The Shawnees and the War for America

The Shawnees and the War for America Long Before The American Revolution, The Shawnees Lived In Ohio, Hunted In Kentucky, And Traveled As Far Afield As Pennsylvania, Georgia, And Missouri White Settlers, However, Sharply Curtailed Their Freedom With The Courage And Resilience Embodied By Their Legendary Leader Tecumseh, The Shawnee Tribe Waged A War Of Territorial And Cultural Resistance That Lasted For Than Sixty Years For A Time The Shawnees And Their Allies Met American Forces On Nearly Equal Terms But Their Story Is Of An Embattled Nation Fighting To Maintain Its Cultural And Political Independence Here Is The Account Of The Early American Settlers Drive To Occupy The West, The Shawnees Unwavering Defense Of Their Homeland, And The Bitter Battles That Resulted Here Too Are The Alliances That The Shawnees Forged With Their Indian Neighbors To Present A United Resistance, As Well As Instances Of Cooperation, Collaboration, And Intermarriage Between The Opposing Forces

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  • The Shawnees and the War for America
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  • 06 March 2019
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    Okay, okay Most of you could care less about this, but I ve always been fascinated with the Shawnees and easily irritated when they don t get their due in museum or history treatments of native American history Mr Calloway does a great job of putting them into their proper historical context as the early diplomats and leaders for the tribes battling the english, french, and americans in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries It always feels to me like the most significant tribe mantal started with the Irriquois and eventually ends up with the Souix and Apache, but there was a pretty significant gap Techumseh is often mentioned, but briefly, and the signficances of Little Turtle, Blue Jacket, etc are often missed I thought Mr Calloway was even handed and even brings up the areas where he obviously has a bias by telling both sides of the story As is often the case in trying to tell a story that includes the tribes perspective, it is difficult to be 100% sure, so he tells both sides Well worth the read for anyone slightly interested in the history of white indian relations in that time period.

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    We really need of such books competent, thorough, readable distillations of the latest scholarship, able historical overviews I read this as a memory jogger, and while I encountered nothing new, I was most pleased by how much information was presented, well told and well organized This provides an excellent introduction or reminder of the history of the Shawnees and their unique position as the travelers, bridge builders, and resisters they were as they negotiated the ever shifting no man s land between Native America, England, and the colonies United States This also provides good insights into how the Shawnees of today became established in their current settings and incarnations Highly recommended.

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    Calloway s writing style is highly readable and it is refreshing to look at Manifest Destiny from the viewpoint of the Shawnee Calloway doesn t white wash either side in the conflict over the Old Northwest The I read of this period, the I begin to see the Shawnee and the other tribes not as benighted savages who just sort of struck out opportunistically but as intelligent people who waged an intelligent fight against impossible odds to save their way of life.

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    What s great about this short book is the concise long view, a wider perspective on a series of cultural collisions Students are not often taught about native American greatness in their American History classes Tecumseh is way up there in importance, for all time, but there are many souls enumerated here This book gives context for their tribal history.Highly recommended.

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    Well written story of the Shawnee Nation and its interaction with the British and the early Americans It paints the picture of a once great nation s being torn apart by deceit and betrayal The Shawnee were the great travelers of the Native American Nations but they always kept contact with their country that we call Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio Like most I heard the stories of Daniel Boone in school He was a early hero I have since read about him in depth Boone first brought settlers into the Kentucky territory He brought awareness of the great hunting in that area Boone attempted to make money opening up the area to settlers He failed in making money but succeeded in opening the area to awareness and settlers The Shawnee were already there And so they decline started This book puts forward the story of the great Shawnee Nation and makes it interesting Contemporary accounts are related to help the reader understand the feelings of the time First the British promised them their land would remain and then the British deserted them Then the new Americans made promise after promise and broke all It is interesting and tragic that a country that stated it was for equality and justice destroyed a country that was as egalitarian as a society could be I picked up this book because I had a great etc grandfather who was captured by Indians and spent many years living as a member of that nation before returning to the KentuckyWest Virginia area to live again as a member of the white community I wanted to know of the time and area and the Native Americans there I found I found an interesting and important story of all of our early American history Well worth reading.

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    Though called the most widely traveled Indians in America, the Shawnee s homeland was in Ohio, an area in which they were pushed farther west and into smaller and smaller areas On the losing side in the French and Indian War French , betrayed by their allies British after the Revolutionary War and finally, under the leadership of Tecumseh, defeated for good by the Americans in the War of 1812 Remnants of the nation ended up in Oklahoma Recorded Books Read by George K Wilson.

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    A concise overview of the Shawnees from the time of their involvement with European settlers The most notable of the tribes Bluejacket s defeat of Arthur St Clair was the worst defeat of American forces at the hands of Native Americans, and Tecumseh almost succeeded in creating an Indian Confederacy.

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    This was a quick and accessible read The book tells the tragic story of the political and military struggles between the Shawnee and the European powers and later the U.S.A in the Ohio Valley It touches only briefly on ethnographic and economic history of the people The author drew on historical sources treaty s, journals, and other written sources as opposed to archeological sources, thus the focus is on the Shawnee s Euro conflict.

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    3.5 stars because I love reading about an influential group in history that is often left out because they weren t the victors or aids of the victor But naturally I hated this book because it made me angry to read about the past actions of Americans and the fact that I m not Native American so I can t fight the continued oppression they face today Grr.

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    An outstanding short history that integrates the Shawnees into the struggle for empire in North America along with the French, British, and Americans.

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