The Sheikh's Virgin Bride

The Sheikh's Virgin BrideSo, it seems like I ve read this before And I remembered not being impressed with the hidden identity trope used in the book And nor was I terribly impressed with how the h was being manipulated into a marriage by both her father and her grandfather roll eyes FIRST RE READI was stuck with a read so I thought I could distract myself with another sheik story I couldn t find a but or anything I didn t love so full 5 stars FIRST READI was debating on whether give it 4 or 4.5.Special thanks to KC for recommending I didn t like the h s name but I ve read way worse so I let it be And as there are a couple of great reviews from my friends I won t even try to write one.So read KC s review though I didn t mind the h s hypocrite reactions to H s deception because as Jenny said, the h was a bit crazy but I just went with the flow Jenny s review Petra Is Betrothed To Rich, Eligible Sheikh Rashid But She Plans To Ruin Her Reputation So Rashid Won T Want Her Blaize, A Fellow Guest At Her Hotel, Agrees To Be Petra S Pretend Lover Though Soon He S Taken Her Virginity Then Petra Makes A Shocking Discovery Blaize Is Actually None Other Than The Man She S Supposed To Be Marrying Sheikh Rashid I wanted to slap heroine s face for her childish actions and thoughts U.U Hero was good, I liked him He wasn t a total jerk and had a good sense of humor Heroine said I love you first, but I liked that because she was the stubborn here xD Petra is betrothed to Sheikh Rashid a man she has never met and does not want to meet So she plans to ruin her reputation so Rashid won t want her Enter Blaize, a beach bum heroine meets at her hotel She is attracted to him and she also thinks he is a gigolo, an escort So she decides to pay him to be her pretend lover Then Petra discovers that Blaize is actually the man she wants to defy and escape from, Sheikh Rashid They do get married but Petra is miserable until she realizes she is in love with Rashid and that he has loved her since forever Hilarious story I liked the heroine She was a little crazy and she had her share of insecurities and there were times I wanted to slap her but she was vivacious possessive and very passionate Hero was kind and honorable, extremely nice for a PJ book Funny and romantic read This was a good fun romantic read, exactly what I was looking for after having read a dark, intense, disturbing book.I loved Rashid Blaize Petra was nice too although she behaved like a petulant child for a while after she discovers that Blaize is really Rashid Liked all the other characters in the book and absolutely loved the end scene where they reenact their first meeting.Would recommend it to anyone looking for a light romantic read. I really really enjoyed this book It s been a while since I ve been actively on the HQN wagon, and this book reminded me why I got on it in the first place yearsss ago Book starts with Petra coming to know she s being forced into marriage, and her way to escape from this is to proposition HOT surfer man Blaize They have smokin chemistry of harlequin standards and later she comes to know Blaize is none other than her to be husband Rashid.I loved Blaize Such a sexy intense character though his POV was never written and we never know his thoughts except the lines in the end The book was a five star until Petra got insecure and a little annoying in the last 1 4th of the book I also wanted an epilogue Loved the possessiveness in both the leads.Safe read4 5 This might be the most ridiculous books I have ever read ever Petra is promised to Sheikh Rashid by her grandfather Rashid is a man that she doesn t know and she definitely does not want to marry Since she is desperate to avoid this arranged marriage, she offers money to a devious employee at the hotel where she stays in order to pretend that he has corrupted her By the way the description of the hotel in that make believe country, remind me the Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai and its attached hotel Jumeirah Al Qasr or Jumeirah Mina A Salam I wonder if this was an inspiration for the author Little does Petra know that Blaize her pretend boyfriend is truly Sheikh Rashid who clearly enjoys himself and gets to know his future, clueless bride.This is a classic book by Penny Jordan, which I obviously enjoyed a lot If only Petra had run away when she learned that Blaize is Rashid and Rashid run after her, I would have given 5 stars to the book Unfortunately Rashid does not grovel enough and Petra does not run away at all Which is boring Because I love a good chase. 4.5 stars The Sheik s Virgin Bride is an amusing love story where the deceiver is deceived herself Of course, it wasn t so funny for Petra when she found out that the tables had been turned on her I liked Petra overall, although she disappointed me with her self serving reaction to discovering Blaize s true identity He d stung her pride, and she couldn t trust him after that How ironic since it was Petra who set out to deceive Rashid with a false image of herself, yet she was pissed with Rashid because he didn t reveal his true identity It s certainly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.One may wonder why Rashid accepted her scheme Well, he had his reasons view spoiler He had fallen for Petra and secretly planned to woo her while masquerading as Blaize During their brief impromptu beach interview where Petra tried to determine if Blaize was the right guy for her plan, he discovered she s HIS kind of woman They both share similar views on love and marriage And they both have mixed heritages, Zuran and English hide spoiler

Caroline Courtney,

[EPUB] ✼ The Sheikh's Virgin Bride By Penny Jordan –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Sheikh's Virgin Bride
  • Penny Jordan
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780373123254

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