The Treachery of Beautiful Things

The Treachery of Beautiful Things3.5 maybe 4not sure It has some good qualities and the book is not terrible, it s just not keeping my attention at all I m finding I don t really care for the characters still at 65% in the MC is easily swayed and a little too damsel in distress for my taste, so I m calling quits on this on I could see those who are big fans of fantasies with faeries the old fashioned fairy tale style enjoying it, it just isn t for me As this is a DNF and I kept getting too distracted to keep much in, I won t be reviewing this one further. The Trees Swallowed Her Brother Whole And Jenny Was There To See It Years Later, When She Returns To The Woods Where Tom Was Taken To Say Good Bye At Last, She Finds Herself Lured Into A World Where Stunning Beauty Masks The Most Treacherous Of Evils, And Strange And Dangerous Creatures Await Creatures Who Seem To Consider Her The Threat Among Them Is Jack, Mercurial And Magnetic, With Allegiances That Shift As Much As His Moods Determined To Find Her Brother, With Or Without Jack S Help, Jenny Struggles To Navigate A Faerie World Where Nothing Is What It Seems, No One Is Who They Say, And She S Faced With A Choice Between Salvation Or Sacrifice And Not Just Her Own The Treachery of Beautiful Things is a beautifully written book, marvelously atmospheric, but bogged down by foolish characters and a confusing ending.Jenny is Tom s little sister she adores him with a child s hero worship for an older sibling Tom is the favored child, tremendously talented with the flute, and when he disappears into the trees one day, Jenny and their family is never the same She can t recall what happened, except to say that Tom got eaten by trees Her parents never get over the tragedy, ships her off to boarding school, while their mother self medicates the pain away Jenny never forgives herself, but she is almost 18, about to enter college in the fall, and she braves her fear of going into the woods one last time to say goodbye to Tom Unwittingly, she enters the fairy realm where her brother was abducted, and sets off to rescue Tom and bring him home She runs into Jack, whom she is not entirely sure she can trust, and the book is alternately told through his and her view.The good The writing and the beautifully created environment Ruth Frances Long has written a book that is verbally, among the best descriptive writing I ve read in YA fiction The world of faerie, the characters, everything comes alive The descriptions are beautiful, vivid, and never overdone There is nothing of Dickens about it, reading the book for the words alone is purely enjoyable.So impossibly graceful, it hardly looked real rather, it appeared to have been spun from dew drops and gossamer Ash trees lined the path leading toward it, slender and pale as beautiful maidens bending as if to tend it.Now that s a world I d like to inhabit.The characters, on the other handnot so perfect.I had high aspirations for Jenny She seemed like a level headed character, though mentally traumatized through her experience when her brother disappeared Initially, I thought she was brave, confronting her fear of the woods and entering them to save her brother She does indeed to everything she can to fulfill her goal, my main concern is that the majority of her actions are foolish and rushed, that places her solidly into the TSTL category.Forget her fear of the unknown, of the forest Any time she s upset at her guide, Jack, she foolishly rushes off on her own, into a strange wilderness in which danger is inherent After the first few situation, the reader loses much sympathy for her And then there s this Oh God I don t believe I m doing this She surged to her feet, trying to shelter the baby, and ran into the clearing, straight at the dragon.Really, Jenny REALLY And let s not mention the baby This is a fairy creature s baby It doesn t look like a normal baby Any idiot knows not to disturb a infant animal when there s the possibility of an angry mother returning at any moment And yet Jenny not only takes the baby, but rushes into a confrontation with a dragon AND the baby s angry fairy mother I wish this was her only foolish action, nope, nope, nope Jenny even admits it herself after her 10000th mistake.She was an idiot, so afraid of the greenman, so angry with Jack, so thoughtless So upset, so angry, so stupid and blind.And then there s Jack Beautiful, wounded, martyr Jack And boy is he a martyr, he might as well be wearing a crucifix Jack is plagued by guilt, he blames himself for everything that goes wrong in their adventure, regardless if it s actually TSTL Jenny s fault or not He is a good protagonist, he s nice, he s mysterious, he s not a jerkbut boy is he a martyr I got sick of all his guilt around the first half of the book.The ending was not rushed, but I found it tremendously confusing I couldn t keep track of what was going on, I didn t know why things happened that way, I didn t know how the characters ended up as they did The plot and characters had too many flaws for the plot to be truly enjoyable, but the writing was a masterpiece. You see this pretty little cover with a sweet young girl in a princess dress looking all innocent and surprised Yeahhope you enjoy reading about her blood being sucked out The Treachery of Beautiful Things can be best described as The Labyrinth movie meets Guillermo del Toro Crimson Peak, Pan s Labyrinth If you re wondering whether you should check the book out, there are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.1 Are you a fan of traditional old style fairy tales 2 Do you enjoy books about Faerie 3 Are you a person who doesn t mind a mild horror and a damsel in distress type of heroine so much If you ve answered YES to everything up there, then you re in for a real treat The Story The Treachery of Beautiful Things follows the journey of Jenny into the world of the Fae Seven years ago, while Jenny and her older brother were walking home one evening, the nearby forest attacks them trust me, it s far terrifying than I make it sound , dragging her sibling into its darkness and leaving the girl into a state of shock and paranoia The plot mercifully cuts immediately to the present, sparing us the details of Jenny s visits to the psychiatrists and alienation from her piers and family We see her starring at the forest, trying to muster the courage to go in, when she suddenly hears her brother playing her favorite song on the flute and the music is coming from inside the woods Is it really him There is only one way to find out.From this point on, the book takes a surprisingly dark turn The forest turns out to be inhabitted by the fae nooooo, it s not Tinkerbell, and noooooo, it s not the sexy, gorgeous, muscled guys from YA and PNR books The fae from the legends aren t exactly nice and you ll be lucky if they just want to give you a swift and painless death Thankfully, Jenny is rescued and continues to be rescued by Jack, a mysterious boy with mismatched eyes, who is tasked with guarding the border and guiding any visitors in the domain Can she trust him to guide her to her brother Will she escape the clutches of Titania queen of the sidhe, or the attention of King Oberon Will she survive dragons, nymphs, nixes and all kinds of creatures who mean her harm Positives Judging by the cover, you would think this is one of those generic YA romance books with very little fantasy, world building or plot Glad to say, I got it all wrong Pacing it s fast, filled with action and horror There are a few slow moments, of course, but they never continue for too long The character development was pretty good as well no, we don t see a 180 degrees turn, but we do see Jenny and Jack grow and their personality change getting assulted by monsters almost non stop can do this to you, I suppose THE RESEARCH and LOVE for fairy tales that was put in the story is phenomenal The author has done her job and she has managed to combine several traditional stories into one, adapting it for present day readers in the meantime Negatives The story doesn t progress very quickly Yes, the pacing is action packed, but there is so much repetition and certain things that are obvious for the readers from the start are a mystery for the heroine for quite a long time The repetition is rather annoying, I m afraid 1.We see Jenny in trouble 2.A type of fairy is trying to kill her 3.Jack comes and rescues her 4.Jack leaves Jenny to go fulfil his duties as guardian of the forest.5.Jenny is in trouble again.and so on.We see the same scenario being repeated about 5 6 times Obviously, it wasn t so bad that it would put me off the book, but it s good to be prepared The ending is worth it Conclusion Will I reread Probably not for a long time Will I buy a hard copy Nah, I m good It was enjoyable, but reading it once on my Kindle was enough for the next few years.Will I recommend to friends If you love fairy tale retellings this is one of the better ones I ve read I definitely liked it than The Darkest Part of the Forest Similar books One of My Favorite Line s Beware a kiss, he told her Kisses are powerful things You expose a part of your soul Why I Loved It Now I first requested this book because it sounded a bit like the Iron Fey series I ll admit, I still haven t finished that series yet, but I really loved the first book in the series So I thought, why not And I m so glad that I pushed request Due to a research paper that is due Monday, I was supposed to be working on that True reading a novel is always preferable over writing research papers, but I found that all worth ethic was being sucked away into the book If you love YA fantasy, and you are not hooked by just the prologue, then I will say that there is probably something wrong with you The writing in the book seemed to get better and better the I read The world seemed to grow and twist and turn until it had evolved time and time again to something even incredible Anyone familiar with the world of fae will know how dangerous that world can be I couldn t help it though The danger was beautiful in a way that took my breath away at times I found myself swept away in the craziness that surrounded Jenny And I loved Jack Now the true test of a novel like this is in its ability to stand alone Most people will want to read it because of The Iron Fey series I find that I m not wanting to compare the books because the book owned its own place, so I think it has passed with flying colors The story was very different, but just as magical Who Should Read It If you read and loved the Iron Fey series, you should pick this one up too Lovers of YA fantasy would probably like it too Cover whores should try and pick it up too That cover is beautiful.Warning Book may extinguish work ethic and cause excessive reading.Special thanks to Penguin for letting me read the book in exchange for my honest review. I have wanted to read this book since the very first time that I saw the amazing cover Once it was released and reviews started coming out, I got a little but nervous because there were some not so great ones That didn t at all change my mind about wanting to read it, but it did make me wonder how I would feel about it I should not have worried The Treachery of Beautiful Things absolutely took my breath away Beautifully written, the world jumped off of the pages and the characters right along with it I can still close my eyes and see The Realm, and Jack and Jenny, Puck and Tom, Titania and Oberon The Leczi and the dragon, The Woodsman This book is a masterpiece in my eyes My whole heart was in this with me The story unfolds slowly, piece by piece It gains momentum, and you learn things along the way It makes you think Ruth Frances Long doesn t tell you what she wants you to know, she shows it to you She didn t lay it all out for me, she made me go on this journey with Jenny And I loved every single second of it It is only the beginning of the year, but The Treachery has easily earned a top spot for my 2013 Reads list My only issue Please don t let this be a standalone I can t believe that I am saying this, but I need of this world I need to know the rest of the story I feel like there are so many things hanging in the balance The ending was fantastic, but it feels like there is so much that needs to come I truly hope that there is a book 2 Recommended for everyone no language, no sexual situations, or any other inappropriate situations Some violence, but nothing too bad. 3.8 stars.At the beginning I nearly DNF ed this book, the author is someone I m not familiar with and her tale of younger sister goes to the dangerous Realm of faes to save her sibling feels very much like a case of been there, done before to me, and the book s title is kinda sorta weird too Not to mention the heroine turns out a bit on the Special Snowflake side Plus her stubbornness and the insta love between her and the male love interest they know each other for days but they will do everything to save each other surely don t endear her to me much However, things changed probably by the time the heroine view spoiler got caught by the blood sucking Redcaps hide spoiler One of the things I loved best about The Treachery of Beautiful Things was that it kept to the traditional faerie lore think A Midsummer Night s Dream and less Wings And several favorites from the Shakespearian comedy appear in the novel, as well, making it feel as if I was visiting old friends I love faerie stories and was glad to see that this particular tale was a return to the faerie world I ve always known and loved, steeped in rich folklore and magical creatures.The imagery used to describe the Faerie Realm is phenomenal, if not surreal Ruth Frances Long depicts a world untouched by human technology, full of wonder and magic and unimaginable beauty But our heroine Jenny soon finds out that the treachery of the Faerie Realm lies in the simplistic nature of things, for nothing is ever as it seems The she travels the Realm with Jack and Puck, the she comes to realize this truth.Jenny s story is a bit sad On her way home from a music lesson with her brother, the trees reached out and stole him from her Of course, anyone she tells this story to deems her crazy or fanciful Seven years later, as Jenny is preparing to go off to college, she goes to the forest that took her brother so long ago in hopes of making peace with his disappearance and saying a final goodbye to the brother she loved so much Turns out, the forest wants her, too.Once in the Faerie Realm, Jenny s only objective is to retrieve Tom and return home She is determined and intelligent but by no means is she any match for the Realm and its inhabitants, especially once they know she s there and what her future holds Jack and Puck try to keep her safe and repeatedly try to coax her into leaving the forest for good, but Jenny refuses to leave without Tom.And so Jenny spends much of her time traipsing through the forest with her companions, oblivious to what s right in front of her She s a damsel in near constant distress, but it doesn t grate on my nerves like it might in other novels After all, she is in a magical world with no powers of her own to speak of Plus, her rescuer is Jack o the Forest and his character left me with no complaints He was complex and difficult to decipher the yin to her yang, so to speak Their romance in the novel isn t all touchy feely, and it isn t really the focus of the story until the end, but it was still beautiful and, I don t know fulfilling You know how some love stories leave you feeling like it was just a romance of convenience, not like the characters were really meant to fall in love, just that they did so for the sake of advancing the plot Yeah, the romance in Treachery isn t like that at all It s well developed over the course of the novel, with neither party realizing it was happening or at least denying it to themselves or anyone who risked mentioning it It wasn t cute or sweet, it was simply lovely.I loved all of the characters in this book, even the ones I wasn t supposed to, including the fierce Oberon and the creepy Mab But my favorite was probably Wayland He was but a bit player, though his part nearly cemented the future for Jack I always enjoy the character who foresees the future, giving you vague details but then won t tell you what they mean And then of course he gives Jack a gift that could kill him as soon as help him It s good to have a guy like that on your side, rather than working against you The Treachery of Beautiful Things is a lesson in love, loyalty and trust It s a charming story told amidst unsettling things, but it s one of the better faerie tales I ve read It s also a stand alone, which means that you re not committing to yet another series if you re smart and decide to give it a try.My favorite quote Every game has its Jacks, she said, the sadness of it pulling down the elation of sudden understanding The thing that acts as a wild card It can t be counted on or predicted A weapon, even But he s in other places, too, isn t he And do you know what else a Jack is, Puck I do p 325 of galleyAnd I posted this teaser a couple of weeks ago She was talking to a tree Just talking to a tree Totally normal People probably did it every day here They re only trees She fought an insane urge to laugh p 181 of galley Thanks to Penguin and Netgalley for providing a galley for review.This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances LongPublisher DialPublication Date August 16, 2012Rating 4 starsSource Gift from a friendSummary from Goodreads A darkly compelling mix of romance, fairy tale, and suspense from a new voice in teen fictionThe trees swallowed her brother whole, and Jenny was there to see it Now seventeen, she revisits the woods where Tom was taken, resolving to say good bye at last Instead, she s lured into the trees, where she finds strange and dangerous creatures who seem to consider her the threat Among them is Jack, mercurial and magnetic, with secrets of his own Determined to find her brother, with or without Jack s help, Jenny struggles to navigate a faerie world where stunning beauty masks some of the most treacherous evils, and she s faced with a choice between salvation or sacrifice and not just her own.What I Liked I have had this book for ages Literally since Christmas 2012, when one of my best friends gave it to me that year I ve been meaning to read it since then, even before then, but never brought myself to it Luckily, Pili pushed this one on me, so it s my Pili Pushed recommendation of November To see my reviews of other Pili Pushed recommendations, see the Pili Pushed tag Jenny s brother was taken seven years ago by the forest Seven years later, Jenny is determined to find him She enters the forest, and finds a world so unlike her own The Fae live in this Realm, as in, Queen Titania Mab, Oberon, Puck and Jack, the Jack o the Forest Jack is the guardian of the Edge, and he is charged with helping those on a quest which is Jenny But Jenny quickly learns that the Fae world is treacherous and dangerous, but she will stop at nothing to get her brother back.I usually don t like books that involve the Fae faeries but how much did I love this book Let me count the ways I really enjoyed the Fae aspect of this book It s much like what I personally think of, when I think of the Fae Like, the Shakespeare stuff, with wicked, tricksy faeries Oberon, Titania, Mab, Puck they re all very present in this book, and very much like they came from a Shakespeare play I really, really liked this This book is written in third person, and this really worked for me I still connected with Jenny, though in the beginning, she seemed a little distant Most scenes are exclusively Jenny s, but there are some that feature only Jack Personally, I m a huge fan of Jack.Jack is the guardian of the edge, so he watches the border between the human world and the Fae world He serves Oberon, but he also answers to Titania everyone does There is so much mystery surrounding Jack, and we don t get to know everything at once I love how Long feeds us information about Jack, bit by bit Definitely made me love him slowly but surely, and There IS romance in this book, yay Jenny doesn t go into the forest looking for love she s hunting for her brother And Jack he s been around for a while, doing his job, trying to find a way out of his curse he doesn t expect or want to fall for anyone Jack has to save Jenny on many occasions, and eventually, he realizes just how much he s grown to care about her I thought the romance was really sweet and slow burn definitely one of my favorite structures of a romance in fiction Love The story was so fascinating and dark and intriguing I love Long s storytelling, her prose, her way with words This story wasn t just about Jenny finding her brother it was about Jack and his curse, the Fae world and their tyrant It s a standalone novel, so it wraps up at the end The ending is fabulous So beautiful, and not too perfect Okay, it was perfect, in a warm, lovely way Ah What I Did Not Like I wanted a little from the story before Jack has to rescue Jenny from the Nix you ll have to read the book to know what I mean and I promise, this isn t a spoiler This occurs about halfway through the book, but it also takes a good portion of the book, for Jack to rescue her, and then we haven t even reached the climax I wanted a little journey, trampling through the forest, that kind of thing Just a small thing Would I Recommend It I seriously loved this book a fantasy novel set in the modern world and I would totally recommend it Especially for the romance, it s one of my favorites Love Rating 4 stars I can t believe I waited this long to read the book It s been sitting in my room innocently for nearly two years Shame on me for doing that I really liked this book.

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