The Tree House

The Tree HouseThis book was action packed from start to finish, with lovely hints of romance woven into its interesting storyline If you want a book that keeps you engaged throughout, this is the book for you Check it out I received a copy of this book from the author via International YA Book Club for Girls in exchange for an honest review After I finished this book I struggled trying to figure out how I felt about it I had planned throughout my reading of it to give it 3 stars In the end I chose to give it 4 The beginning was a bit weird for me Hailey s house is broken into Her parents either killed or abducted She escapes and flees her hometown thinking that she will find safety in the big city of Seattle Along the way she runs into Jack Upon meeting for the first time they are extremely snarky to each other which I thought was strange While talking in a diner the men who ransack her house show up Again And again And again The snarkiness and the constant action in the beginning of the book made me a little wary to continue I was however, pleasantly surprised About a 1 4 of the way into the book the author seemed to hit her stride The relationships and bonds formed in this book are a joy to experience I really enjoyed the twists and turns and surprises that the author treats you to towards the end And speaking of the For me the ending was definitely worth the extra star which turned this review from a 3 star to a 4 star As I said, in the beginning I wasn t really into this book and felt like I was only reading it because I promised a review However, I found that I actually really liked it I look forward to continuing the journey with Jack, and Hailey, and Ben Great first novel for this author Looking forward to what comes next Hailey Is An Average Twenty Year Old College Student, Living An Average Life Or So She Thought When A Past She Never Knew Existed Is Brought To Light, The Reality She Thought She Knew Is Shattered And Hailey Is Left Alone To Pick Up The Pieces Who Could Know This World Holds Such Evil Who Is This Strange, Obscure Boy That Seems To Know Than He Is Saying And What Can One Girl Do When A Fight To Stay Alive Becomes A Fight To Avenge And Protect The Ones She Loves This book was amazing from the first sentence to the very end It was definitely a page turner and kept me at the edge of my seat I can t wait for the next installment of The Tree House saga Keep it coming This book was exciting from the first page until the last I really had a hard time putting it down It is original, different, and the writing is spectacular Shay had my attention the whole time I loved every character she brought into the story The twists were great and made the story even exciting, sometimes painful The romance was beautiful, just the right amount I can t wait to read from this author. The Tree House is not what it seems Hailey, the young woman the story centers around, is also not what she seems The story starts out with a bang, as she has to go on the run in Seattle after gunmen come after her Without giving away too much of the plot, I ll say that I really enjoyed the scientific twists and turns as well as the thriller aspect of this book The length was just about right for telling the story completely, but I do wish some of the secondary characters had been fleshed out a bit All in all, Ms Lynam has written a really interesting tale that will keep your interest I received a gift copy of this work in exchange for my fair and honest review I totally agree with other reviewers when they say they felt like they were watching a movie in their head and almost forgot they were reading it and not actually living it This book grabbed me and sucked me in from the very beginning This writer is going to do amazing things and I am very excited to read her next book. I am an avid readerI download a lot of books this was definitely one of I could not put down until it was finished It was done and I couldn t wait until I found out First time author with so much potential. 4.5 Cranky Stars The Tree House, YA contemporary, starts at a break neck pace and never quits We meet Hailey, the main female protagonist, facing off with gunmen for reasons unknown Fleeing, she s in danger Her family is in danger Her brother is missing and everything she knew about her life is a myth.Answers and potential safety lie in Seattle at the eponymous Tree House There starts Hailey s journey of discovery of herself, her personal history, and a group of people that share a similar fate Along the way, Hayley encounters Jack He s brash, battle hardened, and a reluctant hero, who has secrets of his own There is a lot to like about this book the pace that never gives up, the characters main, secondary, and fleeting , the way mysteries and secrets unfold I sat down and read this book from start to finish in one night.The one criticism I have is I found the science a bit questionable I do not think this undermines the story, nor makes it any less compelling, but I thought it might have worked well in a futuristic setting than contemporary.The Tree House ends with questions remaining and I have already downloaded the next work, The Trial, to read in the series.Recommended I absolutely loved this book It was a refreshing story that not only kept my interest, but definitely kept me wanting The characters were interesting and the twists and turns were fantastic I had a difficult time putting it down and, even with this book finished, am still looking forward to

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[Epub] ➛ The Tree House ➜ Shay Lynam –
  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • The Tree House
  • Shay Lynam
  • English
  • 27 October 2019
  • 9780615777054

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