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The Secrets She KeptExciting, Emotional, Intense The Thrilling Follow Up To New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak S Highly Acclaimed The Secret Sister The Things That Happen In Families Are Always Surprising And Sometimes Shocking The Rich And Powerful Josephine Lazarow, Matriarch Of Fairham Island, Is Dead The Police Say It S Suicide, But Keith, Her Estranged Son, Doesn T Believe It Keith Bears Scars Both Physical And Emotional From His Childhood, But He S Worked Hard To Overcome The Past After Walking Away From His Mother And Her Controlling Ways Five Years Ago, He S Built A New Life In LA He S Also Accumulated A Fortune Of His Own But As Soon As He Learns Of His Mother S Death, He Returns To Fairham He Feels He Owes It To His Grandfather To Put The Family Empire Together Again And He S Determined To Find His Mother S Killer Problem Is Coming Home To Fairham Puts Him Back In Contact With Nancy Dellinger, The Woman He Hurt So Badly When He Left Before And Digging That Deep Into His Mother S Final Days And Hours Entails A Very Real Risk Because The Person Who Killed Her Could Be Someone He Loves

It was a shocking experience that jump started Brenda Novak s bestselling author career I caught my day care provider drugging my children with cough syrup and Tylenol to get them to sleep while I was away, Brenda says It was then that I decided that I needed to do something from home However, writing was the last profession she expected to undertake In fact, Brenda swears she didn t have a

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    The Secrets She Kept by Brenda Novak is a 2016 Mira publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The sequel to Secret Sister is every bit as explosive and absorbing as the first book, and then some Five years have passed since the events that took place in the first book and as the story opens, Keith is receiving a phone call from his sister, Maisey, informing him the family matriarch has died Was it an accident, suicide, or something far sinister Keith must return to Fairham Island to face all the ghosts of his past, put his mother s affairs and estate in order, and get to the truth about how his mother died, which means he will have to face Nancy again, the woman who runs his mother s flower shop Keith and Nancy were lovers once, but Keith treated Nancy pretty shabbily, leaving Keith riddled with guilt, and hoping he can make it up to her somehow Was Josephine murdered If so, the suspects are far and wide, and as the investigation heats up, a whole closet full of skeletons comes tumbling out that will shock even the most jaded reader It seems Josephine is still causing problems for everyone, even from the grave Talk about dark family secrets This is one mixed up family, with Josephine causing devastation all the way around, torturing people with her selfish acts that have serious and far reaching consequences, and damaged so many lives I couldn t believe some of the things this woman did, but it looks like she paid the ultimate price for her actions I would have liked for Maisey and Rafe to have had a little bit of a larger role in the story, but this one is all about Keith s redemption, and his character did indeed improve by leaps and bounds, and it was heartening to see him finally mature, show mental toughness, and find peace and happiness Heaven knows he deserves it after all his mother put him through The murder mystery is very murky, and a little bit shocking, and kept me riveted to the story I never came close to guessing how everything would turn out in the end If you like family sagas, with lots of buried secrets coming to light, as well as a good whodunit mystery and a little spicy romance to cap things off, then you ve come to the right place This type of story is right up my alley, and I enjoyed it immensely 4.5 stars

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    Originally posted on The Book NymphoIt s been five years since the last story and Keith Lazarow has accomplished the seemingly impossible He s been drug free and has become extremely successful as a commercial real estate investor in California Leaving Fairham Island and his controlling, cruel mother has everything to do with him staying clean However, when Keith s informed of her death, ruled a suicide, he has to go back to the place that represents lots of personal pain and failure And, he doesn t buy Josephine killed herself He s also looking forward to reconnecting with the woman who was his lifeline in those very dark days, Nancy Dellinger I thought Josephine s redemption at the end of the last book was questionable and a lot is discovered here that confirmed my suspicions However, she s still a very complicated character and her actions made this an interesting mystery Even in death she continues to overshadow her children I liked Keith s growth and how it was illustrated, not presenting him as cured but a continuing work in progress His relationship, however, was disappointing as I never sensed the empathy I would have expected But, I think he was authentically portrayed Nancy s weakness in not being able to resist him was also realistic, even though I wanted her to have a stronger spine Her behavior was just that of a normal woman, trying to get over a man she s in love with who doesn t return her feelings I enjoyed the mystery and while I figured out the answer, I flip flopped through the end There was one plot hole, though, that I m still puzzled about The romance was tough given Keith s disconnection but it was real Otherwise, I liked the story and look forward to the next in the series, especially after the epilogue I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Josephine Lazarow is dead The law believes it is suicide while the family believes it is murder Keith Lazarow, her estranged son, comes home to Fairham Island to put Josephine s estate, properties and business to rights Keith is in contact with his sisters, Maisey and Roxanne, and their families Together they are trying to prove their mother was murdered.Keith also wants to be with Nancy Dellinger She was his solace during the troubled time five years ago Nancy has never stopped loving Keith He has had Nancy on his mind for five years Keith feels right with Nancy and feels they re good friends Will Keith find his mother s killer Will Josephine s death tear her family apart Can Keith and Nancy strike up a friends with benefits relationship Is there an HEA for them This novel is about forgiveness and second chances All the characters are like family We witness the struggle and growth of each character The mystery of Josephine s death drives the the plot The growth of the secondary characters comprise the subplots The atmosphere is almost like a second character in the novel The pace is smooth flowing This novel has adult language and steamy love scenes.

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    This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews The Secrets She Kept is a mystery with seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to the who did it.While the characters are the same in The Secrets She Kept and The Secret Sister, the tone and the feel of the story here is quite different Partly because it unfolds five years after the ending of the first book, and possibly also because it was from Keith s point of view, and he had made some huge changes in his life in the past five years This character growth, as well as the suspense surrounding the matriarch s death made me both anxious to keep reading, and kept me guessing, and guessing, and guessing.When Keith got news of his mother s alleged suicide, he could not believe this was true at all One who thought the most important thing in life was showing the world a perfect image of oneself would not let herself be found naked in a bathtub without any makeup on That s one thing he was sure of The Secrets She Kept had two different mysteries going on at the same time, which made the story even interesting One was all the different kinds of secrets the mother had kept throughout her life both those concerning her family, and those concerning herself Then, there was the mystery surrounding her death Because the Keith dug, the it seemed like he might be rightThe romance elements in The Secrets She Kept showed how much Keith had grown since the last book From being a drug addict, and taking advantage of those close to him, he was now a self made millionaire He worked out when he felt like shooting up, and he treated people with respect and kindness I think these changes in Keith were my favorite part of the story, even if the mystery and the romance were amazing as well The mystery was one that kept me guessing and not until the very end did I guess something right and I think I was supposed to get it at that point.Written in third person point of view, mostly from Keith s perspective and in past tense, The Secrets She Kept had a nice pace The dialogues between the characters helped move the story forward, and it also made sure the mystery was complete for the duration of the read If you enjoy suspense and mysteries, you should pick up this story, and even if they can be read as stand alone stories, I suggest you read The Secret Sister before you start this one.His life had always revolved around his autocratic mother and what he was supposed to do and be in order to honor his Coldiron heritage Escaping the jaws of her expectations had required grit and determination than he could have ever imagined Even after five years, she felt she had to worry about him He was screwed up, had always been screwed up He suspected that if he ever visited a psychologist he d be diagnosed as bipolar But Keith couldn t believe she d do that Having the police tramp through her house to find her naked in a bathtub would be humiliating to her If she was going to commit suicide, she d put on her most flattering dress and arrange herself on the bed.

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    This review is based on an ARC provided by the author and or publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.4.5Who killed Mommy Dearest This lady was a real peach Who didn t want her dead I have always heard nothing but good things about this author Now I can see why after reading this.

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    The murder mystery here was very good Another one of those that I did not see coming Happy to see the way things turned about for the family I was REALLY happy to see the way it turned out for Keith and Nancy.

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    I like a bit of romance and a bit of mystery suspense, unfortunately this one leaned too much in the romance category for my taste It reads like a soap opera, complete with the hot, rich guy, who no woman can turn down, even though he is incapable of love and commitment Just not a turn on for me The writing is also emotions wordy I kept wanting to skip to the mystery story line Probably just not my genre, as for many this is a slam dunk Thank you to goodreads contest for a chance to sample this author s writing.

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    The second book in the Fairham Island series by Brenda Novak Keith Lazarow moved away from Fairham Island and made good for himself in Real Estate Now is is informed by his sister that their mother is dead and looks like suicide But Keith knows that his mother would never commit suicide and comes home to settle the estate and find out the truth When he left Fairham Island he left Nancy Dellinger Nancy worked for his mother and has motive for murder but Keith knows that Nancy doesn t have it in her.I didn t like Keith in the first book but I did soften up towards him in this story We learn family secrets and get a few surprise twists and turns here It has been a while since I read the first book so I do recommend reading them closer together to keep the details from the first book fresh in your mind.

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    I would have to say this is one of my favorite books by brendakept me on my toes guessing who killed Josephinewow what a great book

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    SYNOPSIS The rich and powerful Josephine Lazarow, matriarch of Fairham Island, is dead The police say it s suicide, but Keith, her estranged son, doesn t believe it Keith bears scars both physical and emotional from his childhood, but he s worked hard to overcome the past After walking away from his mother and her controlling ways five years ago, he s built a new life in LA He s also accumulated a fortune of his own But as soon as he learns of his mother s death, he returns to Fairham He feels he owes it to his grandfather to put the family empire together again and he s determined to find his mother s killer Problem is coming home to Fairham puts him back in contact with Nancy Dellinger, the woman he hurt so badly when he left before And digging that deep into his mother s final days and hours entails a very real risk Because the person who killed her could be someone he loves MY THOUGHTS The Secrets She KeptWOW Who knew one woman could hold so many secrets This was such a great follow up to THE SECRET SISTER I enjoyed revisiting Fairham, South Carolina and catching up with these characters It was wonderful to read Keith s story though under tragic circumstances Not only does this book have romance but it has an edge of your seat suspense that leaves you turning the page wanting to know and before you know it you have reached the end The book has so many twists and an ending you don t see coming Brenda Novak is a master of storytelling and can weave a story of intrigue as well as a tender love story that leaves a reader not only mesmerized but on an emotional roller coaster This is a must read.

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