The Templar Legacy

The Templar LegacySteve Berry is the thinking man s Dan Brown I was immediately impressed after reading The Romanov Prophecy, and The Third Secret The Templar Legacy does not disappoint If you enjoyed The DaVinci Code you will appreciate this novel all the.Berry mixes a decent understanding of folkore and history in this fast paced quest for the real Templar Treasure He even takes a decent pot shot at all the conspiratroialists and others who have made fortunes off a well documented hoax The book s idea of The Great Device, and what it was is based on speculation that has goes back at least 2 or centuries, and it has nothing to do with Mary Magdelene or the supposed Holy Grail, which was nothing that Christianized versions of pre Christian European Myths the nonsense about san graal meaning royal bloodline not withstanding.Great Fiction writing once again i m longing for half stars 2 vs 3 i m settling on this just being ok 2 stars, though, because the dialogue is not afraid to spell things out as in, explaining the obvious, in a predictable, simplistic manner the actual storyline meanders a little too much, at least for my taste in historical thrillers i d like these books to be, i don t know, thrilling there were a couple of spelling grammar errors true, it could happen to anyone true, it s an enormous pet peeve of mine in general but in a professionally published book, it smacks to me of sloppiness and often reflects on the overall quality of the book the big religious discovery in this book, while interesting, was extremely disappointing in its resolution complaints aside, it really was ok it was fun to explore some slightly new historical territory at least for me i ended up watching a documentary about the templars while i was reading this book and found the two in relative harmony, which was nice so there you go 2 stars. Maybe not quite a 4 star read, it dragged a bit in places was quite long, but Berry certainly did his historical homework came up with a great conspiracy If you re not familiar with some of it, as I wasn t I looked up online he had a great author s note at the end that covered the main points.While about religious people, orders, conspiracies, Berry took a great secular look at it all, but wasn t insensitive to religious folks He didn t berate the Gospels for their inconsistencies, but did cover many of the points give a very realistic look at why they are, yet still made a case for religion Pretty cool I m a pretty anti religious person.It was certainly a twisty mystery, somewhat overdone Most of the characters were very well done I didn t care for Cassiopeia, though She overdone wasn t believable at all Felt tacked on in a lot of ways.Overall, quite good I m not sure how good a sequel will be, but I ll give one a shot some day. So fascinated by the amount of research that went into this Really cool book, and I m excited to follow Cotton on adventures The Ancient Order Of The Knights Templar Possessed Untold Wealth And Absolute Power Over Kings And Popes Until The Inquisition, When They Were Wiped From The Face Of The Earth, Their Hidden Riches Lost But Now Two Forces Vying For The Treasure Have Learned That It Is Not At All What They Thought It Was And Its True Nature Could Change The Modern WorldCotton Malone, One Time Top Operative For The US Justice Department, Is Enjoying His Quiet New Life As An Antiquarian Book Dealer In Copenhagen When An Unexpected Call To Action Reawakens His Hair Trigger Instincts And Plunges Him Back Into The Cloak And Dagger World He Thought He D Left BehindIt Begins With A Violent Robbery Attempt On Cotton S Former Supervisor, Stephanie Nelle, Who S Far From Home On A Mission That Has Nothing To Do With National Security Armed With Vital Clues To A Series Of Centuries Old Puzzles Scattered Across Europe, She Means To Crack A Mystery That Has Tantalized Scholars And Fortune Hunters Through The Ages By Finding The Legendary Cache Of Wealth And Forbidden Knowledge Thought To Have Been Lost Forever When The Order Of The Knights Templar Was Exterminated In The Fourteenth Century But She S Not Alone Competing For The Historic Prize And Desperate For The Crucial Information Stephanie Possesses Is Raymond De Roquefort, A Shadowy Zealot With An Army Of Assassins At His CommandWelcome Or Not, Cotton Seeks To Even The Odds In The Perilous Race But The He Learns About The Ancient Conspiracy Surrounding The Knights Templar, The He Realizes That Even Than Lives Are At Stake At The End Of A Lethal Game Of Conquest, Rife With Intrigue, Treachery, And Craven Lust For Power, Lies A Shattering Discovery That Could Rock The Civilized World And, In The Wrong Hands, Bring It To Its Knees I suppose this is what might be called a thriller however I have hesitated to put it on that shelf I hesitate because there are very, very few thrills in the book.I ve hit a string of mediocre books lately These are all books I ve been looking forward to but once I got into them they were at best, yawn worthy This one is that way.We start out on what has become well trodden ground since The Da Vinci Code Again we re off on an adventure to track down the real history of things, in this case the Templars and their legacy treasure, books, writings, scrolls etcYou know you d think a book that opens with a rare book dealer who s an ex special ops guy ex spook being drawn into an adventure about an ancient order of warriors, being involved early on in shootouts he doesn t understand, charging across the world, searching for treasure in old churches and elsewhere would be a page turner It s synopsis leads a reader to believe he ll find a thrill ride.Instead about a quarter of the way into the book the text bogs down into a lot of dry conversations There s a second point of view where we get another really interesting setup, a fast moving escape and so on But the story quickly slides back into explanations and so on.The ending goes about where you think it will This is the second book by this author I ve picked up I don t want to do a blanket assumption here but neither of the books has been overly burdened by original thinking.I forged through it, but I can t really recommend it Too bad Their is a question many of you probably want answered I ll answer it here under a spoiler warning view spoiler Yes this is another book that tells us all we Christians believe is a lie Peter left a book telling that all in the Gospels is a lie How many times will this ending be copied Christianity is based on a lie Jesus died and was not resurrected Okay there it is Now I need a bath hide spoiler Say it, preach it, shout it, but never, absolutely never, believe your own bullshitTemplar Legacy, the first book of the Cotton Malone series, had such potential..Our hero, Cotton, a special ops kind of guy, must come to the rescue of his former boss from the Justice Dept who seems to be in over her head Before committing suicide, her husband had left notes on how to decipher an antique codex, the purpose of which is unclear However, she discovers she s not the only one participating in this treasure hunt, and the other folks like to play with guns The story drifts back in time and we learn that the treasure has something to do with the vast financial resources of the ancient Templar Knights This treasure is not just a matter of wealth, but also it s a powerful secret, and one that some folks will stop at nothing to protect If you re thinking the story sounds a bit like Da Vinci Code, you d be correct I m cool with that I liked Da Vinci Code Ok, yes like Da Vinci Code Templar Legacy grates against my religious sensitivities, but it s a fiction book so who cares Get over it But what I really didn t like is how the author takes an otherwise great storyline and over complicates it to the point where reading becomes tedious I m not into having to take notes while I m reading an action novel, so that I can keep track of all the side stories.My little annoyances subsided toward the end of the book when the action began to pick up And I ve enjoyed some of other books in the series, so hopefully this just wasn t one of Mr Berry s best. I enjoyed this tale I have just recently discovered Berry I read The Third Secret in August , but the mister has been enjoying him for some time now..In a sort of Cliff Janeway meets The DaVinci Code story although, much better told, in my opinion , we follow Cotton Malone, one time federal agent with an eidetic memory and now a Copenhagen based bookseller, as he becomes unwittingly involved in a search for the Great Devise, an ancient Templar archive that supposedly disproves the Resurrection and demolishes traditional Christian dogma Also searching is a host of supporting characters including Stephanie Nell, Malone s former supervisor Mark Nell, the son turned Templar thought dead in an avalanche Thorvalsen, the wealthy Dane supporting Malone Cassiopeia Vitt, the wealthy mystery woman of Islam Raymond de Roquefort, the fanatic Templar wanting to restore the Order to old glory the old Master of the Templars and Geoffrey, his servant, aspiring to the Holy Order by doing his master s will I enjoyed the story Mystery, historical information, plenty of twist and turns, all added up to an entertaining read And, unlike many of the reviewers, I found Cotton Malone to be an interesting, likable guy, and I intend to look for The Alexandria Link to find out about him, and perhaps gain the answer to the origin of his name If, like me, you are a closet conspiracy theorist and aren t easily offended by writers who try to interpret religious what if s, I recommend giving this one a read What can I say I just really like these kinds of books with thriller action adventure based on history and historical landmarks This is about an American, Cotton Malone which I m not too thrilled with that name, lol , who is now a bookseller in Denmark after retiring as a US Operative He s trying to live the quiet life when he finds himself embroiled in a quest with his former boss that involves the Knights Templar and looking for The Great Devise Yes this type of storyline and pace is reminiscent of The DaVinci Code but again, I really like these kinds of books One part of the story is disputing the belief that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and the thought provoking line It has served us well, this myth of Christ Pope Leo X I, myself, was brought up Catholic so the thing about these types of stories is that you have to go into it with an open mind Obviously the author does his research and a lot of the book is based on historical references But you also have to realize that a lot is fiction.embellished There s nothing wrong with that since the book is fiction I ve seen way too many reviews on stories like these where people complain that it s wrong, there s no basis for it, no proof Whatever It s fun It takes you all over the world Leave it at that That being said, I liked it, thought it was fun and I m going to continue on with Cotton and his adventures. The Templar Legacy1 StarThis is my third attempt at reading this book and its time to call it quits The main character is interesting enough and the plot has potential, but it moves along at a snails pace with excessive descriptions of the scenery villages, buildings, forests, gardens, etc and the innermost thoughts of each and every character most of whom I couldn t care less about Enough is enough

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