingham, Alabama trans she her

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Revelation of Gabriel Adam (Revelation Saga, #1)
  • S.L. Duncan
  • English
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9781605427379

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    You ve read some angel stories, right They weren t like this This is the real deal angel story This is Gabriel, as in archangel Gabriel, the defend the world from evil and ruination guy Actually, he s just Gabe at first, clueless if well meaning, and gradually must transform into the defender of humanity You can t blame a guy for being a little overwhelmed at first I can t say I m an expert on the Book of Revelation, but there is some straight outta the Bible, End Days stuff woven into this story yet it never forgets that it s a YA novel An amazing feat Entertaining Paced like a thriller A touch of romance you ll like this clever twist on the archangel mythos And here s a word I don t often use cosmopolitan Gabe journeys from NYC to Britain and beyond you ll feel like you ve traveled the world while watching Gabe try to save it Go on and click that Want To Read button ASAP, peeps

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    I was excited to start reading after receiving this book in a giveaway First I like the concept of archangels and the end of the world The author did a good job researching the historical texts and religion for this book I didn t realize that in some religions there s a fourth archangel I also liked how the author made a twist with Michael the archangel I ve always seen Michael as a B.A anyways lol The plot really got to me hooked and I couldn t put the book down The interesting and fascinating mentions of religion like the Ark of the Covenant, the dagger that pierced the side of Jesus, and Solomon s ring are included in the book I absolutely loved how those elements are used in the book I definitely would recommend this book and can t wait for the next book.

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    I wanted to like this book so, so badly.After reading the blurb online here a few months ago, I was hooked I ve never really read anything like it before, and often I found myself going straight to find a copy of this whenever I walked into a bookshop.My search was fruitless, but in the end my father must have remembered my ongoing quest to buy it and, lo and behold, it was under the tree on Christmas day.And then I began reading it, naturally.It took me a while to get used to the writing style there are than a few long winded sentences without breaks that make it feel a little clumsy at times, but it wasn t unbearable.I think the two stars here can merely be awarded for the novel s potential, and it is the execution of that story that dropped it down from five In all honesty, I found the whole read very underwhelming, growing and disappointed every time I turned a page So why was that A number of reasons Oh my gosh, Gabriel is such a dull main character I couldn t get his personality at all One minute he s going to a randomer s house and drinking himself stupid, the next minute he s going on about how he was raised to be a proper boy Not to mention that the legal drinking age in the UK is eighteen, and he s clearly not I was thinking that someone like him would be a little wary of this fact You know, considering the fact that he s an archangel.Yes, Gabriel, that s what you are And I think that was the biggest problem I had with him Like, he barely seemed to care His reaction to the whole reveal was well, there wasn t really one It was just Oh I guess I need some time to think Bye.I don t know about you, but if I had just been given this piece of news, I d be infinitely stressed I d question my faith, I d start having inner monologues about how this means that God probably exists I d get very worked up, because being told you re actually an extremely powerful, legendary being should warrant a reaction that is stronger than I m going to the pub ahahaha And then Micah Oh dear, all the problems I have with Micah.There was the issue that she had the same flat personality that Gabe did their conversations didn t mean anything It felt like it was the story talking, and much of it was unnecessary.The fact that she was made into a girl also really irked me Not because it was different I mean, this idea is pretty cool Break the norms Woo U go Much unexpect, etc , but because to me it felt like the only reason that the author did this was to create a romantic relationship Which is just a little bit homophobic, in my opinion It would have been very interesting to read about a relationship between Gabriel and Michael in contrast to the religion that surrounds them or just have no romance at all Like, it felt completely pointless They kissed after barely knowing each other, barely mentioned it again, and the only thing Gabriel seemed to like about her was her physical appearance Oh, another thing, the way women are described in this novel personally made me really, really uncomfortable The way Gabriel describes Micah when she s walking down the street is that really the way that guys think when they look at me, or another fellow female The only women in this story seemed to be physically attractive girls that Gabe wanted in his pants, frankly What was up with that whole scene at the nightclub Does he have, like, super archangel attraction skills Ew Micah did not help at all in the final battle She lay dying and really did nothing but contribute to Gabriel s miniscule character development Why again did Raphael hide himself from the other archangels I thought it was important that they were altogether or something I sort of lost interest at this point, to be honest, but I was so near the end of the book I couldn t not finish it Uriel is dead He was evil before he died There are now no longer four archangels, and if they supposedly had their own part to play in the war, I think everyone should have been a little stressed I thought the special Greek potion was supposed to bring back their memories as archangels, but instead just brought them, like, one vision of the future Oh Right, okay A big build up there for nothing, it seems.I should probably talk about the things I liked nowThe description of the settings was very nice that was one part of the book I was really fascinated by Not to mention that I, like Gabriel, am looking into universities Durham is one that appeals to me because it s good and not too far from home, so learning about it in a novel was very interesting.I also liked the fact that they went to many countries I felt well traveled at the end if it, if I felt anything at all Joseph was the only character I liked I really felt his love and care for Gabriel leap off the page every time he spoke It was special.SoWould I read the sequel if when it appears Yes.Why Because I can t stand not knowing the end of a story that has the potential to become something amazing Lets hope it does that, and that this first book was just the plot trying to find its feet.

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    Thanks to Medallion Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was an interesting and engaging read I have to say that my favorite parts were the descriptions of the settings I loved getting to see some of the fascinating places the characters went, which were described with an awesome eye to detail and drew me into them like I was actually there The plot felt a little unfocused in places, and while I liked Gabriel, and especially Mika AKA Michael , there was a bit of disconnect for me in feeling any true identity with them or what they faced Okay, that s probably to be expected they re facing some crazy stuff, but you know what I mean I did almost put the book down early on when the trope of it s just a theory was thrown around in regards to a prominent scientific theory, because honestly that just bugs me to no end Figure out the scientific theory before you decide to use that, otherwise I m going to question all of the research that goes into your book Ummm, yeah, a bit of a rant there I can t help it It s what I teach for a living Anyhow, otherwise, this was an interesting read and I found myself enjoying the fast pace and interesting settings I m not sure if there will be books in the series, but I d read them

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    This is a truly enjoyable read It is full of adventure, excitement, and interesting characters It s told mostly from Gabe s perspective but with a few scenes told from other s Things I really liked Most of the characters were well developed, likable and fun to read about The description of other places This book takes place in lands I ve never been to before and the author did a great job of describing them I loved reading about the areas and visualizing them I think this is one of the strengths of the book, as I usually skip past descriptions of a location but I was never tempted to in this one The climax I thought it was really well doneThings I didn t like This isn t so much a I didn t like, of a I wish I d seen of , but I d have liked to see a bit of certain side characters who were very interesting Overall, I found this book to be very enjoyable and can t wait to see what comes next.

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    Well, it was only a matter of time before Harry Potter and Twilight were crossed with the Book of Revelations to bring us a biblical End of Days Thriller featuring a Teenage hero Anyone who just Couldn t wait for this combination, go ahead, read this, everyone else, just leave it be Don t get me wrong, this is not without suspense, it s just blatantly predictable and the quality of writing a cross between Dan Brown at his crude worst and Twilight Fan fictionA good first twenty pages, then I considered myself brave to have continued to page 222 oh God, is this some kind of Omen

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    There is so much I enjoyed about this book While it works well as a standalone, it s clear that there s much to come for these characters, and I m looking forward to what s to come The pacing was good and quick in keeping with the immediacy of the story It would have been nice to see a little interaction between Gabriel and others in Durham, but it probably would have slowed things down without much payoff, so I can t really complain and it doesn t deter me from giving it a five star rating.

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    I absolutely love the premise of this book series Interesting research, plot and dialogue Duncan stepped up to the challenge of developing a teenage hero who is a balance of awkward high school graduate and significant biblical character no pressure I was instantly hooked and stayed engaged through the endwhich, of course, is NOT the end When is the second book coming out

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    Thoroughly enjoyed The Revelation of Gabriel Adam The descriptions of the scenery, the sound and even the smells made you feel like you were there on location watching the story take place Interesting characters Cant t wait to see what S L Duncan has in store for his characters in the next book.

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    I read this book in Greece, alsoLoved itI was lucky my husband and daughter were busy having fun in the pool because they let me enjoy reading Great job, Mr Duncan, hope to see a second book soon

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