Le roman de Tristan et Iseut

Le roman de Tristan et IseutA Tale Of Chivalry And Doomed, Transcendent Love, The Romance Of Tristan And Iseult Is One Of The Most Resonant Works Of Western Literature, As Well As The Basis For Our Enduring Idea Of Romance The Story Of The Cornish Knight And The Irish Princess Who Meet By Deception, Fall In Love By Magic, And Pursue That Love In Defiance Of Heavenly And Earthly Law Has Inspired Artists From Matthew Arnold To Richard Wagner But Nowhere Has It Been Retold With Greater Eloquence And Dignity Than In Joseph B Dier S Edition, Which Weaves Several Medieval Sources Into A Seamless Whole, Elegantly Translated By Hilaire Belloc And Paul Rosenfeld

B dier was born in Paris, France to Adolphe B dier, a lawyer of Breton origin, and spent his childhood in R union He was a professor of medieval French literature at the Universit de Fribourg, Switzerland 1889 1891 and the Coll ge de France, Paris c 1893.Modern theories of the fabliaux and the chansons de geste are based on two of B dier s studies.B dier revived interest in several importan

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  • Paperback
  • 205 pages
  • Le roman de Tristan et Iseut
  • M. Joseph Bédier
  • English
  • 13 March 2017
  • 9780679750161

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    Book of Books, the very oddestHere the Book of Love.Alertly have I read it Of joy a few brief pages,Volumes filled with sorrow And then a part that deals with parting.Rendezvous a little chapter,Fragmentary Tomes on worryLengthened by the clarifers,Measureless, no end.O Nizami in the long run,Though, you found the right direction.Unresolvable who solves it Lovers being reunited.Yes, it was the glancing eyeAnd the mouth, the kissing lips,Rounded body, slender hips,As on green of Eden lie.Was she there Where did she go There she gave as off she sped Gave her self surrendered, fled Fettering my life in woe.Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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    A classic myth, but maybe not the best version.Tristan and Iseult is a big deal it s said to be a major influence for the romance between Lancelot and Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet, and pretty much the majority romantic love stories after the 12th century This myth was passed down verbally and has been committed to text by several different authors B dier argues that his version is adapted from the original poem, which may or may not be historically accurate The style is conversational as if a bard is telling it aloud, which is probably an attempt to retell the story as closely as possible to the Cornish poem B dier argued was the original No matter the accuracy, the story as he writes it is interesting and tragic It would have been interesting and tragic if it didn t start by telling you what is going to happen, but for some reason classics don t believe in the importance of the element of surprise.One thing that this book got me thinking about was persuasion of the reader through perspective As long as a book clearly sides with a character as a good guy, the reader generally accepts that the character is someone they should root for But these people were awful If we set aside the forbidden love affair moral conundrum, there s still the fact that Tristan and Iseult go around killing or almost killing several people just to keep their boot knocking secret Nobel and fair hearted Not so much But I bet most people don t even notice TI are a holes, because the narrator keeps talking about how awesome and doomed they are.

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    Okay, so I did NOT love it but it was good I LOVE the 2006 film Tristan Isolde for reasons mostly this and this but also because it has one of the most poignantly beautiful forgiveness scenes I have ever seen Rufus Sewell as King Mark delivers an unforgettable performance Which is saying something because I am a HUGE James Franco fan he is the reason I watched the movie and Rufus Sewell stole that movie from him, hands snicker down However, this translation compilation of Tristan Iseult didn t ravish me the way the movie did It was good, cute and tragic in turns but I found the fantastical elements made it a lot harder to relate to There are big variances between the movie and book, a key one being the love potion aka spiced wine s presence I didn t like that part as it removed the humanity of the affair and, in a way, made the lovers actions forgivable All and all it was quite good but I wish I d read the book first and seen the movie second I never thought I would say this the movie was better facepalm I have to go hide now.

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    If you ve read any other Tristan text, like that of Gottfried von Strassberg, this is nothing new The introduction suggests that this is the oldest surviving Tristan text perhaps so, I think it may well be right.The translation is clear and easy to read, and you get the whole gist of the story The surviving manuscripts of Beroul s poem and The Tale of Tristan s Madness are full of gaps, so the gaps are filled in by what is known from other Tristan stories Reasonably well done, I think.When reading it, you do have to recall that Beroul wasn t setting out to write something that was like a modern novel One of the reviews suggests someone should have told Beroul about show, don t tell how ridiculous that s a rule for a modern novel, and fiction had entirely different conventions then.The story of Tristan and Isolde is a difficult one, for readers certainly modern readers All our sympathies are meant to lie with the lovers, and yet they are consistently lying and cheating The love potion seems like nothing but an excuse, to us, to avoid their moral culpability Still, if you can set aside your moral sensibilities for the space of the story, whichever version you read, it s a beautiful tale.

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    Une passion folle ou une folie passionnee, ce roman, bien qu idealise par le medieviste Joseph Bedier, nous donne une histoire d amour, qui ne peut pas etre vecue S y melent les divers elements des romans chevaleresques, comme fin amor, le feodalisme et tout ce qui le represente.Ce qui m a plu le mieux, c etait la force de la passion, le renoncement a cette meme passion qui ne peut finir que par la mort des deux amants Point de happy end

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    I would have liked romance and less chivalry, but I enjoyed the ride.

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    Ka kada mokykloje skai iau, bet ne iki galo Pamenu, tada labai nustebino tai, kad buvo tokia istorija dar prie Romeo ir D iuljetos meil s istorij Dabar skaitant buvo domu ir ne taip sunku skaityti kaip paauglyst je Savitas k rinio stilius ir pasakojimas, visoki sutapim , prietar , papro i , gyvenimas kitais laikais, toks tolimas, su ne tik tinais faktais kaip i bandymas ugnimi ir vandeniu.

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