The Silent Patient

The Silent PatientAlicia Berenson S Life Is Seemingly Perfect A Famous Painter Married To An In Demand Fashion Photographer, She Lives In A Grand House With Big Windows Overlooking A Park In One Of London S Most Desirable Areas One Evening Her Husband Gabriel Returns Home Late From A Fashion Shoot, And Alicia Shoots Him Five Times In The Face, And Then Never Speaks Another WordAlicia S Refusal To Talk, Or Give Any Kind Of Explanation, Turns A Domestic Tragedy Into Something Far Grander, A Mystery That Captures The Public Imagination And Casts Alicia Into Notoriety The Price Of Her Art Skyrockets, And She, The Silent Patient, Is Hidden Away From The Tabloids And Spotlight At The Grove, A Secure Forensic Unit In North LondonTheo Faber Is A Criminal Psychotherapist Who Has Waited A Long Time For The Opportunity To Work With Alicia His Determination To Get Her To Talk And Unravel The Mystery Of Why She Shot Her Husband Takes Him Down A Twisting Path Into His Own Motivations A Search For The Truth That Threatens To Consume Him 5, the debut of the century stars Full review along with a Curry Chicken recipe featured on my blog Recipe a Read So first off, can I get a hell yeah for Alex Michaelides for this stunning debut of a novel I ordered this on a whim on because I didn t want to wait through the 86 holds at my library and when it came in the mail I decided just to take one little peak However, what actually happened, was me zooming through this thrill ride at break neck speed and finishing it in less than 12 hours I had to sleep ok So needless to say, I quite loved this book.Alicia Berenson was thirty three years old when she killed her husband.Alicia and her husband Gabriel are the perfect couple Alicia is an up and coming painter and Gabriel is a noted fashion photographer They re young, they re beautiful and they re head over heels in love with one another However, as with all thrillers that quickly comes crumbling to the ground when Alicia is found standing over her dead husbands body after being shot in the face six times and covered in both of their blood.As everyone around Alicia grapples with this terrifying series of events and struggle to come up with a defense not just to save Alicia s life but to understand how this could ve happened their met with a brick wall Only, that brick wall is Alicia and she s refusing to say a word Alicia sits idly by in the court room as she is vilified and damned for killing the only man she s ever truly loved and still, she says nothing As she s saved from the death penalty and instead put in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane, still she doesn t say a word Years and years go by, and still Alicia doesn t say a word We ve talked about this before Haven t we About fireworks About love About how we often mistake love for fireworks for drama and dysfunction But, real love is very quiet, very still It s boring, if seen from a perspective of high drama Love is deep and calm and constant can I get an AMEN Theo Farber is a criminal psychotherapist and he s been following Alicia s story since the beginning Coming from a painful upbringing and life himself, Theo see s parts of him in Alicia and he believes, no he knows that he can help Alicia heal As he carefully but steadily dismantles his promising career and life in order to get a job at The Grove, where Alicia is being housed he moves his pieces about the chess board of life and gets closer and closer to Alicia hoping to uncover her story and get her to tell what happened between her and Gabriel once and for all.As it turns out, Alicia feels a draw to Theo as well At a slow, but not tedious and incredibly suspenseful pace, Alicia begins to open up and little bits and pieces of her story are falling out left for the reader and Theo to put together What follows is easily one of the most suspenseful, exciting, thrilling and surprising stories I ve read in quite a long time.At the time I didn t understand But that s how therapy works A patient delegates his unacceptable feelings to his therapist and she holds everything he is afraid to feel, and she feels it for him Then, ever so slowly, she feeds his feelings back to him So first things first, as someone who has an undergraduate degree in Psychology which means next to nothing in the field but who has also been a major advocate and participant in therapy I loved the way it was portrayed in this book Something that irks me to no end, is the way the entertainment industry portrays not just people who attend therapy but therapists themselves The whole and how does that make you feel line really annoys the crap out of me because that s not what therapy is about I think Michaelide s honored the profession and despite being a pretty intense thriller and how easily it could ve been done, therapy was never vilified but admired.So onto the meat of this story what initially drew me in was the synopsis of Alicia killing her husband and then never speaking another word I can t quite explain why exactly that particular linchpin got me hook, line and sinker but it did However, what gripped and held me and didn t let me go from the moment I started it was an incredibly well paced story Michaelides delivered a stunning and gripping plot, but what made it shine is that every piece of information the reader is given is given to you only exactly when it is needed to move the story forward Nothing is sensationalized or used to provide cheap jump scare thrills There s a sinister undertone throughout the book and to me, The Silent Patient is the prime o example of what the genre of psychological thriller is supposed to be.Her silence was like a mirror reflecting yourself back at you.And it was often an ugly sight.I don t want to give to much away because again, this is one of the most surprised I ve been in a long time by the final twists in a thriller book I ve been interested in reading this for quite some time, and I m so happy I picked it up sooner rather than later I guarantee this is going to be one of the top books of 2019 and if it s on your list pick it up, if it s not add it now The prose, the pacing, the suspense and development into the story were all a complete slam dunk for me This is absolutely the type of book that once you pick it up, you re not going to be able to put it down until you re done with it and know how it ends and the ending, is quite the doozie I m thrilled by Alex Michaelides and really excited to see future works because this author knows how to get it done my dudes. As you will see, it s an incredible story of that there is no doubt Whether you believe it or not is up to you. Ohhhh, I see why this book is getting so much buzz it is virtually unputdownable.I didn t actually have any plans to read The Silent Patient I just happened to see it hanging around in the new releases, took a quick peek, and thought why not Well, I ll tell you why not You absolutely definitely should NOT read this book if you want to go to sleep and get up for real life stuff in the morning I read this until my eyes were like nope and closed on their own.It s very compelling A psychotherapist called Theo Faber narrates the story and he announces early on that he s pretty fucked up He worms his way into a new job at the Grove mental health facility because of his fascination with the artist Alicia Berenson, who murdered her husband in an open and shut case and hasn t spoken a word since But let us not forget that while Alicia Berenson may be a murderer, she was also an artist. Theo finds himself connecting with Alicia and feeling a desperate need to figure out why she did it And, what s , he wants to figure out why she is silent What can t she say What won t she say The he digs into her life, her family, and her past, the deeper in he gets It s a fast paced ride with short punchy chapters oh, how easy it is to think just one chapter The story has so many threads and little surprises to uncover More questions arise at every turn And even those who work out the main aspect of the mystery will probably still enjoy the journey of finding out why, and all the little shocking discoveries made along the way.It is true that those who have read a number of twisty mysteries will likely guess the truth, but I think there s enough goodness here to make it enjoyable anyway Or it was for me at least Full of thrills, artistic metaphor, twists and Greek tragedy.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube I feel like I should preface my review by stating that I have read A LOT of psychological thrillers, and coupling that with the fact that this was my most anticipated read of 2019 gave The Silent Patient a great deal of pressure This will still be an overall positive review, but I felt I had to include some honest thoughts here as well for those readers who may need their expectations in line like I clearly did The premise here is simply incredible we have a woman named Alicia Berenson who is accused of murdering her husband and proceeds to clam up and keep quiet for the following six years, living during this time in a mental care facility called The Grove for highly dangerous folks Enter Theo Faber, psychotherapist extraordinaire and flawed individual He already has a respectable job elsewhere, but decides to transfer over to The Grove, even though it is a sinking ship, because he is obsessed with Alicia and solving the mystery behind why she murdered her husband Along the way, we get snippets into Alicia s diary leading up to the murder, alongside of Theo s POV I can t really give you anything than this, because this is a novel that depends on you being fooled by the twist You know, the big twist, the one where every blurb on the cover and every early review gives you a heads up, and perhaps that was part of the issue here for me It seems these types of books that pull the wool over your eyes and take you by surprise are best enjoyed before anyone else has had a chance to read them Let s come back around to the fact that I ve been reading mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels for decades, way before Gone Girl was written and these domestic dramas with tricky slight of hand became all the rage If you are new ish to the psych thriller scene, and you whole heartedly enjoyed recent novels such as The Woman In The Window, you will adore this It was a well written, compulsive, slow burning build up to an explosive ending Structurally, it had everything you could ask for, as it was well researched, engaging, and the perfect length of includes what we need without being overly winded Unfortunately, I ve seen this particular twist done numerous times, so I was clued in fairly early to what the big twist would be, and without spoiling or giving anything away, the lay out of the narrative in the second half of the novel is what fully clued me in, because it was too neat and tidy to end any other way I will say that I was so satisfied and pleased with the way the author chose to close out the final chapter, and regardless of being surprised by the twist or not, it was a classic wrap up that will stand the test of time over the years I think I m going to wrap it up here, and please don t let my 3 star rating dissuade you from giving this one a try Michaelides is talented, and his writing is gripping and keeps you turning the pages regardless of the big twist I would be honored to read his next novel and will most certainly look for his name in the future In the meantime I have found so much in this novel worth discussing, from the portrayal of mental health care to the inner workings of various marriages, and think this will make a great winter book club choice for readers around the globeMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. Wow, I m still reeling from that ending A mindblowing, to die for twist A fast read that kept me intrigued from beginning to end, although the shocker came at the end Waitwaitwhat just happened This was how I felt as a read the last few chapters Alicia Berenson is such a mysterious, intriguing character and I was trying to figure her out the entire novel I kept asking myself, What is up with Alicia She is a famous, talented painter and happily married to her husband, Gabriel They live in London and have a cozy life.Why would Alicia murder him and then never speak again You want to know, right Well, I did and couldn t stop reading until I found out It is the feeling you have when you just have to know why The novel is narrated by Alicia s psychotherapist Theo Faber, He is determined to fix Alicia I was so invested in learning what the circumstances of Alicia s silence was and had to find out if Theo could save her Would she ever speak again READ IT NOW to find out I wasn t going to read this one, and then requested it on NG and I m really glad I did As you can tell, I really enjoyed it Sure to be a 2019 FAVORITE Thanks to Celadon NG for my arc Book is out in Feb 2019 Review posted to blog.

Born in Cyprus to a Greek Cypriot father and English mother, I studied English literature at Cambridge University and got my MA in screenwriting at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles I wrote the film The Devil You Know 2013 starring Rosamund Pike and co wrote The Con is On 2018 , starring Uma Thurman, Tim Roth, Parker Posey and Sofia Vergara THE SILENT PATIENT is my first novel.

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