Oscar Wilde's (1888) Fairy Tale - The Selfish Giant

Oscar Wilde's (1888) Fairy Tale - The Selfish GiantUtterly beautiful.On the surface a traditional fairy tale, though Wilde wrote it as a religious parable, however as a five ar six year old it wasn t a subtext I was aware of The plot centres around a giant who puts a wall around his beautiful garden to stop children playing in it, and in doing so, stops Spring from entering as well as them One day the children find a cranny though which to kreep back into the garden and duly Spring returns and the garden becomes a paradise once As the giant goes into his garden to see the transformation up close the children shy away from him with the exception of one boy, stranded at the bottom of a tree The giat lifts him up into it, and the child kisses his cheek At that moment the Giant s selfishness melts as the ice in his garden has done and he sets about knocking down the wall Every day the children come to play and the proper order of the seasons returns, but the giant never sees he child he lifted into the tree Until one day, as a very old giant, the child apears before him with wounds on his hands Horrified the giant wants revenge for the hurt caused to the boy, but the boy says Nay but these are the wounds of Love.You let me play once in your garden, to day you shall come with me to my garden, which is Paradise When the children return to the garden the next day the giant is found dead, under the tree with blossom on him.This story is perfect for Foundation and Key Stage one children, and this edition in particular, as the illustrations are fantsatic The fact that death features so obviously at the end might mean it needs be approached with a sense of caution, but the approach it takes is one of gentleness and love, so might also be a good tool to discuss issues of families and bereavement with smaller children. The Selfish Giant is a beautiful story Oscar Wilde wrote for children but the child in any grown person is apt to embrace it even dearly The selfish giant would not let the children play in his beautiful garden My garden is my own garden, he roared and the children fled As a consequence, a big change fell upon his garden and it was no longer beautiful Then an encounter with one special child hidden in a far corner of the garden diminutive, dependent, defeated afforded the giant an opportunity to redeem himself The story evoked the gentle glow one finds in a fairy tale in which goodness and grace prevail It can be read simply as an enchanting story It can also be read as an allegorical story about love, redemption and restoration At the end of the story, a hush descended on the giant s garden I tarried there and felt a sense of awe akin to being on hallowed ground What a wondrous story Playwright, Poet, Essayist, Flamboyant Man About Town, Oscar Wilde Pack An Astonishing Amount Of Work, Genius, And Controversy Into Two Short Decades, Producing Masterworks In Every Literary Genre This Selection Includes Almost All Of His Short Stories, Including The Canterville Ghost, The Fisherman And His Soul, And The Remarkable Rocket Alongside THE MODEL MILLIONAIRE, Harper Perennial Will Publish The Short Fiction Of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Herman Melville, Willa Cather, Leo Tolstoy, And Stephen Crane To Be Packaged In A Beautifully Designed, Boldly Colorful Boxset In The Aim To Attract Contemporary Fans Of Short Fiction To These Revered Masters Of The Form Also, In Each Of These Selections Will Appear A Story From One Of The New Collections Being Published In The Summer Of The Short Story A Story From Simon Van Booy S Forthcoming Collection, LOVE BEGINS IN WINTER, Will Be Printed At The Back Of This Volume It s good that this title appears at the top of my list The Selfish Giant has long been one of my favorite stories I remember listening to my mother read it as we sat on our front porch on a lazy California afternoon Just as she did, I also cry when I read this touching story to my children.There are few books outside the canon of scripture that I would count as spiritually powerful and fully illustrative of the love of God as this short story Take the time today to read it to your children. I own many books by Oscar Wilde, including a book of stories that contains a version of this story, but I haven t read that book since my childhood years.So, because of the Jesus allusions, it ended up being not my cup of tea at all I assume that as I child I didn t get the Christian Jesus connection and I probably was able to enjoy it because of that.But, up until the end I appreciated and enjoyed the story and the illustrations that are in this edition.It s a lovely fairy tale and if the ending had been just slightly tweaked I would have liked it much better But, my beliefs are, as usual, in the minority, and I assume most others feelings wouldn t match mine But parents who know nothing of this tale should know that death is a part of this story.I did like the illustrations and I did love the message about sharing and reaping the benefits of doing that, and of giving to and being caring about others. , 40 spoiler 5 , Wonderful I have recently discovered these fairytales by Oscar Wilde This is the second one I have listened to via the audible app using their new feature, channels I am delighted Surprise ending that I in no way would have predicted I d love to see the illustrations in the book now When I next get out to the book store I will look for it Highly recommended. This is a visually beautiful book The illustrations are detailed and will keep the attention of a child for a while as they look for all that is there I knew nothing of the story and was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely Christian folk like tale. I have read enough of Oscar Wilde to have come to believe he was not a religious man, but this short story, this fable, makes me think otherwise It has a powerful message and at the end there is a distinct reference to Jesus Christ and Heaven. I loved this classic fairy tale when I was a child and I have had great pleasure in reading this story to my children and grandchildren Published in 1888 by Oscar Wilde A timeless classic children s story Pure nostalgia.

Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet, and author of numerous short stories, and one novel Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed, especially The Importance of Being

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