The Shuddering

The ShudderingWow I found this to be a very gripping story I was reading this on plane trips over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so there were short periods of reading interrupted by long periods of festivities and merry making Of course I was happy to be celebrating with my loved ones, but I wanted to know what happens in my book I m from Houston, and just had my first real encounter with snow this week, in Oregon So this book was particularly compelling for me, given that the protagonists are a group trapped by snow in a palatial mountain cabin I experienced, for the first time, sinking into snow up to my knees and having trouble pulling my feet out I couldn t even imagine trying to run for your life through even deeper snow This story kept me glued to the pages throughout the entire book I found it truly horrifying the isolation, the limiting elements of the setting the freezing cold, the deep snow, no vehicles, no real weapons The author manages to create a new breed of monsters and, to me, make them truly terrifying and believable I saw in some other reviews that some readers were dissatisfied with the lack of explanation for their presence, but isn t that the true horror of monsters They go where they want, they get to us even when we try to protect ourselves, they are always in places where no one would expect them to be When I m home alone, I can imagine some horrific, Stephen King universe creature coming down the stairs from the second floor What business would this monster have upstairs in my suburban home How did it get there These would NOT be the primary questions running through my mind at that moment I found Ahlborn s monsters as scary as hell, and they will probably be what I imagine coming down those stairs for some time to come.I also saw criticism of the romantic relationships in the story, but I think this was a strategic thing on the author s part These burgeoning relationships, the history behind them, the uncertainty all work to keep the reader guessing about who the next victim will be These relationships provide strong reasons for the author to keep even the secondary characters alive Their automatic role as cannon fodder is thrown into doubt, and the tension is ratcheted up.I did wonder if April somehow managed to view spoiler survive Her fate is not told definitively we assume, from the scarf, but we don t know In the back of my mind, I wondered if she had escaped somehow, found some mountain bunker to hole up in I wondered if she would pull a Carol and come back and save them all hide spoiler THE SHUDDERING, by Ania Ahlborn was a novel that I had a great deal of trouble in deciding upon a rating for On one hand, the writing is strong and fluid a style that I would easily describe as fast paced The problem, for myself, was that I didn t feel any connection with any of the characters They were stereotypical , in that the author attempted to portray them as the opposite of what we d expect emotionally Example The great looking rich boy that actuallycares too muchabout hurting those around him Honestly, this just wasn t believable to me especially as she did a version of this with almost ALL of the characters, making them out to be mentally the opposite of what their personalities stations would indicate The beginning aside from the characterizations started out strong, and with a healthy dose of comical sarcasm thrown inIs watching movies about monsters stalking through an icy tundra while in an icy tundra kind of masochistic, or is it just meThe novel did flow quickly unfortunately about 2 3 of it seemed to be expressly about their romanic obsessions, and flirting amongst the other characters This felt too forced to me, especially when Ahlborn went out of her way to reiterate how some of the characters just wouldn t fall in love , and then all too conveniently start thinking about it constantly.Eventually, the real action picked up, and I was thoroughly enjoying the book Then, the end If the first 3 4 of the book had been as riveting as the last 1 4, this could have been amazing As it is, I really enjoyed the concept of the creatures and the writing style, but the characters were very forgettable in my mindwe think we re safe until we re deadA decent read, but one that I wouldn t consider for a re read. Ryan Adler And His Twin Sister, Jane, Spent Their Happiest Childhood Days At Their Parents Mountain Colorado Cabin Until Divorce Tore Their Family Apart Now, With The House About To Be Sold, The Adler Twins Gather With Their Closest Friends For One Last Snowboarding Filled Holiday While Commitment Phobic Ryan Gazes Longingly At Lauren, Wondering If His Playboy Days Are Over, Jane S Hopes Of Reconciling With Her Old Boyfriend Evaporate When He Brings Along His New Fianc E As Drama Builds Among The Friends, Something Lurks In The Forest, Watching The Cabin, Growing Ever Bolder As The Snow Falls And Hunger Rises After A Blizzard Leaves The Group Stranded, The True Test Of Their Love And Loyalty Begins As The Hideous Creatures Outside Close In, One Bloody Attack At A Time Now Ryan, Jane, And Their Friends Must Fight Tooth And Nail, Bullet And Blade For Their Lives Or Else Surrender To Unspeakable Deaths In The Darkened Woods A Solid 3.5 Stars for the prowling, creepy man eating skeletal creatures, and my favorite kind of wicked ending, hehehe. They only come in the Beware, they re hiding out there and it is NOT safeWonderfully frightening start and great remote setting out in the middle of nowhere land in a frozen south western Colorado cabin mc mansion. One last fun filled trip is under way with five adults, one an outsider and OONA the Husky when there is dissension among the troops and a massive snow storm hits making it impossible to stay.or leave with the monster pack of demons threatening attack and awaiting their kill. THE SHUDDERING is my third Ania Ahlborn read and while not quite as imaginative as SEED or BROTHER still enjoyed it as a fan of horror Audio 5 starsStory 4 stars I downloaded The Shuddering for free as part of Samsung monthly deal, and was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into a gory, riveting horror It started off very strong, intriguing Sending shivers down my spine by the gore and unexpected savageness A local resident out for his morning walk in the snowy Colorado Mountains in search for firewood, is surrounded and brutally attacked by unidentified, ghastly creatures We are then introduced to four long time friends, vacationing in a cabin for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding, later find themselves trapped in the cabin, watched and then hunted down Unfortunately my level of interest quickly diminished I found that I was reading for the sake of completion There were no twists to the plot, no surprises it was the same predicable scenario of attacks over and over again I wanted to know what these creatures were, and where did they come but received no clear answers Sadly this book lacked substance for me But credit to the author for her rich, atmospheric setting and vivid description of the creatures it was well detailed. So good Entertaining Update i have changed it from 4 stars to 5 stars since i find myself still thinking about this book 5 months later. They only come when it snows Creature features can be hit or miss with me I really love some, and am not crazy about the rest, so take my review with a grain of salt I think the setup of The Shuddering was intriguing, but I had a tough time connecting to the execution of the story I think The Shuddering may have worked better as a novella for me there was so much whining and banter, and there was less focus on the creatures than I expected The creature moments were definitely promising, but it wasn t enough to thoroughly hold my attention through the rest of the book There s a serious insta love plotline, and it was hard to take seriously It felt much younger than the other Ahlborn books I ve read this isn t necessarily a bad thing, just not what I was expecting Even though I wasn t crazy about the plot, Ania Ahlborn still makes a story flow well Everything worked out with the alternating storylines, and the story moved along smoothly That s really what made this a 3 instead of a 2 for me I do want to say that the intro to this book was so good, and I wish I would have felt that intensity through the rest of the story The introduction characters were intriguing than the ones the book was actually about I thought the ending was okay, but I just feel like some of the horror was missing I may have felt differently if I was attached to any of the characters since we spent so much time with them, but it didn t work for me. After reading all of Ania s novels I was certain that she has that something A certain spark that promises good reads in the fold of the velvet curtain covering the opening of each mysterious plot she plans, each idea is so distinct and worth the reader s time that I can t wait to see what else she can come up with The Shuddering did something different for a change, it made the monster second in place of the characters that were so unbelievable that I stopped, gasped and cringed as I read Even the food in the book was good, when the clan in the cabin was treated to a Boeuf Bourguignon Burgundy Beef, a French wine stew I had to go to the store on Saturday half way through reading, buy my ingredients and make it the next day as I finished, and the sauce is one of the best ever, matches the writing and I can taste the story on the back of my mind This is a tale of love and loss, and with a no hold barrel monster that promises to take prisoners until your bones ache This story could take off as being another fantastic tale but the roots are so well grounded in who is in it Jane, Ryan, Sawyer, Lauren, April and Oona the dog are spending their last get together at a snowed in luxury cabin, only this time their vacation has planned a detour, one that might take them right out of this world There are unresolved love triangles, pain and betrayal and conflicts that run colder than the icy snow raining on the cabin as something dark and hungry surrounds it.This book reads like a Game of Thrones story, I didn t see many things coming, it made for one of the best book in bed weekend s I ve had in a while, a nice cold glass of beer didn t hurt, I was seriously worried and sweating bullets for the characters as things went from bad to worse I really liked the pacing for once, so many books get that wrong, and the interaction between the characters was priceless, I was interested in who was in love with whom than being busy worrying that this was a horror book so watch out as lives are pulled away faster than one can turn the page I sincerely hope that the author is working on a new story or I will be sadder than a kid who got coal in his stockings, or whatever rocks your misery boat Kasia S. Five young adults in a cabin surrounded by a dense forest, in the midst of a snowstorm that is burying everything in sight Food is scant, cell phone reception is nil, and the power is flickering and now out.The trees appear to be shuddering, raked and disturbed by the frigid winds, and teeming with something else They are out there all teeth and skin and claws, joints grotesquely askew, limbs contorted at impossible angles They are hungry, and they are hunting.Although I did not like this nearly as much as Brother or The Bird Eater, it was a decent read view spoiler I really liked the ending, which was reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock s movie The Birds hide spoiler

Born in Ciechanow Poland, Ania has always been drawn to the darker, mysterious, and sometimes morbid sides of life Her earliest childhood memory is of crawling through a hole in the chain link fence that separated her family home from the large wooded cemetery next door She d spend hours among the headstones, breaking up bouquets of silk flowers so that everyone had their equal share.Author of n

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