The Road to Avalon

The Road to AvalonThe Pageantry And Passionate Intrigues Of King Arthur S Court Are Expertly Re Created In This Historical Novel The Only Arthurian Novel In Which All Of The Central Characters Are Portrayed As Intrinsically Good People This Realistic Retelling Of The Legend Shows Arthur Severing The Bonds Of Bastardy, Vanquishing The Saxons, And Loving One Woman As The Daring Teenage Warrior Prepares For The Throne, He Discovers True Love With Morgan Of Avalon, The Youngest Of Merlin S Daughters, But Fate Cruelly Thwarts Their Hopes For A Future Together Never Before Has A Telling Of The Arthur Story Made The Breathtaking Drama Of This Charismatic King Real Or Moving

Joan Wolf is a USA TODAY bestselling American writer, whose acclaimed Regency romances have earned her national recognition as a master of the genre Her many historical and contemporary romances, some of which have been chosen as Literary Guild selections, have been highly praised by reviewers and authors alike.Joan was born in 1951 and she grew up in the Bronx, New York A former English

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Road to Avalon
  • Joan Wolf
  • English
  • 13 April 2019
  • 9781556526589

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    I cannot resist most Arthurian novels my favourite being The Merlin series by Mary Stewart and the Queen of camelot by Nancy McKenzieThis novel focuses on the relationship between Morgan here Merlins daughter and Arthur Morgan being Arthur s love of his lifeBut sympathetic portrayal of Gwenhwyfhar too and her relationship with Bedwyr who is Lancelot Great read, good grasp of Britain at the timeThe villain of the piece is usually a minor character in Arthurian literature , but it is well brought togetherI found it compelling and a great addition to my Arthurian experience

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    This was a great read I could not put it down It was wonderful to start with the young Arthur and the experiences that made him the man king that he was The love story between Arthur and Morgan is truly heartbreaking and will bring tears to your eyes The scene where Arthur comes face to face with the son he didn t know he had is gut wrenching I highly recommend this book, as well as the other two that follow in this trilogy, Born of the Sun and The Edge of Light I wish the author would return to this style and quality of writing as opposed to the light fluffy regencies she is currently writing.

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    The author repeats lines and themes, leaves out important pieces, and does not bring many important characters to life There are frequent occasions when she tells us about events rather than bringing us into the story I enjoyed some ideas she had about character motivation but was disappointed with the execution of those ideas.

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    I m obsessed with Arthurian legend I can t find an arthurian legend book without wanting to pick it up Morgana le fay, Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Nimueh, Lancelot any of these character s names shows up and I have to get the book It s rather unhealthy.I read this book a long time ago, but just had to read it again My favorite relationship of the legend is that between Arthur and Morgana, but unfortunately most stories only focus on the hate and loathing, while I see them as the most tragic love story The Road to Avalon is the only version of the arthurian legend i have found that focuses on the pure and good love between Arthur and Morgana I wish the story had given Morgana of a dark undertone, but that wasn t what Joan Wolf was going for THe strongest part of this entire story has to be the depth to Arthur, who really is the main narrator of the story Often Arthur is pushed in the back of his own legend, but in this version he is the center While there were some things that bothered me Guinevere at the end, and Mordred himself overall I loved the retelling and how she focused on Arthur s first love Definitely recommend reading it

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    Here is a PG13 version of the classic Arthurian legend Not to say that s bad, but perhaps a little annoying Everyone is beautiful and so talented and so very one dimensional It wasn t an unpleasant read but juvenial I thought perhaps this was aimed at younger readers but it doesn t appear to be Shame, I think that demographic would actually embrace this simplistic, utopian version For the experianced Arthurian reader, however, it will fail to impress I m sounding like a snob, I know, but seriously

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    The first book of a trilogy on the Dark Ages, very well written.

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    This was a real page turner The characters were all well fleshed out and I really enjoyed the variations on the story of the Arthurian legends Arthur and Morgan were both especially well done, and I really felt for the character Mordred It didn t take me long to storm through this book and it is an Arthurian retelling that I will revisit in future.

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    An absolutely gorgeous retelling of the Arthurian legends I was enthralled from start to finish, and could hardly be convinced to put the book down once I d started view spoiler There are so many renditions of the legends, most of them focusing on the tragic love of Gwenhwyfar and Bedwyr Lancelot s older, traditional name , or some of the other characters of the stories Wolf, however, returns to the center of all the legends, to the man who gave these legends his name Arthur A charismatic, brilliant man who gave early medieval Britain a generation of glory and light that would be sung about and retold down through the ages.Wolf s treatment of the characters was particularly genius Practically all but one of the characters are portrayed as essentially good people, flawed but not malicious Only Agravaine, one of the traditional villains of the legends, retains his malicious and vicious nature Arthur is a great man and king who yet pines for the woman he loves most in the world and yet can never completely have Gwenhwyfar is a good woman instead of the flighty fool who truly loves two men and still makes mistakes Morgan is a healer and physician, independent and dutiful, giving up her own happiness for the sake of the country that she loves Then there is Mordred, who is perhaps the most tragic of all, a boy whose only fault is being easily manipulated by a brother he loved, a boy who unwillingly brings destruction upon everything he touches.I particularly enjoyed the romance of Arthur and Morgan, a love that lasted a lifetime and never got a chance to have the light of the world shine upon it It was Morgan who had to be the stronger of the two, to give up what they both so dearly wanted so that Arthur could fulfill the role he was born for, especially when Arthur was all for giving it up and running away with her Yet, despite their separation, their love still survives, and they manage to find one another again.One almost pities Gwenhyfar, desperately wanting the love of her husband and yet taking years to finally understand that Arthur s heart was already taken long before she married him It was a relief when she at last found peace and happiness with Bedwyr, a man who is much easier for her to understand and connect with and love.An absolutely amazing story I couldn t get enough of it Wolf wove the legends together into a single narrative, bringing several different events and guiding them all to fit together as one story Utterly genius hide spoiler

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    I read this book so long ago I can t really recall what year it was I am guessing somewhere around 1988 It is one of my all time favorites This book sucked me in At the time I really wasn t much of a reader but I got the itch to read one day and took the time to hang out in the library long enough to find this one I literally walked up and down the isles just looking at titles and covers waiting for something to call out to me When I came across this one I decided it looked interesting enough to give it a try Surprisingly, I couldn t put it down I found a genre I loved It s a mix of historical happenings maybe not so true , romance and telepathy It takes you all the way through the lives of the characters so you are given plenty of time to learn to love or hate them I remember balling my eyes out in the end I couldn t believe it ended I was left feeling so sad because I was so into the book thatI wanted it to keep going Never to end

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    The Road to Avalon is a beautifully written version of the legendary Arthur and his journey from boyhood to king It is a tale of love and loss, courage, sacrifice, and secrets..heartbreaking at times as the young man Arthur struggles with his deep love for a woman he can never have and the weight of his destiny Be the king you were born to be Loved this book a true gem from the past.

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