The Surrogate

The Surrogate Does A Man Really Need A Woman To Have A Child Tristan Sheppard Hates Weddings From The Little Tissue Paper Invites That Came Floating Through His Door To The Personalized Polo Shirts He Was Forced To Wear On Stag Nights Unfortunately For Tristan, He Was Of An Age Where Weddings Dominated His Social Calendar In His Thirties, Single And Relatively Wealthy, Tristan Prefers The Playboy Lifestyle He Has Adopted Others However, Have Plans For HimTired Of Being Set Up By His Friend Stuart Robinson And With An Unhealthy Infatuation With Stuart S Wife Emily, Tristan Grows Tired Of Being Told To Settle Down Tristan Believes That The Only True Love Is Between A Parent And Child, Which Gives Him The Idea Of Becoming A Father The Only Problem Is He Doesn T Want A Mother After Approaching Ex Girlfriends And Lovers, Tristan Sees The Solution To His Problem Is To Pay Marie McDonald, A Single Mother From A Poor Estate In Edinburgh, To Be His Surrogate But Little Does He Realise What He Has Let Himself In For I really enjoyed this book, the pace, the characters and the story.It held my attention right to the last page and in fact could have kept me gripped for another couple of chapters as I felt it came to an abrupt ending The pace was a little too fast at the end.That said, it wasn t predicable and held a couple of surprises along the way. I absolutely loved this book Right from the very start you know you are going to adore Tristan Told from his point of view, you follow Tristan s decision to go from a confirmed and cynical bachelor to a man who wants a child of his own and will do anything he can to have one, including paying a single mom This story had me from the very first page and kept me riveted to the heartwarming end.Tristan was easy to like, very honest and had plenty of faults that were so realistic that you could easily relate to him There were times when I laughed out loud, felt a tear form in my eye, and most of all felt the tug on my heart strings while Tristan fumbled his way through life and the momentous decisions he had made Although sometimes I stumbled a bit with Marie s dialect, I loved her character and continued reading eagerly Spunky, wise and caring, she did a fabulous job in grounding Tristan, and she was the perfect contrast for him Mr Evans did a fantastic job in expressing how much Marie teaches him during the story, and you cannot help but admire her strength I cannot recommend this story high enough A five star for feel good factor Loved this book, and thought if women can raise kids without a man then a man can raise a kid without a woman after all it is the age of equality I liked this a lot It s far outside my usual genre, but it contains a fairly unusual idea Tristan is a successful man in lots of ways, but after a string of unhappy relationships and after attending far too many weddings he gets the idea that a child would help him feel the bond with someone else he truly craves.How he goes about this, and the relationships that pushed him towards this decision, are the bulk of the story and it never quite turns out how you d expect I warmed to Tristan as he negotiated this difficult decision, finding the titular surrogate in an unlikely place It s a fast paced read, and I really got a clear sense of the Edinburgh setting along with the Scottish accents that felt absolutely right as they were written The flashbacks were a little too numerous, but it worked in he overall structure of the story It s a domestic drama but one shown entirely through Tristan s eyes, which I feel is an unusual viewpoint I liked the initially fearsome surrogate and everyone s fairly realistic response to Tristan s decision I was drawn in by the style and eager to stay to the end Liked this very much, and hope to readbooks by CJ Evans in the future.A FEW SPOILERS BELOWSmallest thing, but Tristan s answer to raising the child did seem to be to get a nanny in to do almost all of the actual child care, which is practical but felt slightly at odds with his emphasis on creating a bond with the child Not that I think you can t have a bond with a child with a nanny, it just felt to me as though he would have sacrificedtime, even taken a year or two off, to care for this baby he desperately wanted This is just a personal feeling about the scene where he talks about childcare, although it does show how clueless Tristan is at first On this note, I liked how Marie, the surrogate, soon made sure he understood what was involved in bringing up kids, and she was a wonderful character, prickly but warm hearted and very sensible In fact, it s possible everyone ended up being a little bit TOO nice by the end, which leaves a warm feeling nonetheless Hut that s another personal preference No villains here, unusually Perhaps in the next book Otherwise, an excellent story.

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