The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door3.5 StarsAnyone who reads YA on a regular basis has come across a myriad of books that confront the issue of bullying When I first picked up this galley, I didn t know that Celia Door s story fell into that category While it does confront that issue, it ended up being about muchCelia was immediately endeared to me with her determination to form a protective outer shell that consisted of a bad attitude and lots of goth make up Her obsession with revenge on the girl who made her school life living hell was the thing that kept her going Things at home were falling apart and she felt alone, but she had this quest to get back at Sandy It was an interesting approach because while you didn t really know what Sandy had done, you saw how deeply it hurt Celia and you saw its results in her revenge plotting When she meets Drake, the focus of the story shifts somewhat and you see that now Celia is confronted with a decision should revenge be her only focus or are there friendships that are worththan that I thought that The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door was a very measured and realistic view of the type of bullying that most kids encounter Many of the books I read deal with the worst case scenario bullying that results in death or severe injury While that does happen, I think that the majority of bullying is thesubtle kind that doesn t end up on the evening news Drew was an excellent vehicle because he was a friend for Celia, yes, but he also represented a choice for her When he becomes wrapped up in Celia s web of revenge it hurts Drew, too, and I loved the way it brought things into focus for Celia Without giving too much away, the scene between Drew and his parents on the train was one of the most touching things I have ever read My only disappointment was the ending, which seemed to morph into an after school special, which was kind of a disappointment That should not discourage you from reading this Overall, this book was full of heart with a story that will speak to many people. When I received this ARC, I was extremely excited to begin reading it because I was familiar with and impressed by the author s spoken word slam poetry work That, coupled with a ringing endorsement from Sherman Alexie on the cover, made this seem like it would be a real treat for me Unfortunately, this novel didn t grab me like I had hoped, and I stopped reading a little before the half way mark Though I liked the opening and found some humor in the writing, it felt forced at times and the narrative didn t always flow smoothly Developments like the new kid, Drake, disclosing his sexual orientation to our protagonist within days of meeting her felt unrealistic and only necessary to push the plot forward There was much potential here, but I didn t find enough in the story to keep my interest. Reading the first few pages of this book was misleading I assumed that I would be reading a novel of a humorous yet Dark young girl in high school whose story would stand out With a point and a lot of snarky sentences to make me laugh and giggle childishly.I was wrong about the first part, though the laughing was minimal and the smirks few and far between.This book, though a little bit endearing at times, really made me frustrated with the lack ofwellplot Purpose A point There really wasn t any other than a this would be a coming of age story if the character actually DID some growing up Sure, the poem at the end is supposed to give you the inclination that she has changed her view on her town But it doesn t really do that It s a cheap ending, to be honest.The poems can be fantastic at times, but many of them make me grimace in their simplistic overuse of many themes we ve all dredged through in our adolescent years The idea of being Dark is rather annoying by the time you get past the first 100 pages And this big event about a Book Uttely ridiculous when you find out what it is Very anti climatic.This novel was not terribly written, it was just terrible boring I really wanted to be taken some place new, that s what I look for in a book I don t want to be taken back to high school and beaten to death with the same boring snotty prep school cliche girls who are really bullies in terrible Abercrombie and Fitch disguises I don t want to sit and read about a girl who has very little courage when it comes to that same snot nosed brat in designer clothes.The story could have been much better It could have built up to finding out Drake was gay instead of it being thrown at you near the beginning I kind of wish for the half day of my life I used to read this, back. I soooo loved this book Maybe it s because I was a young poetry geek like Celia, or that I, too, tried to read my way through sections of the library the young readers biography section of my county library when I was about 9 or 10 I thankfully didn t have her painful unpopularity issues, but by the age she is at the beginning of this book, 14, I was also the proud possessor of an I could care less whether you like me or not attitude It sometimes takes people a little longer to grow that armor, and Celia is just donning it when she enters the halls of Hershey High as a friendless freshman who geeks out over poetry, English class, andpretty much nothing else until the new and beautiful transfer from New York approaches her gasp at her locker and actually wants to be her friend double gasp Celia and I both initially suspected some sort of cruel set up, but Drake is on the up and up He just needs someone to talk to while he waits to get into his Art School of choice back in the City And Celia, like any 14 year old loveless girl just wants a beautiful boy to like her for herselfthe fact that she can use him as a tool in her revenge on Sandy and her mean girl pack for a cruelty they enacted on her the previous school year is just very tasty frosting on her homemade vengeance cake Too much Packed with themes of bullying, sexuality, divorce, and just finding oneself in high school, Sweet Revenge is brutally, beautifully moving, and I m hoping desperately that Karen Finneyfrock gosh, I LOVE that name plans to pen a follow up. Wow, my favorite ARC so far from ALA midwinter I loved this book and finished it in like a day A must read It s a YA, a lower YA I would love my almost 13 yo girl to read it Celia s voice is perfect There are spoilers, so don t read any if you don t want to know.To me this is a story of pure friendship and the up and down of it as you try to help your friends with their schemes and plans.Celia is a wannabe famous poet the poems show so much of her character throughout the story what a great device Celia has turned Dark She was bullied into it, but this doesn t come across right away because Celia s voice is so perfectly real, and positive for so much of the story She s a character I liked on page one Yes she was bullied, but she also lost her best friend and her parents seperated all within a short span of time She s gone through all of this but still sees pain in another, like when she wonders if a classmate is fat for the same reason that Celia is Dark Love that Celia has turned Dark with the plan of exacting her revenge on the mean girls at school who were responsible for humiliating her in 8th grade.My heart breaks for Celia, being friendless and starting high school And it breaks again when she makes one friend her first week of high school, and then crushes on him, and then finds out he is gay This was a huge shock I didn t see it coming so hats off to the author because there is nothing stereotypical about Drake I as the reader didn t see it coming, I just thought wow, Celia s new friend is the hot guy at school He s cute, he s smart, he s athletic, and he doesn t care that Celia has no friends I love him I love how Celia knows he is gay but still she can t help her feelings, and of course gets jealous when she thinks he is spending too much time with her rival, mean girl Sandy He s just trying to be nice, because that s who he is.Drake s explanations of his own crush are so natural and authentic that I forget he s talking about crushing on another boy His journey to fulfill his dream making his childhood pal fall for him with the help of a popular book on visualizing your dreams resonated with me because of a very popular, real self help book I remember reading a few years ago um I still have my little vision board, and the little paper book I put on it with my name is pretty dusty Celia struggles with, and makes the very mature decision to support Drake and his dreams and not make fun of his belief in this guru s book he is reading She catches herself every time, and she cheers Drake on.Drake helps Celia with her revenge, he just doesn t know it Because Celia has not confessed her secrets to him, about what happened There s a teary moment for me reading when Drake tells her that Clock who Celia thinks is darker than her likes her and Celia thought no boys liked her But there is Drake, telling her she doesn t realize how pretty she is And it comes at a time when she needs to hear it I would ve loved having Drake for a friend when I was Celia s age Celia s friendship is tested when one of her poems about Drake being gay gets posted all over school by the mean girls I m surprised in the best way when who comes to her rescue but Clock dark and gothic Clock, who torments her and calls her Weird Even though we know pretty soon that Clock has a thing for Celia BTW this is the only part of the story I was bummed about I was really hoping Celia and Clock would be together I mean after he goes through school ripping down the poems for her Oh Clock.Despite being outed by the mean girls even though Celia totally takes the blame Drake still wants Celia as a friend And when they try to run away to New York becuase Celia feels its only right to help Drake with his plan to talk to his crush and see if he feels the same, Celia tells Drake the whole backstory on what happened to her and why she turned Dark So here my heart broke twice the first time when Celia reveals the reason she started writing poetry and I love how poetry saved her life , and when Drake s parents find them at the train station and tell Drake that his crush is off with his girlfriend s family His crush has a girlfriend But in the end, Celia got to keep the friend she thought she was losing to NY forever, and her plan for revenge took a natural and logical course I loved this story, absolutely loved it In The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door, Celia is an outcast and wants to be known as Celia the Dark and not by her real name, Celia Door Celia is out for revenge for Sandy Firestone for making her dark With her lace up black leather boots, she is writing a plan to get back at Sandy but some light is brought into her life, Drake Drake moved from New York to Hershey, Pennsylvania, hoping to get into an art school in New York Karen Finneyfrock keeps the readers on the edge of their seats with every page they turn Readers will also feel like they have to finish the chapter or two to find out what happens and will easily identify with her, even when she makes a few seriously Dark mistakes.I would recommend this book to everyone. Celia Door is known as Celia the Dark, because she has separated herself from her classmates, always wears a dark hoodie and black boots, and is all around surly She wasn t always this way though, thanks to popular girl, Sandy, who pretty much bullied her all throughout middle school Celia has decided to seek revenge on Sandy now that they are in high school and the stakes are higher Things are already looking up for Celia now that she is in high school, because she meets charismatic Drake who is from New York City He s befriends her immediately and knows that Hershey, Pennsylvania just doesn t understand Celia Drake and Celia become good friends and he trusts her with a deep secret Things get a bit sticky for Celia though once her plan for revenge starts to involve Drake and she must question what isimportant Karen Finneyfrock s debut, The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door is a fantastic read for young girls who are navigating their way through the social issues of middle school Celia is a likable protagonist in The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door despite her many defense mechanisms to push people away You can t help but feel sorry for her when you learnabout the issues she had in middle school with Sandy and Mandy, the two resident mean girls Celia turns to poetry and often can be found writing down her beautiful poems, which are included in the novel Celia is a character who is witty, sarcastic and funny I think many young girls will connect with her To make matters worse, Celia s parents are separated and this also impacts Celia s world Her only friend isn t allowed to see her any and she really doesn t have the best relationship with her mother Things are grim until Drake enters the picture and I really enjoyed their friendship Drake harbors a secret that many others may deal with on a daily basis and may be too afraid to share I like that The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door focuses on this and how Celia and Drake s relationship is a positive one as they both try to help each other.The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door is an important and timely read, especially with all of the bullying that goes on in schools today It really sheds light on how words can be hurtful to people and how upsetting things that happen to us many years ago can stay with us Being a teacher, I also took to heart Celia s interactions with her 9th grade English teacher They really didn t see eye to eye and it made me think about what some students are dealing with on a daily basis that, we, teachers can t even begin to imagine.I am definitely going to put The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door in my classroom library, because I think it has an important message, deals with timely issues, and will make young people think, which is the perfect read for middle school. If I had read this book a few years ago, I probably would ve given it a five star rating As it is, I ve read too many similar books in the past couple of years to still be impressed or affected by this type of story I expected revenge, but that s not what I got I appreciate the positive messages hidden in this story and how it focuses onthan just a girl being bullied at school What also makes it slightly different from other such books is that it shows how revenge can sometimes backfire and that it might not always be the best solution Still, I wanted Celia to get even with Sandy and Mandy original names for two bullies, right , because I felt they deserved it Yet, it seemed that The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door should veaptly been titled, The Angst ridden Coming Out of Celia s Gay Best Friend and His Obsession with a Certain Self help Book Oh, alright, that might be a little harsh, but honestly guys, I m rather disappointed that the title is somewhat misleading Speaking of gay besties coming out I was not impressed by all the drama surrounding Drake falling in love with Japhy Japhy Who names a character Never mind It was just too much Drake was constantly fretting about Japhy not coming out the same time he did, and whether Japhy has the same feelings for him, and, and, and It was all he could talk about THE ENTIRE TIME He carried on worse than a hormonal love struck girl So, that s all I have to say about that.Apart from love sick Drake, the rest of the story was okay I like how things got resolved at the end between Celia and her mother, and that everything wasn t too much of a happy ending I don t care for poetry at all, but I did enjoy Celia s poetry entries into her journal It gives the reader a deeper insight into her thoughts and feelings Many times I felt sorry for her especially when it came to light about the book that nearly destroyed her life But like they say all s well that ends well My final thoughts are that it s a good book if you haven t read many such books before Otherwise, it doesn t really offer anything new, and I was glad when it was over and I could move on to a different book that would hopefully beengaging. Este libro tiene cosas muy buenas un buen traductor que ha sabido conservar la armon a de los poemas de Celia, por ejemplo , pero tambi n quedan muchas cosas desva das El personaje de Celia est muy bien y me gusta el personaje de Reloj, pero el resto me parecen los t picos clich s de las novelas juveniles, incluso Drake A n as , entretiene. That S The Day The Trouble StartedThe Trouble That Nearly Ruined My LifeThe Trouble That Turned Me DarkThe Trouble That Begs Me For RevengeCelia Door Enters Her Freshman Year Of High School With Giant Boots, Dark Eyeliner, And A Thirst For Revenge Against Sandy Firestone, The Girl Who Did Something Unspeakable To Celia Last YearBut Then Celia Meets Drake, The Cool New Kid From New York City Who Entrusts Her With His Deepest, Darkest Secret When Celia S Quest For Justice Threatens Her Relationship With Drake, She S Forced To Decide Which Is Sweeter Revenge Or FriendshipThis Debut Novel From Karen Finneyfrock Establishes Her As A Bright, Bold, Razor Sharp New Voice For Teens, Perfect For Fans Of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower And Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Finneyfrock author readers around the world.

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