The Snowman Maker

The Snowman Maker Over The Years Ben And Ellie Never Had A Problem Communicating So When Ben Seems Distant, Ellie S Confused Her Instinct Tells Her It Has Something To Do With The Contents Of An Old Cardboard Box His Father Insisted Ben Take Before He Passed Away With The Children Grown, Ben S Evasiveness Adds To Ellie Wishing The Holidays Were OverBut It S Christmas The Season Of Hope And Love Rekindled Especially When Going Back To A Wondrous Place On A Winter S Night In The Old Sleigh Decorated In Pine Boughs And Silver Bells The Very Sleigh That Carried A Little Boy And That Cardboard Box On A Christmas Eve Journey So Long Ago

I am a writer living in Ogdensburg, NY I am author of The Reindeer Keeper , released October, 2010 and selected by both Yahoo s Christmas Book Club and Yonkers, NY Riverfront Library Book Club as their December 2012 featured Book of the Month Because of the positive feedback from readers, I followed with the release of The Snowman Maker in 2013 and in October, 2015, The Candle Giver The th

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  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • The Snowman Maker
  • Barbara Briggs Ward
  • English
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9781604949018

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    Once again, Barbara has written a poignant and heartwarming tale As she did with The Reindeer Keeper, she has illustrated the importance of families, especially at Christmas.In The Snowman Maker, we learn about a family who is affected by a history of adoption The story shows us how an orphanage can be like another family and that the relationships fostered there can be lasting It shows us the importance of finding out where we come from and that it s never too late to forgive and make a new beginning All of this mixed in at Christmas time brings even magic to the season.I love stories set at Christmas, especially ones about family and traditions Barbara is a master at telling these stories and I eagerly await her next Christmas book.

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    A bit of a different twist on a Christmas story I missed the art work that was in the first book, The Reindeer Keeper Believe Again but the cover was illustrated in the same way as the first book I m anxious to read the third book in the series The Candle Giver I hear from others it brings the two previous books together.

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    Excellent read

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    3.5 5I am definitely in the mood for Christmas books and movies, and spend most of the month of December reading and watching them exclusively When I found out that Barbara Briggs Ward had a new Christmas novel out, I was super excited I read and reviewed her book, The Reindeer Keeper, last year and really enjoyed it Her stories are truly full of the Christmas spirit and have a wonderful way of getting you in the spirit too.The Snowman Maker is the story of middle aged Ben and his hidden family history He and his wife Ellie have had a long, great marriage with two wonderful children Suddenly though, Ellie notices that Ben has been pulling away he seems distant and sad As it turns out, right before Ben s father died, he revealed a long kept secret Ben was adopted Now Ben is determined to find his birth mother in time for the holidays so he can discover where he really came from Aiding him in his search are his supportive wife, children, and fellow orphans who remembered him and his mother from the orphanage.I thought this story was really sweet A lot of people banded together to help Ben find out about his birth mom and there was a large sense of community amongst he and his fellow orphans, now all grown up Ben s wife, Ellie, was also amazingly supportive and loving, despite how distant Ben had grown to be I loved all of these strong relationships.I also thought this story was really atmospheric and lovely I loved the snow and the Christmassy feel, the old stone homes and the horse drawn sleigh rides I would just look at the cover and smile It helped me envision the setting and I so badly wanted to visit there One thing prevented me from loving this story as much as I loved The Reindeer Keeper I had a bit of a hard time with Ben He seemed quite disrespectful about his adoptive parents, as he continually referred to them as They were the ones who raised him and loved him shouldn t they have simply been his parents I understand his desire to know where and who he came from, but he almost seemed to write his parents off completely when he discovered that they weren t his birth parents That frustrated me Aside from this aspect, this was a great story for Christmas time, and I think that all fans of Christmas novels will really enjoy it.

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    I received a copy via a goodreads give away, and what a bonus to find it was signed by the author Barbara Briggs Ward as well I entered the competition because the cover of the book was adorable Who can ever resist snowmen It s just so christmas y and lovely i wanted it I ve never read anything by the author before so discovering this beauty was wonderful.The book is centered around christmas and there is a huge emphasis on family I think it s what christmas is all about But this book strips back everything and show s the true meaning of christmas, and surprises Lots of surprises I loved it from start to finish Yes at times it is slightly predictable and very happy, there was times I kept expecting something very bad to happen Barbara goes into great detail of describing the surroundings of all locations, making them seem so magical and perfect I wish I could even just see the type of Christmas Tree Ben Ellie were decorating and the Sleigh that Henry owned.It s a romantic book, but Christmas often brings that out in people It shows the passing of time doesn t alter a love thats meant to be Surprises are good, in fact they re great at christmas It s shows a family isn t just blood but who you are surrounded by at times that really matters.I loved it and I think everyone who loves christmas and happy endings will to I did want to read this around christmas but temptation is hard to resist

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    This book was sent to me by the author as part of the First Reads program thanks Barbara As I type this, I ve just finished the novel And I must say I was absolutely blown away This was my first exposure to Barbara s work, so I really didn t know what to expect The first thing I noticed when I received the book was the gorgeous artwork by Suzanne Langelier Lebeda The detail in the cover painting is simply impeccable Encouraged by the cover, I then found that the book was signed by the author That was a lovely surprise.The first few pages of the novel piqued my interest through extended flashbacks, dishing out character backstory in a refreshing and exciting way, a practice which was kept up throughout the novel The characters were easy to relate to and far interesting than the cookie cutter stock characters so often seen in Christmas and romance fiction The imagery and insight used is beautiful, as well the descriptions of the snow, the buildings, the feelings felt while remembering days long goneglorious.I prefer to keep my reviews spoiler free, so I won t say much about the conclusion other than that it was a highly satisfying one that has encouraged me to seek out of Barbara s work.All in all, The Snowman Maker is a fabulous piece of Christmas lit, and reading it is akin to eating a big old slice of Ellie s famous spice cake, knowing Sophie s jam tarts still await you.

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    I started out enjoying this story with a link to The Reindeer Keeper, but by the middle of the story I felt it becoming very predictable, and oooooey gooooey sweet My suspicions of who Henry was were correct, my suspicions of what was going to happen with Maggie also were correct I guess I wanted something a little different to happen, but it was all tied up very neatly in a big Christmas bow With that said, the book was still an enjoyable winter read, especially as the wind was blowing around my home and snowflakes were falling as I finished this book Sophie was my favorite character in the book and I loved how the snowmen she made represented all the children in the orphanage, this was different than I expected and even though she and her Benny made snowmen outside, the story was about each orphan having their own set of snowmen made by Sophie, and how she continued to make the snowmen long after the orphanage closed, because that was her way of keeping in touch with Benny I also missed the lovely illustrations at the start of each chapter, they added so much to The Reindeer Keeper, and I am hoping they return in the final story of the trilogy The Candle Giver.

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    I enjoyed the book It is a heart warming story of Christmas and the importance of family The story is somewhat predictable but that was part of the fun of reading it I kept making predictions about who people were and how they were connected and then I had to keep reading to see if I was right As a result, I could hardly put the book down.It is Christmas time Ellie is not looking forward to Christmas as much as she has in the past Although her son will be home from college, her daughter is in working in Europe and won t be home for Christmas Her husband is acting strange and does not want to talk about what is wrong Ben s strange behavior started when his father gave him a cardboard box shortly before he passed away Ellie finally looks inside the box and finds a collection of handmade snowman Christmas ornaments This marks the beginning of Ellie and Ben s journey to find answers to Ben s past.Disclosure I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway on the premise that I would review it.

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    Ben felt that there was something missing in his life as an adult he chooses to explore a different path with surprise after surprise all along the way I loved this book, OK I am still a romantic at heart and I do love Christmas, but who doesn t This is a story to hold onto and give you hope, that good things can still happen Plus love and family can deal with what life throws at them And with that this book is a winner in my book of books and I will definitely will read of Barbara Briggs Ward books in the future when I can get them Oh another thing my senses where working along the same lines as the story as I to smell cinnamon cedar or perhaps it was the fact I was making apple, pear, cinnamon juice the day before but thanks to Barbara it took me back So you can imagine yourself in book looking at it all with them P.S A modern day fairy tale for the young and old or in between.

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    Ellie is very concerned about her husband Ben He seems depressed and isn t talking to her Since this is out of character for her husband, she begins to worry She s also slightly concerned about her children and some of the decisions they are making about their future Can Christmas bring the miracle they all seem to need The imagery of the story places the reader in a Christmas wonderland and brings the holiday alive The story, while predictable and a bit cheesy in places, was so heartwarming and enjoyable It s a great book to curl up beside a warm fire with Without giving any details away, I also appreciated the author s ability to put a positive spin on the mother giving her child up for adoption So often the birth mother is cast in a negative light So I really enjoyed this plot with a loving mother and a difficult decision.I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.

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